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uber dry skin
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I need a super moisturizer for uber dry skin a masque or a daily moisturizer it dost matter something I can wear under makeup that will keep me from drying out and not look too greasy or make my makeup slide around also have very sensitive skin so preferably all natural or soothing.

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I'm also working on finding that perfect moisturizer for my extremely dry skin (not to mention hair). I've tried the Hope in a Jar by philosophy and I felt like I was dried out in ten minutes. Thank God I only tried the sample! I was thinking of trying some Cauldaile products, they have great sample kits plus bio active ingredients. I've learned covering up your face with make-up is like only covering up a flawed canvas. Make your skin beautiful and you will have no need for for paint. I'm working on my skin and pores after all French women pride themselves on not having to wear little to no make-up.  PLUS PLUS PLUS you have to drink a insane amount of water, when you think your hungry your poorly just thirsty!

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