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I am looking for a brightening concealer and that's it. I do not have dark under eye circles or anything like that. I just want to find something to help brighten up my eyes so it doesn't have to do anything else. If you guys have any suggestions let me know! Thanks!

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What is your complexion like?


If you have very pigmented under eye circles, try the Bobbi Brown corrector. If you don't want to spend that much on a concealer system, the Benefit Erase Paste is fab because it also cuts darkness and is very creamy. There are less colors as well. As for brightening, I've always loved the Touche Eclat by YSL and Mister Bright by Givenchy but I am absolutely in LOVE with the newer Tarina Tarantino Highlighting Pen. If you are very fair to about medium complected, you should love this pen. It has a nice soft pink tint to it, and gives an amazing highlight to the inner corners and dark circles. I've found myself often leaving the house with just a touch of this and some light powder and really liking the look. It's a lot less expensive than the aforementioned brighteners, and works awesome in conjunction with the correctors I mentioned. You can even wear it alone! The pink tint somewhat helps to cancel the darkness, and it's not heavy or glittery. Give it a shot! And don't forget an eye cream underneath any concealer for a super flawless finish.

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The one by Amazing Cosmetics does a great job in lighting up my dark undereye circles. It's expensive, but a little goes a long way making it a good value for me.

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I have used YSL-touche eclat-radiant touch which reflects light. Also, Benefit- eye bright is a great product to use.  Do a search on this site to get more product information to see what is right for you but I have been pleased with both of these products.  Also, you might want to use a silver or white eye liner on your bottom lash line- this makes the eye sparkle.  Good luck.

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I suffer from inherited under eye circles, and am always on the hunt for something that will provide enough coverage but isn't heavy. The best concealer I have used is The Balm's Time Balm - the consistency of it is excellent. Unfortunately not all Sephora locations are carrying it, and I've started using Benefit's Erase Paste but am near the bottom of the container. The next one I think I'll try is Benefit's Boi-ing. 

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