Aqua Eyes eyeliner dried out.

My Aqua Eyes eyeliner appears to have completely dried out. I tried heating it up with a blowdryer to no avail. Is it trash? Or does anyone have an idea as to how to resurrect it? (I would not repurchased base on this.)

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I think if it was my eyeliner, I would throw it out. I got an eye infection once from using old eye product and the cost of the trip to the eye doctor and the prescription antibiotic eyedrops was a lot more than the cost of a tube of eyeliner! In general, if a beauty product looks or smells off, you are much better served by discarding it and buying new. Plus you get to try a new color or new product!



Agree with you 100% ! Regardless of how attached you are to an item of makeup, if it starts to smell odd or change in consistency- it's unfit to use on your skin. Your health should always be top priority to your appearance!


Oh and ladies, PLEASE never ever, ever in any circumstances share your eyeliners or brushes with your friends! If you must at the very least sterilize it with some alcohol first! I've had friends get pink eye from sharing eye products! eww gross! Makes me glad that I'm sucha germaphobe and I don't share tools or products with others without sterilizing.

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