Love this cleanser!


Re: Love this cleanser!

I like it too! It doesn't foam which I like and your skin does not feel super dry afterwards.

<3 Melissa

Re: Love this cleanser!

I liked the cleanser, but couldn't stand the smell. I'm not sensitive to scents, but this & the soy face cream made me so nauseous & dizzy. I love Fresh scents and own a bunch of perfumes & body lotions, but they need to tone down the fragrance on their face products. 

Re: Love this cleanser!

I use this cleanser too.. It lasts FOREVER because you only have to use a teeny tiny amount of product; I use probably about the size of edamame. I've had the 5.1 oz bottle for almost 5 months and I'm barely halfway through it, even though I wash my face with it at least twice a day. I like it too, but I think I'll try something new next time. The smell was light and pleasant at first, but now I find it to be a bit annoying.

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