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I'm looking for a hydrating moisturizer to mix with my foundation. I have a few dry spots that make my foundation look a little patchy. My t-zone is a little oily but everything else is normal to dry.   Any suggestions?
I am in need of a morning cleanser, preferably a non-foaming one as I have very dry and sensitive skin. I been loving the La Roche Posay toleriane derma-cleanser, but the lack of a pump is driving me crazy! Especially towards the end, or even just half way through the bottle, getting product out is just unnecessarily frustrating. So help!    Lots of thanks
A little about my skin dry/normal (more dry on the nose and chin) redness! dark acne red spots that need covering up small pores I need a foundation that is high coverage, feels light, works for dry skin and will stay on all day. Any recommendations???
I struggle with dry, dehydrated, flaky, sensitive, redness prone skin. I also have eczema. Can anyone help me with a skin care routine? I am going insane and broke trying to find the right products. I'm looking for recommendations for a whole routine: cleanser, toner/essence, chemical exfoliants (not scrubs or polishes) treatments (serums and oils), eye cream, and finally a moisturizer.i would also appreciate mask recommendations too; as well as, any advice on how to combat constant chapped, flaky lips. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to respond. Please know, a head of time, that I am truly grateful!
Hey all you beautiful ladies!   Now that summer's upon us and we are all enjoying the gorgeous weather and the bright colors and slathering on copious amounts of sunscreen as we step out into the day, I have found myself going really low on exfoliation my face. I have dry skin and usually during the rest of the year, I'd use a lactic acid or glycolic acid based exfoliator every other day, or at least every 2 days. But now, I am just skeptical about exfoliating my face and exposing it to the stronger sun rays at this time. I've been exfoliating once every 4 days now.   Is this ok or should I do it more often? Also, do you guys really re-apply sunscreen as you step out of work?  Doesn't that involve an elaborate procedure of washing your face and then applying sunscreen? Is that really feasible everyday?  I'd love to hear tips and tricks people use to make this easier in their daily lives!   Thanks!
I just turned 38 and for the past 5 years have noticed my skin drying more.  Prior to this my skin was combination, oily in T, more oily than not overall, with large pores.  I use a Clarisonic to cleanse and changed my facial cleanser to one for dry skin.  This has helped some.  My new endeavor is swimming for fitness and this has made my skin even dryer in spite of me washing my face immediately after and moisturizing.  Would you suggest a proper change for me?
Hi! I am 18 years old and have extremely sensitive dry skin. I had everything under control until a couple of months ago. I noticed that In May my skin began to look and feel extremely dehydrated/dull (especially under my eyes) and I've noticed some serious whiteheads on my nose. I have absolutely no Idea what to do. I usually only wear makeup one day a week and I have a very delicate skin care regiment. My skin is desperate! Please help! 
Hi, I am in my early 30's and looking for a facial moisturizer for sensitive red combination dry skin. Any suggestions would be really appreciated. Thanks so much! 
Hello All,    My skin regimen consists of first aid beuty cleanser ( which i feel strips my skin) first aid beauty intense moisterizer( which i feel irritates it more than it should. It feels like my skin is burning, and shiesheido toner which is actually the only product that doesnt irritate and it provides a fresh feeling as well as a healthy non greasy glow. My question is what can i switch in regards to cleanser and moisterizer. I need something for very sensitive dry combination skin. My tone is very pale pink which  works in my favor most of the time but on the crease of my nose and on the sides of my lis the driest areas inhabit my face and peel on their own. I feel as though since i started a skin regimen my skin became drier and now if i stop using products it flakes and becomes drier. Its very frustrating. 
Hi BT gals,   My lips are pretty dry and hence I tend to wear lip balms most of the time. However, I'd like to start wearing more lipsticks, and was hoping that you could suggest lipsticks that are truly moisturizing on the lips. They don't necessarily have to be long-wear (don't mind reapplying), but they shouldn't feel drying.   Also, since summer's coming up, if you could suggest a couple that have SPF in them, that would be great!   Please treat these as independent questions! Finding a moisturizing lip color is of utmost importance right now
hi im trying to pick between a moisturizer from bobbi brown Hydrating face cream and the one from clinique" dramatically different" i think is the one. i have very dry skin i would like to know wich one you recommend better. thank you
Anyone know of something I can use like a cleanser or lotion? Its really bad and flaky especially around the sides of my nose. The rest of my face is normal except for those two spots.  
Hi all,    I am in my late 20s with dry, dehydrated skin and have been taking steps towards a good skincare regime and feel like I am halfway there. My problem areas are: dehydration, dark spots from acne scarring (i don't breakout on a regular basis though), and under-eye fine lines.   The only anti-aging item in my regime is the Dermadoctor Vit C serum that I use in the morning, and my sunscreen. I want to add in some more elements, such as a good anti-aging serum, facial oil and night cream. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! 
I'm looking everywhere for really good foundation my face is so dry. Sometimes its so bad my t zone area will peal and be so dry and gross. I have a couple that are good, but me being me I want more. so any suggestion would be great.
I am NARS siberia, yellow to neutral undertones. Everything I have tried ends up looking orange or too dark! I am looking for light to medium coverage.   I have the Stila tinted moisturizer and I really love the formula and how it wears, but its too dark and too pink.   I just recently got a sample of the Giorgio Armani CC cream and it was gorgeous! Almost perfect. But its too pink!   I have also purchased the OCC in Y0 which I was ecstatic about because the color match is perfect, maybe even too light. But it looks so terrible on my skin. Even on well moisturized skin it sinks into lines and cracks I didn't even know I had     I appreciate any suggestions!
Can you use a Vitamin C serum after using FAB Radiance pads.  
hello beauties .. i have a serious problem with concealers because i have a dry skin! every time i use a concealer under my eyes and i set it with a powder it gets patchy and dry! and i never used a setting powder because i'm afraid that it will make my foundation look dry and cakey ! please help me find the right things for me cause i'm really tired of trying new things and wasting money.
I have been vegan for about a year now and wanted to know if any of you vegan/vegetarian gals have any favorite skin care products for dry skin?  
Hello guys im going to switch brand from Paulas Choice to Biodroga most because i dont like their PC spf Moisturizers  i use one for sensitive skin right now with spf 30 and with the retinol super antioxidant serum and it **bleep** up my skin. I used that serum with another daycream and never had any problem at all.    I like that serum but in the same time its a silicone serum that can cause break outs. Maybe i stick with it as a night serum maybe not.     Anyway anyone in here who tried Biodroga MD Skin Booster Uv-Protection Cream Spf 30 or 50? I want hydration on my skin and im planing to buy it with the BIODROGA MD SKIN BOOSTER Advanced Formula Vitamin C Concentrate 15 serum you think that will give me enough hydration because i want the spf factor or should i buy an extra   Biodroga MD Perfect Hydration 24-h Care or    Biodroga MD ANTI-AGE Collagen Boost Day Care and switch over to lets say the Biodroga MD Skin Booster intense Moisture serum .     Im asking because Paulas Choice spf 30 moisture **bleep**ed up my skin and i dont liker their moisturizers at all my skin dosen´t feel hydrated more dry and sticky like an irritating glue so yeah no now i switch over to Biodroga MD instead.   So whats your advice?        
I have pretty normal skin except I get really bad dry patches on the sides of my nose what could I use to help?
I've recently starting wearing the Naked foundation by Urban Decay, and I love how natural it looks and how lightweight it is! The only issue I'm having, is that my face is combo, oily in my T-Zone and dry and red on my cheeks. I've been using the Fresh Youth Lotus face cream as my moisturizer, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything to help the dryness. So I started using a serum (from Kiehl's) before the Fresh moisturizer, but that doesn't seem to make a difference either. I've also started using the Argon Milk oil from JM in addition to the other two items, and that seems to make the rest of my face dry (although it is helping the oilyness of my T-Zone). So my question to the rest of you beauties, is what in the world can I use on my face to control the oil, and not make me look dewy or oily, but not dry my skin out? My skincare routine is taking up an awful lot of time in the mornings so, now I'd like to reduce the amount of products if possible. I'd love to hear what combination of products you use that have worked for you! Thanks so much for your help!
i use giorgio armani shade 2 with very dry skin what would be a good foundation and which colour? thank you x
Hi BT! I was hoping someone could help me out in this issue and point me in the right direction. When it comes to applying my liquid foundation I only use a Beauty Blender because every other brush I have found will exfoliate my cheeks and cause it to look like I have small scales. I was looking to try out a powder foundation (any recommendations here would also be appreciated!) for quick looks on the weekends or just going to the grocery store and I wanted to make sure I had a proper brush that won't exfoliate my skin when I apply it. My skin is dry and sensitive.  Quick edit: I've tried the F80, ELF flat top brush, Real Techniques jumbo powder brush, Tarte the Buffer Airbrush foundation brush, and a ELF kabuki brush
Hey all,   Are there any night creams that you found truly rich and hydrating, but also had some anti-aging properties like stimulating collagen production? Presence of hyaluronic acid and peptides would be a bonus. I have dry skin and am looking for suggestions!   How does the FAB sleeping cream fair? Has anyone used it?   Thanks! 
How should I go about introducing skincare products to my younger brother? He's turning 23 in May. He doesn't use any type of skincare products AT ALL. He's autistic so he thinks that skincare is a girl thing and he has this weird compulsion to shave his face. He uses an electric shaver every single day but he legit has no facial hair so all he's doing is irritating the crap out of his skin. His skin is super dry, red in patches, obviously irritated. It looks bad. I want to try to slowly introduce products to him that will first of all help target these problems and then second of all slowly build a very basic skincare routine.   I was looking at the Jack Black line and was wondering if someone could give me some feedback on the items I'm interested in or if you think there are other items that would help his situation.   First, everyone needs a lip balm!! And he has crazy chapped lips too. This can be a small thing to get him interested but I think he might view this as "lip gloss" and girly. And I hear good things about them as well so I wouldn't mind keeping it if he didn't use it. For skincare I'm looking at the Post Shave Cooling Gel. I get that it's supposed to be for people that use razors but the description of the product is everything that he needs it to be. And of course he'll need a moisturizer, been checking out the Double Duty Face Moisturizer.   There are a lot of nice sets but I don't want to invest a ton of money on products he might not even use and I don't want to overwhelm him with all the stuff that comes in a set. I was thinking of just focusing on the bare essentials of what he needs and then if he likes it and uses it I would slowly buy him more.   **EDIT: Just want to say thank you to everyone who posted! I had a busy day (business test!) so I wasn't online today. I think I'm going to buy that pack of 3 lip balms so I can keep one. I want to see what the craze is all about.  
Hello Beauties. I am looking for face serum and moisturizer day and night. Special concern about skin glowing and brightening result. I have dry patches and dull no radiant  skin and i hate it. Suggestions plz. Thanks 
  I've made a post about this before and I was advised that the little skin-coloured bumps on my skin are actually clogged pores. It looks even WORSE when I wear foundation (wearing MUFE HD foundation in the pic). So I'm doing everything I'm supposed to do... (I think). I'm drinking lots of water everyday, I'm moisturizing, I'm exfoliating, I bought a clarisonic to cleanse-- but the bumps are still there. I think they might have gotten worse actually. Here are the products I use: Boscia Makeup-breakup Oil cleanser, Purity Made Simple cleanser with the Clarisonic, Peter Thomas Roth exfoliating peel gel (twice-a-week). I use Clinique moisture surge or dramatically different lotion for my very dry skin. Is there another product I should be buying? I need help  
Help!! My face seem to have spots that are dry. Somebody know any products that can cure this? I have previously used First Aid Beauty-  Ultra Repair Cream and Face Moisturizer. As it helps relieve itchiness due to dryness it isn't enough to make it go away.