My skin needs help!

So as the weather is changing my skin is getting drier.  I'm also trying to find a new foundation and trying out different combos.  So even with liquid foundation you can see dry patches on my skin and I hate it!  It's like little flakes at certain places but overall my skin looks like **bleep**! I also have thin sensitive skin with redness called couperose... can't go see the derm yet for laser (well I'm terrified, it's pretty painful) so I need something to hide the redness as well.  I'm currently trying Koh Gen Do make-up color base in yellow.  Not sure if I like it and if it's helping.   Any suggestions???  FYI I don't like Clinique.  THANKS! Smiley Happy

Re: My skin needs help!

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Thanks!  I'll look into that Smiley Happy

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