Best eyeliner for the waterline/tightlining?
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Hi! Smiley Happy I need some recommendations on any budge-proof liners for the waterline. I have already tried the overly well-known Urban Decay 24/7 in zero and it has smudged about 1cm below my eyes...I haven't tried putting gel/liquid liner on my waterline as my eyes are sensitive and water easily.


I heard stila's smudge stick was great and also the MUFE liners. Has anyone tried them both or better and could offer a comparison? It's difficult to tell which is better when there are many of fans of each product saying that theirs is best. :\


And for those people who's eyeliner stays put on the waterline, any tips? Smiley Very Happy For tightlining, it always seems like the eyeliner would transfer to the bottom waterline? Not sure if it's the result of bad technique or product or both. And for the lower waterline, it travels downwards as time passes. 


I think this has a lot to do with eye shape also. Some of my friends have no problems at all when using the same product. Perhaps, it's because my eyes get extra squinty when I'm laughing and the liner moves around. Smiley Sad I've been sticking to the upper lashline lining for now which I use gel liners for. I like a clean and precise line but I hate that it turns into a mess. I also don't do touch-ups frequently so...any help?


EDIT: So I have gotten the stila smudegestick and the bareminerals round the clock pencil liners. I have done a hand test comparing between the two and UD 24/7 and UD definitely smudges more. I have only wore the bareminerals on my bottom waterline thus far and I am definitely repurchasing! I have combination of watery eyes(contacts made my eyes more sensitive) and oily lids so I would reccommend this to others as well! I'm  sure stila's would pass the test as it did on my hand. Thanks for the feedback ladies! Smiley Very Happy 

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I'm a *total* dunce when it comes to eyeliner. I mean...I have sat there for hours trying to apply liquid liner, and then removing it after each botched application. (literally...I've killed an entire Sunday evening just "practicing.")


I also find that alot of highly recommended eyeliners are really cartoony on me.


However, I had a total eureka moment this weekend - enter MARC JACOBS BEAUTY Magic Marc'er Precision Pen


This stuff is *amazing*! It applies so smoothly & easily. It is really easy to control how heavy of a line I want. And it dries super fast, is long lasting, and doesnt budge (flawless application yesterday was still flawless after a 16 hour day). I had tested it on my hand the day that I bought it - and after washing my hands several times, it remained just as it was when I had tested it out hours earlier.




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