Best Mascara for my type of lashes?



I have been looking for a good mascara to give me good thickness at the base of my lashes without clumping. Usually mascara's claiming to be thickening basically mean clump up the base of your lashes. I want something that with give me thick full and volumized looking lashes. These are basically what my lashes look like when my eyes are closed.

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I used to use drug store mascara until I tried DiorShow. I swore from that point forward that I would never buy drugstore mascara again, and to this day I still haven't. I was blown away by this product! As with all makeup products, you can really tell the difference when it is high quality. After using DiorShow for a year, I decided to try the newer DiorShow Iconic. I bought it with the Dior mascara primer and noticed a HUGE difference! I don't have the longest/thickest eyelashes either, plus mine are blonde, so they need extra attention in order to stand out. Since using DiorShow Iconic with the primer, I have had a ton of people ask me if I am wearing fake eyelashes!! I love it! For a more everyday look, I wear it alone without the primer. This makes it not quite as intense Smiley Happy Hope this helps!


Here's the links to those products if you are interested!

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