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Best Eyeliner for the waterline?

I need an eyeliner that will stay put on the waterline and won't run, smudge or fade. I've tried Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner Pencil's and they didn't work. I'm wondering if MAKEUP FOR EVER Eyeliner Pencil or Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner would work for the waterline? I have oily eyelids and watery eyes and not much money to spend on high end makeup so I REALLY need an eyeliner that can stay put on the waterline. I'm hoping my search for the perfect holy grail eyeliner will end.

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Stila's kajal eye liner, it's the only thing that I've found last the longest.


I've used UD's 24/7, MUFE's Aqua pencils, and Too Faced's pencil and though they don't fade right off the bat, I've noticed the staying power of Stila's Kajal tops all of them.


I'll use Smashbox's Jet Set too if I don't want to use pencil.

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too faced perfect eye waterproof eyeliner smudges ALOT and super quickly. within 15 minutes it will be under your waterline and ruin your concealer.

I use a Stila water liner and it's worked for me. I also use a primer on my eyelids and under my bottom lashes, and I thing that helps.
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I would try estee lauder double wear gel eyeliner. I have hooded eyes and I use this on my upper and lower lashline and it stays better than any other liner I have ever tried, it's awesome. I also found Bobbi Brown gel liner to be pretty good too. I think gel liners are very long lasting, check them out. Hope this helps.

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I personally talk about this eyeliner too much its annoying for me to repeat, but I sort of have to spread the word: Sephora Nano Eyeliners.  I actually have dry skin, so I don't know what to tell you, but these last forever on the waterline (just dab it off a little bit first with a Q-tip... Or don't, because either way), very soft and creamy, and I like these way better than UD 24/7.  I tried one, and it slid right off my waterline, creating smudges which took forever to take off.  The Nano liners are awesome and they are $5, which is $13 less than both Too Faced and UD.  I haven't tried the Too Faced or MUFE, but I highly recommend this Sephora line because honestly it will do miracles for your eyes and your wallet.  Waterline: Nano eyeliner.  I use Pure White for a inner corner highlight, chocolate on those everyday makeup days, and midnight black (which I lost) for intense looks.  Buy these please!

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I use LA Color. Its a dollar at the dollar tree for 2 pencils. For me, it realllly works unless of course i cry or sweat a lot lol. I have applied black eyeshadow seperately on the waterline and that too works great. I have never owned expensive makeup. I personay LOVE e.l.f. it is usually 2 bucks or what i use and its great!

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After a lot of searching, I discovered that Maybelline's little red eyebrow pencils are perfect for the waterline.  They are waterproof and cheap...and most importantly, they don't migrate into my eyes and fog up my contact lenses.

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Maybelline used to make a liquid eyeliner that would actually stay on waterline. I used it from age 13 til i was almost 30. One day purchased a new one and when i applied it - It immediately went into my eye and would NOT stay on waterline, i thought it was defective bought another one same thing. I called Maybelline they told me they altered the formula!!!! I was now stuck I wore that look daily. Have  tried many through the years but am now stuck using a pencil that DOES NOT last for long! Will try different brand (sephora) after finding your post.


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I love Sephora Retractable waterproof pencils for my waterline. They are great and last almost all day long. For the longest wear, I use that pencil and then lightly set it with a black eye shadow (being careful not to get powder in my eye).





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