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Aqua Cream collection starter

Hey girls, so I'm thinking of buying a MUFE aqua cream and was wondering what color I should start off with? I';m trying to build my makeup collection and repitoire of looks. Thanksies! <3 Smiley Wink

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Here's a swatch of #16.  Sorry, it was difficult to photograph, since it is shimmery and my flash kept washing out the color.



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I love the MUFE aqua creams, and am trying to work my way up to a "collection" of them as well!  So far, I have #3 (silver), #2 (steel), and #16 (pink beige).  I wear #2, if I want something a little darker or am doing a smokey eye.  And I like #16 for a pretty neutral color, that I top off with either Urban Decay Sin or Stila Kitten eye shadow, for an all over lid color.  I never realy wear #3... I got it as part of the MUFE halloween set last year.  Other colors that I'm planning on getting next are: #13 (beige), #14 (brown), #15 (taupe), since I wear neutral colors on an everyday basis.


Do you normally wear neutral colors, or more bold colors?  Also, depending on how you are planning on using the aqua cream (as a base, liner, or cheek/lip color), that would also help your decision.


If you were interested in #3, #2 or #16, let me know if you want me to upload swatch pictures.

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MUFE Aqua Creams are great!  For starters I'd get one that you can use as an all-over lid color such as #13 Beige.

Have fun building your collection!!!

Hope this helps and have a great day!
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