A similar mascara to Philosophy's discontinued "Supernatural Mascara" ????
I loved Philosophy 's Supernatural Mascara, but I discovered this when they discontinued it. Is there ANYTHING similar to it? It was literally perfect and didn't smudge, and would come off in little strands/tubes. Anything close to that???
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Too Faced Lash Injection is a tube mascara that stays on very well.  You can read all about it at:

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Blinc Kiss Me Mascara is a tube-type mascara like the Philosophy mascara, doesn't smudge and comes off with warm water.




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Hello! I just called Philosophy today to see if they had discontinued that mascara because I just recently read AWESOME reviews on it! (i'm looking for a natural mascara) I just wasn't sure if it was and in fact it is. The lady said she would pass it on that I called looking for it and maybe they could get it back!! :smileyvery-happy: Did you try either of the mascaras Lash Injection or Kiss Me? What'd you think??


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