Beauty Product Rescues
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Hi BT!


I thought I'd pose this question for fun:

Have you ever almost "lost" a favourite product, perhaps an eyeshdow, brush, or ?? got "injured" or fell or lost and you managed by yourself or with help avoid the product or tool loss?


Today while applying my mascara I noticed that I must have been over-tightening and such causing stress on the plastic mascara-containing tube and it has worn a crack by the seam of the top of the actual tube below the threaded portion.  Not wanting it to dry out or have to go get a new one mid-week my husband "rescued" it with some fine use of electrical tape.  I feel so punk/hard-core lol!!



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I've had the hinged lid break on a favorite blush or powder one time (I can't remember which because it's been so long ago).  Anyway, I carefully used it as if it had a "removable lid" until I finished it off.  It broke while it was still quite full, plus I loved the shade so I ended up using it until the pan was clean, ha ha.  By the way, I tried duct-taping the lid, but it made it too awkward and easy to drop so I finally decided it would be best kept at home in my makeup drawer and used (like I said before) as if it had a lid.

The things we go through for our makeup...LOL! Smiley Very Happy

Smiley Happy

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