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Every time I put on BB cream it immediately makes my skin incredibly flaky. I've even tried putting on moisturizer first or mixing the BB with some of my moisturizer and ten minutes after applying I'm a flaky mess. My moisturizer works fine and I'm not dry after applying it, it's any kind of coverage that's drying me up.   Im using the Smashbox BB currently and have no idea what to do! The attached photos is after applying.
i don't wear makeup often, but have recently discovered BB creams. I was matched at Sephora and the woman gave me Clinique BB cream in shade 01.    The color is perfect for me, except it clings to dry patches and feels a bit heavy.   Are there any BB creams that would match my fair skin (I think I have pink undertones) that wont stick to dry spots!!??    
I have combo skin with an oily T-zone and my cheeks are usually normal to slightly dry but now that I've changed up my face routine there's an area of my cheeks close to my chin on both sides that are extremely dry that the skin is flaking. My cheeks feel really tight after cleansing. Before changing up my routine my cheeks were normal and did not feel tight and weren't flaking.   I've been rotating my usual creams but I haven't found that any of them really made a huge difference. I've used Philosophy's Hope in a Jar , Glamglow's Thirstymud Mask , and a moisturizer by Ole Henriksen that I was given a sample of by an SA but the name of it isn't clear on the bag.   I'm looking for a very hydrating moisturizer (for night time) that will hopefully bring my cheeks back to normal soon.
I have had this horrible dry skin around my nose for about a year. I moisturize day and night and I put Vaseline on it before I go to bed. It never seems to go away. Does any body have any recommendations? I use the Kat Von D tattoo foundation and I love it, but it makes my dry skin look really bad. Is there a full coverage foundation that would work well with dry skin? Thanks!
I have dry flaky skin, with huge pores and I'm prone to blackheads. Can anyone recommend products?   Thanks xx Laura 
This is constantly a problem for me, no matter what I do or what products I use. My skin is dry all over, so also dry between my brows, but I'm happy with how my skincare routine handles dryness. I moisturize, I exfoliate, I've tried facial mists, setting sprays, at least a dozen different foundations - even BB cream separates on me. I have used many different application methods, from my fingers to a damp beautyblender to any and all brushes. I'm obviously frustrated. Has anyone else had this problem and figured out how to deal with it? I cannot think of anything else to try!
I am needing advise on the best products to use for my morning and night skin care routine for sensitive dry skin.
I need advise on a primer that's compatiable with the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer.  I have very sensitive/dry skin but the T-Zone can get oily.  I have issues with primers and moisturizers not working well together.  The primer tends to crumble and roll off my skin.  Thanks.
Right now I use the Ole Henrikson 3 little wonders set which I love, but I'm looking for a good cleansing oil. I have dry skin which is very visible when wearing foundation, but I also can break out easily in my t-zone. Does anyone have any suggestions for  any cleansing oils, serums, facial oils or masks that will help smooth out and moisturize the dry skin so it is not visible when wearing makeup, but also wont break me out at the same time? I'm turning 28 soon so i'm not opposed to anti-aging benefits as well! Thank you all for sharing your skincare wisdom and experiences!
I'm looking for a moisturizer and sunscreen preferably a 2 in 1 product that also works to fill thin lines as i am  in my fifties. My skin is very dry and the T zone is extremely oily that tends to flake . any suggestions? thank you
I have these tiny little bumps on either side of my nose just under my eye area and I cannot figure out how to get rid of them. I do cleanse twice a day and exfoliate twice a week. I've used the Kate Sommerville exfoliate and the Peter Thomas Roth peeling gel (they leave my skin feeling extremely soft but the bumps never go away). I know it's not milia 'cause I've had that over my left eye and it looked/felt completely different. These tiny bumps are actually not very noticeable until I wear liquid foundation (and I need to wear foundation because I have a lot of discoloration in other areas of my face).
Hi, I'm turning 23 and I'm looking for a moisturizer that would even out my skin tone, brightens it, reduces the discoloration, prevent wrinkles and protects my skin from the sun. Basically an all in one lol. I have uneven dry skin. I really need you help!!!   Thank you!
i have oily/acne prone skin so in the winter time after using all the products i have that drys my skin out so my acne goes away really takes a tole!!    every once in awhile i need something that puts a lot of moisture back into my skin! like a good cleanser or even a mask or moisturizer! please help. 
what is a good creme for dry skin and redness ? 
I have extreamly dry skin. I was using a genle cleanser, mositurizing toner, face oil, serium and moisturizer and at night i would use a mosituising mask - it was still not enough. I have just switched to the AMOREPACIFIC line and its better, but i feel like i am missing a face oil, what would be a good oil to use to pair up with this line that wont break the bank? would the Ole of Hendrikson work with the AP Line?
For a while now, snail enzyme has been very popular as a skincare ingredient in Korea, Japan and France. As a note: the snail secretions is collected from snail cultered in labs and purified before being added to skincare products.   So, the enzyme has been tested and known to fight acne by speeding up cell regeneration. Heal blemishes and removes redness. Awesome with hydration and boosts collagen and elastin production. Sounds like a miracle!   I read about this on a beauty blog and got really interested. I'm considering eye creams. I just need to finish what I have before buying something new. So, would you consider trying?
I have very dry skin and I cannot seem to find a foundation that wont cling to my dry patches. I do use a clarisonic & recently switched up my skin care routine and it has helped tremendously! But I still cant find a foundation. And on top of the dry skin, I also become oily no matter what. So I am just loving life with my Dry/Combo skin. HELP! 
Hey all! So I just used a sample of the Fresh Rose Mask. My face feels super nice now and hydrated. The price is kind of steep, to me, so can any one help justify purchasing the full size or dissuade me from the full size? I want it to help my skin out in the long run, not just make it feel nice for a little bit after I take it off. Can anyone help me with the long term effects of this mask? Thanks!
I am about to finish up my boscia tsubaki overnight sleeping mask. I love using it when my skin is particularly dry and my regular moisturizer just won't cut it. I am happy with the product, but want to try something new. Any suggestions for overnight moisturizing masks?
I swear my skin is just getting dryer and dryer, and makeup looks pretty awful, but I have somewhat reddish cheeks (mild rosacea) and some blemishes that I prefer covering. I just don't know what to do anymore. I could moisturize and moisturize all day long and as soon as I apply anything, it's instant scaliness. Ugh.    I use very hydrating makeup - either Dior Hydralife BB Cream or L'Oreal True Match Lumi, and use a beauty blender to apply. I feel like my skin seems smooth/hydrated before I do anything but lately, it's just awful and I look dry/powdery everywhere (and I don't use powder). Any tips to alleviate this? Because from a skin care perspective I'm doing everything I can and it's still bad. 
So where I live, the snow has been insane, and the weather is so cold that I start to tear up, and then my tears start to freeze. I digress.   I am experiencing my driest and cracked hands ever. For those who have similar issues, or are experiencing the frigid cold, what are your go-to products, and how often do you apply them?   At my disposal, I've currently got: Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre Laura Mercier Hand Lotions, in Fresh Fig and Creme de Pistache L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream   I apply these whenever my hands feel dry, but I am literally applying another round of lotion every 5-10 minutes, and my hands have remained unmoisturized and chapped. Help! How do you guys tackle chapped hands in the winter?
  First I have to say that I am really impressed by this new eye cream from Fresh. I've only been using it a couple of days, and I can already tell that this is my holy grail eye cream.     I struggle with dryness under my eyes, and as a consequence my concealer tends to look dry and cakey.  This eye cream has completely changed my life! I started using it morning (before I apply my makeup) and night before bed. My under eye area is already looking more hydrated and vibrant, less dull! My concealer no longer appears dry, and it lasts all day with no creasing. It also comes in the most amazing glass packaging, that looks super fancy!    I will continue to use this, but I was so impressed I really wanted to come on here and tell you guys all about it!   I was sent this eye cream as a gift from Sephora, but these are my own opinions and I am not being paid to post this review!    The Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Eye Cream will be in stores in March!     
Hi everyone,  I am trying to work on my skin care as I've been noticing this winter is especially harsh on my skin. I can't seem to find a foundation that doesn't look mask-y, so I'm going back to lighter formulations (what I liked before my foray into foundation land). I got a sample of Peau Vierge and so far LOVE it. Help a) dissuade me or b) enable me by sharing your experiences with this product, please!!! 
Okay, so I have been using (fair) Bare Minerals matte (sometimes original) powder foundation for probably five years! My routine conists of the prime time orginal primer, and the i apply my bare minerals foundation.  I add bronzer and blush and spray with urban decay setting spray.  I'm thinking they have changed their formula, but I always have trouble with their product in the winter. I struggle with flaky dry skin behind my eyebrows and just in between on my forehead.  I moisturize wih hope in a jar so I'm not sure what the problem is.  After a couple hours my foundation looks patchy/blothcy.  I have to add lotion and start all over basically! If anyone has any tips on if i should change foundations or ways to moisturize better that would be helpful! I'll take all the recommendations I can get!! 
My skin has always leaned towards being oily, but suddenly my skin has become incredibly dry. Flakes are peeling off of it, and there are noticeable dry spots on my face. I've been exfoliating more than usual and slapping on moisturizer daily yet none of it is working. Exfoliating isn't removing the flakes and dry spots, and my moisturizers are just sitting on top of my skin. Any suggestions for products I can use to get my skin back to normal.
I am currently looking for a new skincare routine for my dry skin and have no idea where to start.  I currently use the hydrating toner, morning and night cream from the Body Shop but I feel like my makeup is not going on well at all and I can definitely feel the dryness creeping its way through! I do need an under eye cream and any other skincare recommendations you may have to create a hydrated flawless complection! Thank you!  
I really didn't want to hijack jemly's thread to ask this question so here goes.  I have incredibly dry skin and always wondered if I should even bother with a setting powder.  I recently got interested in the Nars Light Reflecting Powder but will it emphasize how dry my skin is?  I was thinking about it because my all time favorite foundation, Revlon ColorStay, never actually sets on my face.  But I LOVE it and how it covers everything unlike the KVD that I am using now.  If I could get the Revlon to actually set I would go back to it in a minute (now if they just hurried up and released the packaging with a pump I'd be all set!).
I'm trying to treat my redness but I hear that's difficult. How long does it generally take before I fairly state whether it's working or not? I know I used one of Sephora's masks and my redness was gone when I took it off but returned the next day. I really want to be patient but I want to reduce my redness so badly that I don't want to waste time on products that aren't working. 
Has anyone tried Donna Bella 24K Caviar Deep Moisturizer? I've tried the deep moisturizer from this brand and it was really good but it finished.  Right now it's a little too pricey for me so I'm looking for alternatives. I found this one on Groupon for $30 and was thinking to buy it but would like to hear more feedback.
I have huge pores around my nose and on my chin. I have been using Benefits Porefessional for about 3 months and it really does nothing for me...I just continued using it because I like how soft it makes my skin. I also just tried the Maybelline baby face pore eraser today and I was SO happy with the results, but by the time I finished my makeup and looked in a mirror with better lighting....there were my big ol' pores. I have VERY dry skin and need a moisturizing primer as well...or else my foundation flakes off. I have a clairisonic that I use...hasn't really made any difference in my skin at all. And I've been using it for 2 months. My skin hates me. I am looking for a great primer to moisturize my skin but also help reduce the size of my pores or at least make them look invisible since I can't seem to do anything to actually minimize them. Going to Sephora tomorrow so any input would be greatly appreciated....also if you happen to have any suggestions on creams/serums that would actually make my pores smaller, that would be great too!!!!