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Best mascara for very long but light lashes?
I have long lashes but they are dark blonde, I'm looking for definition and volume without clumping or the nasty spider look. Currently using Clinique high impact and just got a sample of the Too Faced Better Than Sex but I hate how clumpy my lashes get with both of them! Don't want to spend too much time combing them out every day. What are your suggestions?
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TayKakes / NEWCOMER / replied
I have the same problem and I use the Kat Von D mascara and it works beautifully. see post
Bought the giant Lash Stash do I return the ones I don't like
I got the big pack of LashStash mascaras and am way excited about finding the perfect mascara that will work for me.  However, so far I hate one of them (Lancome Hypnose Drama).  I think for a higher end mascara it is awful.  I am wondering how to go about getting a partial refund.  Should I contact the mascara company itself or go into a Sephora store?   UPDATE : Thank you to so many people who took my questions and posts seriously and responded kindly. It is my first thread and I am new to Sephora, the brands it sells, and this BeautyTalk community.   Since this became a lengthy thread so quickly, I thought I would give a quick recap of how I resolved my issue, and save some time for people who might be in the same circumstance I was and unsure how to proceed.     But before you read how I resolved the issue, I wanted you to get a picture of how I view myself as a customer.  You should know that to me every $1 is 100 hard earned pennies.  And if I put my money down for product, regardless of its size, I expect it to deliver.  In addition to being vocal about products through word of mouth, blogging, etc., I firmly believe in communicating with those directly involved with a product's production and distribution.  And through honest communication with companies about how I truly feel about their product, they almost always thank me reaching out to them (from as simple as nice thank you letter to as large as a coupon for free product).  So here's what happened:   I bought the $45 Sephora Favorites LashStash Deluxe 11-piece sampler (NO voucher) with the expectation that while I may not love everyone, that each one should be high-end performance-wise.  I also expected to use them all up and for it to last me a LONG time (think back to my $1 meaning a lot to me).  Years ago, I had previously fallen in love with They're Real and so I had something to judge the others against.  The first one I tried happened to be the Lancome Hypnose Drama and it was just not delivering.  So I watched some instructional videos and tried again.  Still not delivering (extremely strong smelling, clumpy and made my eye lashes stick together). So the vocal side of me starts wanting to let the company know and rectify the situation (yes, I'm talking about expecting a partial refund, exchange, etc.)  But I had only previously corresponded with companies who make lower-end products.  So what were the rules with Sephora and Lancome?  Was Lancome like Costco where they stood by what they sold so much that they would take care of everything?  Or like a Supercenter where you had to contact the manufacturer?  I was not sure and so decided to post my question to BeautyTalk and glean from your wealth of knowledge. So I posted and ya'll let me know that you cannot do partial returns/exchanges with Sephora--either return all the mascaras or none.  But neither one appealed to me.  I didn't want to give up on the others after the first failure.  I also didn't want to stand idly by and just be okay with a high-end product under-performing.   So I reached out again and most people agreed that contact with Lancome or both was best.  I also learned that there were new Stash sets out that had a voucher with them (and was like, "that is the best deal ever" and also bummed that they didn't include one in my kit). So I first called Sephora and the phone call was very rushed but polite and at the end she basically said that she was sorry that I couldn't get voucher but would add a certain amount of points to my account.  I really am not familiar with the point thing but from some of your comments, it is a way to get a free I still wanted to let Lancome know about my bad experience with their mascara.  Lancome makes the product and is the one ultimately responsible for its formula and how it delivers, after-all.  I waited for a SUPER LONG time to speak with someone, then got transferred, then dropped, and then a SUPER LONG time again.  But it was so worth it.  The Lancome consultant listened to everything and I asked her for tips and she documented my likes and dislikes.  Then she said she would mail me a check to purchase THE EXACT SAME SERIES of mascara (to the confused commenter it was NOT a full refund of the $45) because mine was obviously defective.  And I said, but the mascara was a little one, that is too much.  Then she said it was a gesture of kindness and to please give the company another try and highly recommended that I purchase over a Lancome counter instead of Sephora.  So, of course I said OK, sounds good to me.  And I will do as agreed.  Never in the conversation was I rude to the workers or demand compensation.  I did expect something, but not to the degree it was given.  Which only cements in my mind that Lancome (and kind of Sephora) are smart about wanting to help customers because we BUY their product with our hard-earned money. The company is entitled to make their own policy and direct their customer service to do as the company says.  The same goes with the stores who sell the company's product.  And the customer (that would be me and YOU) are also entitled to speak out to them and as many parties that we want.   Enough said.  It's time for bed.
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I don't even return the makeup that makes my eyes red and puffy!  I just can't be bothered for $20. see post
Picking out the right eyebrow color pen...
Hey Girls,   I recently bough Anastasia Brow Wiz in Dark Brown for my eyebrows. And it works GREAT! The only thing I dont like about it, is when I have an itch on my eyebrow and even touch it, it goes away.    Is there anything you can recommend for me to use to make it more waterproof?    And I also am looking into buying the Sephora Retractable Brow Pencil which comes in waterproof. But I dont know what color to purchase. What color do you suggest?    I have dark brown hair and my brows are (barely there), lets just say I have no eyebrows, theyre very sparse. I have the LASHFOOD FOODBROW serum in my bag, to purchase to regrow my brows. (Does it work?)     So I guess theres a couple of questions there.. please help.   Thank You!  
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 Hiiiii everyone!  So I have the Naked 1 & 2 full palettes & I love them. However, I am kind of wanting more brown colors. A friend suggested Naked 2 Basics or Too Faced Natural Matte but I am trying to decide if I need them or if the first two Naked Palette's I have are good enough.... I am bad at making decisions haha! I just didn't know whether to spend the money or just stick with Naked 1 & 2.    I also considered getting an eyebrow kit but I wasn't sure whether I wanted to spend the money on that either.... Just need some feedback & suggestions. Thanks so much. Bella
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A. The thing with Naked Palettes is that there isn't a lot of mattes, if you want matte shades then too faced natural matte will quickly become your best friend. The shades ... see post
Brow gel: Marc Jacobs or Anastasia?
I can't decide! I have used the Anastasia one (which I like) and I am debating between whether to switch to something new (and uncertain) or stick with a repurchase. Anyone tried both? Or any suggestion of other clear brow gel? 
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NYX Control Freak!  I actually was a long time faithful user of the Anastasia clear brow gel and I had heard so much about the NYX one that a couple months ago when I wa... see post
Jaclyn Hill palate
Just wanted to let anyone who is interested know that there is still some Jaclyn Hill palates left in stock . They just went on pre sale at a few hours ago and probably won't last too much longer.
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BEAUTY PRO starrysparkle / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
I just got my shipping confirmation.  I thought they weren't being sent out until after May 1 so I was surprised to get the shipping confirmation! see post
I'm looking fo a good waterproove khol crayon. Which one are you is the best?
I'm looking fo a good waterproove khol crayon for this summer. Which one is the best?
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Hi, Ame22! Are you looking to use the liner on your lash line/waterline or on the outer lash line?   If you're opting for the outer lash line, to help prolong the wear... see post
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara or Benefit Rollerball Mascara?
Which one is better?
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BTS!!!  100%!!    I have like 15 tubes of it (okay exaggeration) in my bathroom in the case the discontinue it!  see post
i have a sea foam green prom dress with silver sequins, what should i do for my eyes?
I wore a similarly colored dress to a wedding this weekend. I have brown eyes and used my Naked palette - specifically Half Baked, Smog, and Dark Horse. see post
Q. Naked Palette Dupe
I've been wanting the Urban Decay Naked Palette for a while now. I'm going to be honest and say that I'm just tired of waiting. What would be a good dupe for the Naked Palette? I dont need an exact copy but something along the lines of it would be a nice swap.    I've been considering getting the Too Faced Naked Eye Soft and Sexy Collection instead. What do you guys think? I'm totally open to suggestions!   Thanks!   xoxo
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BEAUTY PRO bleuorchid21 / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / answered
A. I know that this is an older post but the Coastal Scents Revealed Palette is a great dupe for Naked and Naked 2 plus it's really cheap. I got mine from Amazon for less t... see post
Natural eye shadow palette?
Hi!! I'm looking for your opinions on the tartelette palette before I make the purchase. OR Any other suggestions for a natural eye shadow palette for medium skin tone and brown eyes? Thanks
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HALL OF FAMER shadetertiary / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
Coastal Scents is so easy to apply and blend.  Revealed is one of my favorites. That said, there are a lot of shimmery shadows in Revealed, so whether it's worth it dep... see post
So i bought Perversion. BEST EYELINER EVER! UNTILLLLLLL I went to sharpen it. And I have had to sharpen it EVERY SINGLE DAY since. It is terrible! I can't take it back to the store since i have had to sharpen down to half way over, but i am also now out like $20 or whatever i paid for any. Anyone else have this same experience?
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I may have to try that. I went back to my old stand by of Estee Lauder for today. see post
Tarte Matte Eyeshadow Palette worth it?
I just received notification that this palette is back in stock and I'm wondering if it's worth purchasing? I remember being so disappointed when it went out of stock...but than the KVD palette came out. I grabbed the KVD shade and light eyeshadow during the event, so not sure if I should invest in another neutral matte palette.    How is everyone's experience with these 2 palettes? Which one do you think is better? Or are both of them a must have?
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I have the tart elite palette it's amazing and also limited edition if you don't get it now it will go out of stock again it's a very popular item right now see post
Okay so I have a problem, I have no color to my makeup style what so ever and I need to switch things up!    Generally I use neutral colors with a black eyeliner.   It's time for a Revamp on my eyes...        Below is a picture of me and my normal makeup, I can attach another picture if requested.     Hope you guys can help!   Smoore          
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Okay you guys are really helping! I was always told to go blue but when I wear blue I look like a smurf painted my face... and not in a good way and with my skin tone gr... see post
Depotting, help needed!
I've decided it's time for me to depot some of my eye shadows.  There are some singles and palettes that aren't getting much love because I forget about them so it seems like reorganizing them and depoting is the way to go.   I'd been considering Z palette, but then I swore I read somewhere that the construction is cardboard-based and not super durable.  I'm worried about this because the makeup palettes and singles I have that have come in cardboard (I have some by Benefit and Smashbox) always seem to get dingy looking on the outside over time.  Accordingly I'd prefer a more durable construction like plastic so it holds up better over time.  Also hoping for a brand with a range of dimensions as I'd like something that fits into my existing makeup organization system, if possible.   Any suggestions?  I know brands like Mac make some, but the collection I have is from so many brands that I don't think something brand specific would be effective since I want to keep like colors together and many of them are near dupes from different brands.
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Thanks SocialQuota--that was a really helpful post! I know Z-palette sells a pryer so I'll probably get that. And possibly make this a summer project to minimize the wor... see post
I want to try out an all matte shadow palette and there are so many out now that it's quite confusing, please share your thoughts or drop in a vote for one you love. Or If you want to share swatches or have images of the palettes side by side on any of these..I can only purchase online in canada atm. Thanks!   Here are the ones I'm looking at, from most interested to least:    KVD shade + light eye contour palette Viseart neutral matte 01 Too faced natural mattes palette  Tarte Tartelette Any others?    Edit: I'm nc40 with some dark lids so I find some mattes look ashy or muddy on me. I forgot to mention I wouldn't mind mufe as an option but there Are soo many to choose from, any suggestions for crease & transition must haves?
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For me, they are very stiff, do not blend well.  They also crease very early with primer (I even use KVD primer sometimes).  I'm actually quite sad about it since I love... see post
Baby / Ballet Pink Eyeliner Pencil for Waterline
So I'm creating a makeup look for a fashion event. Fun. I've already created the look and sent it to the actual makeup artists, but an element i left out (intentionally, because i want to do my research and then i'll buy it myself) was that i want a light pink pencil for the girl's waterline. This apparently is not much a thing, because i've only found one thus far (MAKE UP FOR EVER aqua liner, which looks good but i'd like to see my options).   Anyone know of a light cool toned pink liner ? Pencil form. I'm open to lilac too. NARS rue bonaparte is too flesh toned.    any ideas ? thanks friends !
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Tell me about it, I alllllways gravitate toward it in stores see post
Eye Makeup for sensitive eyes
Do you have any eyemakeup recommendations for sensitive eyes? My eyes are always watering and itchy due to allergies. I would love to find more products that stay in place. Eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara recommendations would be appreciated!
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Stila eyeliner. OMG. HG item can't get any better! It stays in place all day! Sometimes when I go out I forget to take my makeup off at night. OOPS and I wake up and my ... see post
Spring/Summer eye shadow "tutorial"
Hello everyone! <3   Okay, so just a few days ago I came up with this amazing gorgeous eye-shadow look. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of it to demonstrate what I mean by it being gorgeous.. But, I will explain everything I did and used and maybe you'll get a small picture of what it looks like.. (Or maybe you'll even try it on your own!) :-)  1) Prime your eyelids using an eye shadow primer. ( I used Urban Decay's) 2) You will need a matte black eye shadow; and using a small, fluffy, eye shadow brush, put this all over the eyelid, avoiding a lot in the crease. So, that looks good, right? Well, we're not finished yet- and let me tell you- a transformation is coming! ;-D 3) Use a light blue shimmer eye shadow, (I wouldn't recommend using glitter eye shadow for this- it might turn out really messy) I used Clinique's eye shadow duo in Wave after Wave and put this all over the matte black eye shadow, turning it into an awesome looking color! With the products I use, it almost looks like little pieces of gems on my eyes- its beautiful! And of course if you're a liner girl, wing on some eye liner(I skip this part as I do not have eye liner, sadly) and put on some of your favorite mascara and you're set to go. ;-)  Oh wait! Don't forget the lipstick! ;-) ~Hope you guys enjoyed this little so called "tutorial" and hope it works out good for anyone that tries this look. :-)
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Too Faced Natural Matte Palette
Does anyone know if/when the new Too Faced Natural Matte Palette will come to Sephora? It's saying Ulta exclusive right now, but will it stay that way? Thanks!   Also, I can't find the thread where I thought people were discussing it (did I imagine it? did it disappear?) so I want to know what your thoughts on this palette are!     EDIT: I found the thread (page 17, why)! /Spring-2015-Collections/m-p/1909617#M90412
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BEAUTY MAVEN beautytothebone / BEAUTY MAVEN BEAUTY MAVEN / replied
It's online at sephora right now!  see post
Sephora collection eyeliner
wondering - how would you wear a color like strawberry macaroon? I'm a bit wary of a pink eyeliner but very tempted!
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I try to avoid my waterline because of my contact lenses - but I do like the ideas below :) see post
Natural eye shades for light pink skin tone?
Hello, I like to go for a natural look for my eyes, but keep running out of just two shades in my Naked Basics Palette. Any suggestions for what I can use to duplicate the "w.o.s." and "naked 2" shades in that palette?  -Thanks!
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What shade in the brow wiz?
I'm blonde headed but have really dark eye brows. Wanting to purchase Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, but unsure of what color to get. Any suggestions?
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what randee said!     caramel is the top shade see post
I just can't figure out how to apply eye liner!
I just can't figure out how to apply eye liner without getting a messy, smudgy, icky line. I've tried different formats: pencils, felt, liquid, gel, smudging, etc., but nothing seems to work. It looks like a 5-year old has applied it. I've tried looking up when applying, looking down.    The other thing to note is that I have extremely fair skin and naturally blonde hair/lashes. So I think that accentuates the problem as eyeliner really stands out.   I've looked on YouTube and have not found any good tutorials.    Anybody have any ideas or links to awesome tutorials?   My next step will be to book some time at the makeup counter at Sephora.   Marie
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Have you tried maybelline master precise liner its a liquid liner in pen form and it's the easiest liner I've ever used I've never had a problem with smudging and it's b... see post
Concealer Help!!
Hi everyone, I was hoping that someone would aid me on my hunt for concealers. I have a warm undertone and light-medium skin, very dark in summer and very porcelain in winter, and I was hoping for some advice. I have combination skin (oily on cheeks and nose, dry on forehead) and very, very red cheeks. I'm looking for something that's natural enough for me to wear to school, but will also fully cover my dark circles, of which are pretty prominent for my age.  I've had the Nars concealer in Honey, but that's WAY too pink, and I've tried the Bobbi Brown corrector in Light Bisque, but that's way too light. I'm looking for something that's in the $20 dollar range; if it's any consolation, Tart'e my favorite brand. Any help? 
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Thanks! Yeah, I ended up with the Maybelline concealer...its light in texture and works perfectly! Thanks for helping! see post
hi, do you know where I can purchase sephoras eye shadow nude #9
In need of finding sephoras eye shadow nude #9 which has been discontinued, I can't use anything else and unable to locate on the website. Please, please help me locate this so I may purchase. Thank you so much.
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HALL OF FAMER heartsmyface / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
Why can't you use anything else?  If we know your reasons we can better help you find a solution.  Do you mean a shade from this palette?  see post
do you still have sephora eyeliner
Sephora eyeliner #16 Rooftop party?  Is this discontinued?
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Hi abreenasay, It appears that we no longer carry an eyeliner with the name #16 Rooftop Party. I apologize for the inconvenience! :) -Laura see post
Q. Urban Decay
I am looking more for a natural look, which is better Urban Decay Naked or Urban Decay Naked 2?
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A. Hi Serendipity811,   I own both and I love them both but I prefer the original Naked Palette over Urban Decay's Naked2 palette. I find it is easy to create a very wa... see post
color match for velvet revolver too faced?
I bought the natural eye pallet a long time ago, and discovered that the color 'velvet revolver' matched my eyebrows great and began to use it as a brow powder. Since they revamped the pallet, I'm wondering if 'cashmere bunny' is a match for 'velvet revolver', or if there is another color similar to it
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HALL OF FAMER heartsmyface / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
I was just about to reccomend the exact same thing!  It's a really good powder!  see post