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NYX Flamingo eyeshadow dupe
Hello everyone   I am really hoping that the BT community will be able to help me find a dupe for NYX Flamingo. I love the shade, but unfortunately it is quite powdery (borderline chalky) which makes it hard to use. I am looking for a dupe, preferably in a form of a single eyeshadow and not a palette. Here are some swatches: I would describe it as a light pinky-mauve with a golden (almost) duochrome. It looks more golden when applied over an eyeshadow base (top picture, right-most swatch), otherwise it's pretty sheer. I've seen people comparing it to MAC Rose pigment, but Flamingo is nowhere near that pink (and I'd rather not bother with pigments tbh). Do you have any other suggestions that I should check out? Drugstore or high end, anything is fair game
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Any tips or tricks on applying fake lashes?
I want to use some fake lashes tomorrow night, to give  my natural lashes a boost. I've never applied them myself, so I'm just looking for some help, to make sure I can do it right and I don't waste my money. Thanks for your help!
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Viseart Bridal Palette in stock!
Hurry! Before it disappears!
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Brow Shadow suggestions
I have very thin hair, so naturally I have thinner eyebrows. I heard Anastasia has some great brow shadow products. Any other product recommendations?   Also, any difference between the brow wiz and brow pencil from Anastasia?
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Could someone please recommend a dupe for sugar walls Too Faced??
Love this color in the Boudoir pallette, any recommendations would be great!!!          Thanks!! valerie
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Stila - In the Garden look cards
I misplaced my look cards and am trying to prove something to a friend. I would really appreciate if someone could scan/ take a picture of the look cards for me. Anyone? Please? 
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Q. Looking for a good eye liner recommendation.
  Looking for a good eye liner recommendation. I want something that comes out thin and also last long (I have watery eyes).
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Tarte liquid concealer
I want to try this but not sure what color since there are so many. I am pretty pale since i have to avoid the sun with olive tones so I don't want it to be too light or too dark, usually i use light/medium
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Marc Jacobs petite skyliner set
Has anyone bought this? I'm thinking of grabbing it.
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MUFE Matte "Shadow Family"
I want to create a MUFE 3-pan palette of matte shades that are in the taupe family.  I want them to be grouped so that I have all the shades needed for lid/crease/highlight.  I was thinking I want M620 Grey Brown as my darkest shade.  What should my other two be?  I was looking at M536 Milk Tea, M548 Pink Grey, and M558 Dark Taupe, but I am not sure what works together.  I will be swatching in store (presumably at the Rouge event in November, since it will be a trip for me to get to one with all the MUFE shadows) but I wanted to get some expert input here as well!   EDIT:  Now that I'm finding swatches online, I think Milk Tea is too warm.  I want cool tones, obviously.  This is why I need help!!! =1623412
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Rachel Roy inspired makeup
What are the best eye shadow colors to make a "Rachel Roy" inspired look for African American skin?
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Advice needed: NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner sharpening
I seem to have a roughly 1:3 record of being able to sharpen this eyeliner without breaking off the tip. I love the formula,  and the way it wears, but can't seem to sharpen it regularly without breaking the soft tip. Any advice? 
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Undereye concealer help!!
Hi! I normally use benefits "Erase Paste" in the shade fair, but I want to order NARS radiant creamy concealer, I don't really wear makeup so I don't know but would the first shade of the NARS "Chantilly" or the second shade "Vanilla" work better with me and be the one to most likely match my fair erase paste? Thanks in advance!
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Best ways to wear Givenchy Extravaganza / Extravagancia for deep set eyes?
Hi, I just bought the absolutely gorgeous Palette Extravaganza / Extravagancia (to those across the pond) - and was wondering the best ways to wear this palette? I have deep set eyes, and dark colors can sometimes make it look like I have a black eye when wearing (even with under eye makeup - but maybe I'm doing it wrong). Of course - I'm especially with the darkest, plum glittery color. Any advice would be most appreciated!  
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rose colored shadow for blue eyes brown hair?
I am considering purchasing the Guerlian Bois de Rose eye shadow palette.  Will these colors work with my bright blue/green eyes and dark brown hair? .
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Does Anyone know the eye make-up?
Does anyone know the eye make-up used on the "Inspire me" icon picture? Of the girl with the gorgeous purple smokey eye? I am dying to know the products,so I can re-create that look.
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Can't find beauty board display look
I have looked through tons of posts of the inspire me board, but never have been able to find the gorgeous purple eye look that they use for the main photo when you hover over the inspire me tab on the main site. Anyone know?!
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Sephora Ad in the September 2014 issue of 'InStyle' magazine
I just saw the Sephora Ad in the latest 'InStyle' Magazine that features a dark haired model with icy green eyes.  The Ad states 'eyes by sephora', ' cheeks by sephora' and 'lips by sephora'.  The makeup is gorgeous as the eye makeup appears to be shades of purple and then the lips is a great pinky nude color.  What are all the shades used by Sephora in this ad (eyes and lip)?
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Do you send to Brasil?
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Becca Ombre Nudes Eye Palette
Has anyone tried this eye palette yet? I know it is fairly new, but I am liking the range of shades it offers. Im looking for a matte palette (not TOO satin), with warm undertones and hoping this will be what I'm looking for! Does anyone have swatches or thoughts on the palette?    I've never tried any shadows from Becca and I'm hoping they're amazing. Any helpful comments or thoughts on this palette would be appreciated!    Thanks!!
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YSL gel liners?
    I'm honestly always on a hunt for a better eyeliner. eyeliners that glide on smoother, that stay on longer, and is better value..    I have purchased and used the Bobbi brown's gel liner 2 times, but I'm not crazy about them. They stay on a bit better than Nars cream liners, but still isn't enough.. my undereye area gets very very messy after about 4 hours.    I'm interested in the YSL gel liners, but like all other YSL products, the reviews are "too glowingly positive"  For ex. their stick concealer and touche eclat foundation are nice, but they're not worth 5 star reviews. (at least in my opinion)    Has anyone with eyes that are prone to smudging easily tried he YSL gel liner? (monolid reviewers would be even more helpful) 
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MAC SplashProof Lash Mascara
Hi Everyone!  I used to LOVE MAC's SplashProof Lash Mascara and i LOVE IT!  It stays on, and looks amazing but they discontinued it.  I've tried their Waterproof Zoom Lash and the other one they have but both seem dry and just like theres not enough going on and i try to put on quite a few coats, any suggestions on something comparable to SplashProof?
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dupe for MAC pink bronze pigment?
I recently fell in love with this discontinued MAC pigment. Does anyone have suggestions for something similar or do you know where I can find it? Thank you!
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prestige cosmetics total intensity mascara?
^ Has anyone used it? I am hoping it is similar to MUFE's smoky extravagant?
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