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I would say i have very normal skin. I usually only break out on my forehead during my period and it is very mild. I am looking for a full coverage foundation because I have very red cheeks that i am not a fan of. A lot of foundations i try samples of either turn flakey, crease under my eyes, or get very oily on my forehead. which foundation would work well with my skin and which should i at least try.   I have tried Makeup Forever HD stick, Clinique chubby, and a sample packet of Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able full coverage.
Hello Everyone! I have normal to dry skin that is also sensitive. I have ezcema and sensitive skin and also the occasional hormonal breakout during that wonderful time of the month. I need help trying to find a moisturizer. please!
Hello all!   I've been dealing with a dry flakey face since my late teens (about 5 years). It's centered on my T-zone and upper cheeks. I've tried all kinds of different moisturizers and natural oils, but nothing ever seems to be absorbed. It just seems to sit on my skin. I’ve made diet changes and have been making sure to stay hydrated, but my skin still stays persistently dry. I’m at my wits end, and nothing seems to be working. My skin is fairly sensitive- any suggestions for anything that might help me re-balance my skin’s natural oils? Thanks!
Hi, I'm used to having an oily T zone, with dry cheeks but I've been using pHisoderm from the drugstore for normal to combination skin and it broke me out into a rash really bad. I'm not used to having so many blemishes on my face. And my face is super dry now and tight. Does anyone know of a good face wash for night time and night time  moisturizer that I can use to help me? I've thought about getting Origins Checks and Balances since I've used it before, the travel size and it worked pretty well back when I used it.
Any suggestions as to a really great facial cream/moisturizer?  I have purchased many and can't find one that seems to help. 
Hey BTgals,   I just got reminded this morning how much my skin loves oils. I had been skipping on them for the past 2 weeks since I'd been suffering from pesky breakouts + been traveling, so didn't really have any with me. Last night, made a dash to the drugstore to get some oil (since there's no Sephora close by), and ended up getting a Loreal facial oil, and slathered that on my face last night! Oh my! My skin looks positively happy and glowing today   With the VIB sale round the corner, wanted to hear what your fave face oils were. I haven't tried tons, but mine would be:   - Tata Harper Replenishing Nutrient Complex - Caudalie Premier Cru (although I could do with a less heavy rose scent)   Do share your faves!!
In search of THE BEST FACIAL MOISTURE CREAM.  I am  43 years old and my dry skin is getting increasingly worse! I have tried lots of products and haven't found one that I feel really helps.  Please, any suggestions would help.  At this point I am not concerned about the price,  It's a investment that I'm happy to make if it will actually help!
Hi everyone. I use to have extremely oily skin and over the past 6 months my skin has been super super dry. I have the Jose argan oil and moisturizers but my makeup just always ends up looking cakey around my nose area and under eyes. I use a wet sponge, i have tried lightweight concealers to thick ones. Is there any advice for makeup not looking cakey? 
What foundation would you guys recommend for someone with super dry skin? Right now my face is just really dry, especially on my forehead for some reason! It's so flaky and I hate it! I need a foundation that isn't going to stick to the flakes and look like a cakey mess! I also want a foundation with pretty good coverage because I have redness. I recently bought the UD Naked Foundation and I don't even know how it would have worked because it was so watery/runny. I couldn't even get any use of the product because of how runny it was, even after shaking up the bottle. So please don't recommend a foundation that is gonna run down my hand when I pump it. Are all water based foundations going to be runny? I'm not sure if the UD is water based, but I heard water based is good for dry skin, but I'm just worried it will be runny and too watery. The UD one was so watery the Beautyblender just drank it up :-( I really wanted to try to KatVonD Lock It Foundation, but reading through the FAQs on it people said it's not for people with dry skin :-( I also don't want to spend more than $50 dollars on a foundation either. Sorry I know I sound super picky I am just in search of a holy grail foundation. So anyway overall I just need a foundation with full coverage or close to full coverage that is hydrating and wont stick to flaky skin. Thanks so much in advance to everyone who replies to this :-)
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My eight year-old son with special needs has VERY dry hands, due in part I'm sure to all of the hand-washing in school. I doubt that any of the products on the market are toxic, but can anyone recommend a really good hand cream that's safe for kids, in case it should get into his mouth? I'm currently using Aquaphor Baby on his hands at bedtime (which is almost like using Vaseline) but it doesn't really seem to be doing much. As you can sort of see in the photo (this is the best image I can find of his hands at the moment), the skin isn't cracking, but it's rough and dry, especially on the backs of his fingers and on his palms. He's non-verbal so he doesn't complain, but I know it must be a bother.   Thanks for any advice or suggestions!  
Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet. This is an amazing product. I'm very red and I've started to lean towards dry as I have gotten older.    Using this product under Diorskin Nude BB Cream has made me look 5-10 years younger! The BB cream seems to cover so much more evenly now, and I seem to have a little bit of a "glow" because I'm using the sorbet.   I think the Caudalie has made the BB cream much more effective and has contributed highly to that beautiful skin factor we all want. I've gotten great results, even without color correction the past few days. This is a keeper I'm not sure will go away. 
I'm in need of a new moisturizer for the day, specifically want one with some SPF now that it's getting warmer and I'll likely be outside a bit more. My skin is mainly dry, sometimes dehydrated around my t-zone so that can get oily some days. I also have pretty sensitive skin.   I tried out one from CerVe since I love a lot of their other products, but it was basically just straight sunscreen and it wasn't hydrating at all. Not helpful when I was looking for a moisturizer. It's fine if I'm using it as sunscreen and not wearing makeup, but it did not perform well under my makeup.    I have a sample of the Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion, which I love the consistency of, but I hate the bottle it's in and also hoping it might be possible to find something with a bit more SPF than it has (15).   I have been recommended the Pete Thomas Roth Max Sheer All Day Moisture Defense Lotion so was curious if anyone has used it, and maybe the benefit one as well, that could compare the two? Or any other possible recommendations?
Lately I've been having terrible, terrible skin. I used to have oily skin, but now it suddenly turned dry, especially on my cheeks and forehead and t-zone, or basically EVERYWHERE. Before, when I check in the afternoon, my face would be shiny but that completely changed. I use bb cushion, which is supposed to be oily, but I don't find it helpful at all. In fact, it just emphasizes on the flakes. In addition, the flaky and dry parts are so rough and sometimes my cheeks get red from irritation. I'm not sure if it's the season change; it's been like this since March. I'm so frustrated   Right now, I've reduced my skincare routine just to an essence and a night cream (the Korres Wild Rose sleeping facial) or a gel based lotion (if anyone is familiar with the Korean brand, Nature Republic's Aqua line) for the morning.    I honestly don't know what's the cause for this. I've also been getting the same amount of sleep as I always have. Should I go see a dermatologist? Or are there products people recommend I can use that's not very irritating? Thank you so much in advance!
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Okay so my face is usually dry, i have dark eye cirlces and some acne spots from when i was a teen. So i use makeup very often. The only products i use are Aveeno face wash, bobbi brown eye and face moisturizer with honestly i thought would be better but its just ok. I've been using covergril 3 in 1 foundation which i think has clogged my pores or it could be the moisturizer. I usually use MAC or bobbi brown which are way less drying on my face, but ran out of them and was trying out MUFE mat velvet which definitely didn't work out so cg is what i have. My eye area is also very dry probably due to my concealer which i need if im going out in public. I tried using ROC for my lines that crease but it burned a lot. I really want to start taking care of my face but don't know where to stand. For one is there a better product to use to remove my makeup at night. And which skin care products should i be using at night and in the morning? Thanks in advance
I need a really good moisturizer plus a great hydrator...I was looking at the aqua bomb...but wanted to know of any suggestions...I like to layer one moisturizer and one hydrator, plus I like to use a great hydrator when I sleep...My skin type is combo/dry...I should add I am sensitive to smells...any suggestions would be awesome!!
I've started back on my Tretinoin prescription from my doctor. I see great results so I'm willing to try & work through the madness and like every other situation in life....you're never truly prepared.    Is my skin flakign off? No. Is it super tight? No. It's slightly firm after I wash my face with KS Goat Milk Cleanser but I definitely cannot go long without a moisturizer. I've been using JM Argan Oil and the JM Face butter soon after but I don't think it's doing enough.    You can REALLY really tell how dry my face is once I put UD Naked foundation on. It literally sits on top of my face & never blends very well.   I do have some larger (not huge) clogged pores within my T-zone area so I would like to stay away from anything that is TOO rich and/or greasy feeling so that it doesn't mess up balance. I'm definitely hoping for a deep penetration moisturizer!   Does anyone have any suggestions? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!   Thank you  
I'm looking for a new moisturizer for my extremely dry, sensitive, and eczema skin. I've been using Benefit's Total Moisture Cream every night for about 2 years, but I've recently run out and am trying to rid myself of products that test on animals (Benefit does).    I'm 21 years old, so I'm not opposed to moisturizers with anti-aging benefits, but it isn't necessary. I live in an extremely dry climate (Phoenix, AZ). Anyone have any suggestions for a multipurpose night and day moisturizer to wear under makeup.    I also have very clear skin and rarely every get acne, if that is helpful.
Hello, I have very dry skin. I've tried many different moisturizers, but nothing has helped. The only moisturizer that actually hydrated my skin has been moisture surge intense by clinique. I wanted to give something else a try because I've been using that one for a while and I feel like my skin isn't responding to it as well. The most recent ones that I have tried is the vinosource by claudalie and the deep rose hydration cream by fresh, neither of the two were enough. I've also tried belif the cream and gel and first aid beauty. Any other suggestions? Help! Thanks!
I have tried different products to help with my dry skin like belief aqua bomb, clinique moisture surge,...  I'm currently using cane&austin facial moisture cream since it targets dry skin and helps with my hyperpigmentation. I'm using prescription Differin gel, so I know it will get my skin dry.  I add face oil Josie Maran organ oil and hyaluronic acid serum, but it still doesn't help.  I touch my face and it appears to be soft and smooth, but it still looks dehydrated dried to other people.  I wonder if I apply hydrating mask nightly, will it help improving my skin condition? Can I apply it on top of face oil? I always go from thinnest to thickest.  Thank you for sharing your opinion.  
I've been trying to look for a concealer that'd cover my dark circles in the drugstore, but to no avail. So, I've decided to splurge on a product from Sephora. I have these dark circles that have a blueish greenish tinge around them, so even if my dark circles are sort of covered, the tinge always shows through. I've been looking at the bobbi brown concealer as well as the nars creamy concealer, but I'm not sure what to choose. I'm lost...any recommendations? 
Hi! I have always had oily skin and now suddenly my first year in college my skin and hair decide that they no longer want to produce any oil. Now my skin is dry and even flakey in some regions. I am using aveno positively radiant in the morning and philopsophy hope at night to moisturizer my skin. I also use a vitamin C oil and maracuja oil at night. I wash my face with philosophy purity cleanser or the microderm exfoliating wash at night and use my clarisonic once a week to exfoliate. I just dont know what to do with it. I have switched my foundation to the tarte rainforest of the sea thats supposed to hydrate my skin but still its dry and flakey. Any advice or tips on what products (moisturizer, foundation, cleanser, masks) to use or a skin care routine would be super helpful! Thank you so much!!
I am in the market for a new skincare line. I am currently torn between First Aid Beauty and Belif. I have pretty dry skin and am wanting some anti aging properties as well. What are some opinions on the two?
Does anyone have any advice on what the best product to help reduce skin redness for sensitive/dry skin that is prone to breakouts?  Not to cover but something to help correct the problem. Thus far I have used moisturizers from Fresh, Ren, Nuture Me by Ole Henriksen and every product from Mario Badescu with no luck. I've even used DYI solutions such as Manuka Honey. Everything burns my skin. FYI, I've also cut out dairy and wheat. 
My entire I life I typically have had normal to oily skin. Last week I noticed that the texture of my skin had changed and it felt almost like sand paper. You couldn't see bumps, but it felt like there were bumps all over my skin especially all around my nose and my chin area, spreading to my cheeks. It even hurt, there was redness and my skin felt SO dry! My upper lip even felt very chapped. I began trying to put beauty oil and hydrating moisturizers on my skin to really try to hydrate my skin and the texture is almost all gone but now I'm left with flaky skin that is still very dry. Any suggestions on what products I should use to help heal my dry skin? I'm afraid this happened due to a allergic reaction so something for sensitive skin. I'm at a loss!
Hi everyone! I am 26 and starting to notice that my skin is getting quite textured.  Has bumps, lots of pores, etc.  It doesnt look good when I put on any foundation because I need a good base.   Anyone have reccomendations as to any resurfacing or retexturizing your skin?  I've tried all kinds of exfoliators and havent had any luck yet!   Thank you!   Katelyn
hello! i need a full coverage liquid foundation for dry/combo skin. i used to have really oily skin so i had been using the Kat Von d lock it tattoo foundation, but now it makes my skin look cakey, and no one wants that. please help!
I have moderate acne, a few break outs here and there. However, many facial cleansers and moisturizers cause me to break out. My skin is extremely dry and tends to flake off constantly, so wearing makeup looks disgusting. I have tried several moisturizers but they either don't work, or cause me to break out. 
Hi! I am currently using clinique's eye cream (rich) 2 times a day and still find that every concealer I try looks cakey and flaky under my eyes. I don't wear liquid foundation on my skin because my flaky combo skin just looks awful with it, so I use either a bb cream with powder on top or just powder. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to moisturize my under eye so I can cover up my dark circles with some concealer? Also any suggestions on how to moisturize my entire face? I use an intense moisturizer (Dr. Robucks' pure) at night and Clinique Dramatically different lotion in the morning. Are some people just doomed to not wear liquid makeup? Thanks!
I'm looking for a light face wash for the morning. Right now I use Purity, and it's great for taking my makeup off, but I'm wondering if there's something lighter (and cheaper?) for washing my face in the morning that's good for dry skin.     http://www.sephora.com/purity-made-simple-P7109?sk uId=407304
Hi all, I am in desperate need of a new moisturizer. I used to have combination/oily skin in high school, but now my skin only rarely gets oily in the t-zone and is EXTREMELY dry by my jawline and around my nose. The dry patch around my jaw line is so dry that it has a completely different texture than the rest of my face. I am currently using Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel but it's not just working for me anymore. I was thinking I should switch to the moisturizing lotion+ but are there any other suggestions? Thanks!