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I've lived with severe eczema for my whole life. I can't keep my skin moist and hydrated unless I use Vaseline which causes my skin to look very glossy and greasy. I have used First Aid Beauty hydration cream and other creams/lotion that do not have the glossy look, but my skin still feels dry and tight after applying. Which then causes my skin to wrinkle and peel. All I'm looking for is a way to keep my skin hydrated without using a lotion that looks greasy.    If there is also a way to decrease the sights of eczema scars that would be appreciated.  
Hey,    Pl recommend me the Face scrub name for very dry skin and my skin is not sensitive so it shouldn't be too soft like cleanser.      Thanks.    
As a beauty addict, I have more than my fair share of makeup products..but I've been slacking on my skincare.  a lot.  At one point, I was just using wipes and cetaphil lotion ( I know, disgusting.)   Anyway I've been getting back into my routine though.  This is my current routine:   -Shiseido Gentle Cleanser -Algenist Hydrating Toner -Clinique Moisturizing Lotion+   But I have questions!  What do you use?  Serums? Exfoliators? Luna?  Any tips or experience is greatly appreciated and I'd love to hear all about y'all skincare routine!  (P.S. I am prone to redness on my cheeks and my skin is generally normal/dry but the tip of my nose is white head galore and I have those whiteheads that stick out almost on the sides of my nose) Please let me know what you use to get rid of these suckers! 
Hi!!   I desperately need suggestions on products to use for dry skin. Everything i have tried leaves my skin dry/patchy. I cleanse/moisturize every day and when im not wearing make up it doesnt look as dry as opposed to when i apply.  I really want to invest in some great products that will help! Looking for a fresh/dewy everyday look.   The face products i currently use: -Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture -Mario Bodescu rosewater spray -Smashbox Primer -MAC Face & Body foundation (not really enjoying) -No concealer Everything i try dries out my skin. -Tarte Amazonian clay powder -ELF blush -Champagne pop   I would love your feedback! Thanks so much.     
I was so excited when I purchased my clarisonice Mia. I started using it on Friday.  I was using it twice a day with Philosphy Purity, followed by Clinique Toner and Clinique Dramatic Lotion Gel (I can't remeber the whole name.)  By today, Tuesday (4 days after i began use) my face is SO DRY and flaky all of my chin and cheeks. I have combination skin and usually have a oily t-zone and dry cheeks.  The flaking on my chin and cheeks is unbareable.  It looks HORRIBLE!!!  Has anyone else experienced this?  I read somewhere that I should cut back to only using it once a day instead of twice.  But do you think i should get a stronger moisturizer?  I have been using the cleanser, toner and gel for years and have never had this issue before. I'm afraid I might have to return the MIA!!!
Hey everyone! My skin is very dry in the mornings and gets more oily throughout the day.  I'm torn between Glamglow's supermud clearing treatment and Dr. Brant's pores no more vacuum cleaner.  I'm looking to remove blackheads and reduce pore size. Thaks!
My skin is extremely dehydrated and dull lately. I use a clarisonic every night but no matter how much I exfoliate it never seems to look anything but rough. Large pores on my cheeks, lines on my forehead & an uneven looking texture all over. My skin is extremely sensitive and is frequently irritated on top if all this. My moisturizer does nothing for the dryness & my makeup looks awful sitting on the roughness. I use cetaphil face wash, cerave moisturizer spf 30 & MyChelle hyaluronic acid serum at night   I'm only 28, please help!
I have really strange skin. One day it could be perfectly fine just the regular oils like always. Then the next day, I have dry flaky skin with some redness. Pretty much it comes and it goes, but it happens especially now since it's winter time. I need something I can use during the times I get the dry, flaky, red skin. This only happens on my face, and certain parts too. It happens on the sides of my mouth, right beside my nose, and my forehead. I've tried everything and nothing works, other products either damage my skin or don't do anything. I also have fair/sensitive skin so it's hard finding certain things that work. What's a product that works that isn't way too expensive? Around $20-$50? Please help me, I don't know what to do anymore, and this really lowers my self-esteem.   EDIT: I bought something that is totally the best deal ever and has become my ultimate favorite mosturizer and works extremely well for this dry flaky skin problem. I saw here on the online sephora website, this First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream and I saw it had really great reviews, it is the best mosturizer I've used lately. I bought this on December 9th, today is December 12th and I've yet to see any flakiness or any irritation and my skin feels really hydrated. I only bought the 2 oz. tube since I only had $20 on me at the time, which is perfectly fine because I don't pile on a bunch of mosturizer on my face just a couple of drops and I'm great. Plus it doesn't make my skin oily or shiny, but it doesn't dry it out or burn my skin either. Best $12 I've ever spent.
I have dry skin that flakes, and wearing foundation only makes that more obvious. It'll emphasize every dry spot and 'crack' on my cheeks around my nose (imagine really really dry ground and how it cracks when there isn't water, the foundation will do that, but on a very tiny scale) and it's noticeable if someone is standing near me. I've tried everything from exfoliating, moisturizing, to primer, to using/combining different types of foundation, and nothing seems to work. The foundation refuses to blend in with my skin and apply smoothly and evenly to my skin. I like wearing foundation to reduce redness, but I'm so self conscious with it on, I'd rather go bare faced than even use a little to avoid the scaly cheeks that come with foundation. Any suggestions??? (I usually wash my face day and night, exfoliate 2X a week, and always moisturize day night and in between. To apply makeup I exfoliate if I'm really flaky, moisturize, wait, moisturize again, apply primer, wait, apply foundation, apply setting powder)
So, I have a real problem with dry skin right now. It seems like nothing can quench it! I wash my face morning and night with a moisturizing face wash, and moisturize with a fairly thick lotion both at night and before applying my make up. I use Too Faced Hangover Rx primer (which I consider pretty moisturizing) to boot!  I'm currently using Make Up Forever's HD foundation with a stippling brush. I even tried adding my moisturizer to my initial layer of foundation this morning, but nothing can get rid of those nasty dry patches!  Help! Anyone else have this problem? If so, how did you fix it??   --Hannah
I am 43 years old and my skin has a dry appearance. Also, I have an oily t-zone. What products can I use to get rid of the dry look and replace it a soft polished, glowing skin? While not worsening my t-zone.   Thank you!!!
I know ew, it sounds disgusting, but I tend to have dry skin and sometimes when applying foundation my forehead tends to have dead skin which peels and it's annoying. I wish they had forehead scrubs like they do for the lips. BUT ANYWAYS can anyone recommend a good moisturizer for my dry skin /=
My skin is extremely dry/ flaky but in my T-zone I am uncontrollably oily. Powder makes me skin flake and nothing seems to work as foundation or skincare. Please help!
Hey all,  I'm pretty new here and I need help with finding a good winter moisturizer.  My skin varies from season to season; I find it's a bit more oily in the summer and a lot drier in the winter.  My skin is starting to feel very tight and it's starting to become more flaky.  The current cleaners I have dry me out; I have purchased Philosophy's Purity and that broke me out. My skin really isn't sensitive but I honestly don't know what would irritate it. I would also like a good moisturizer for the day time because the moisturizers I do have are extremely heavy and are more suitable for night time.  Any suggestions?    Thank you!
I am looking for an eye cream to help with dryness around my eyes. My skin around my eyes is so dry that the outside corners crack a bit and I sometimes develop dry skin under my eye. Many of the eye creams I have tried sting the dried out skin and don't moisturize enough. Any suggestions???   I don't have wrinkles, lines, bags, and I am not looking for a product to prevent them; just drying to get rid of the dryness!   Thanks in advance for everyone's help!
Hi can anyone tell me what is the absolute best body lotion for very dry skin? Something that really works and holds moisture for quite awhile without having a bad smell or feeling sticky. I have tried so many lotions, I recently tried Aveeno's dry skin body lotion and its good but it smells like rubber to me and I do not like that plus it can be a little sticky. I have heard Cetaphil and Eucerin make some good ones as well but I wanted some advice on the feel and smell of some good options. I want to try to get one that isnt super expensive since I go through lotion like crazy as I reapply constantly through the day so I prefer a brand from the drugstore or in a big bottle.
Hi im pregnant and im looking for a good skin care my face is very dry itchy and red especially around my nose, chin and forehead i have try alot of moisturizer but so far nothing has helped
Hey, I'm looking for a suitable bb or cc cream for my ultra pale, very dry skin. The winter only makes my skin even drier of course, and therefore more noticeable. while I'm trying to find a product or line of products that work for my skin, I'd lime something that isn't too matte (I've tried the dr. Jart+ line and it feels too tight and shows all my dry spots), and isn't too dark ( smashbox, tarte, and many others are way too dark or yellow). Any help would be appreciated! Not looking for a foundation, just light coverage. And for reference, I'm the lightest shade in Urban Decays Naked foundation, and have pink undertones. Thanks!
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Lately my legs have been white from flaky n dry. i use any drugstore lotion yet nothing helps ...my soaps are dove and body washes n still dry out ...this thing is driving me nuts. do you know some products or tips that can help me?! thanx!
I'm a teenager and have VERY dry skin around my eyes. The rest of my face is combination to dry. It is also really sensitive and easily breaks out. My eyelids and the skin around them is so dry that I can no longer wear eyeshadow without it looking horrendous. I am currently switching between Josie Maran Argan Oil Light and First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. I need a recommendation on a good moisturizer for my eyes. (If possible, could we keep it on the cheaper side?) Thank you so much!
What type of product is best to use to get rid of pitted acne scars. I no longer have problems with breaking out but my acne scars are still there. Any suggestions as to what type of peels, masks, or any product that may help?/
Hello! I am looking for a good moisturizer for everyday use. I used to use Korres Wild Rose moisturizer, but they changed the formula and I am not sure if I want to stick with it. I recently used the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Gel Cream and loved it, but I'm hesitant on the price, given that I'm buying products for a whole new skin regimen. Any suggestions? Has anyone loved the different Korres moisturizers? I have normal to dry skin Thanks so much!
I have HORRIBLE dry skin on my face. Literally tons of peels can come off my face after I rub my face after a shower! What is the best, but cheap, products to use for face wash and lotion to keep my face as moisturized as possible!?
Im looking for a good not so expensive body scrub. I have sensitive skin so I have to be careful with what I use. I really want to start exfoliating properly. Any suggestions?
I have a resistant dry, flaky patch on my chin.  The rest of my skin is radiant due to a LOT of moisturizing and pampering.  But that one patch just won't go away... Any suggestions?
Its really dry around my brow bone, eyes and eye brows ? I got a free Ren Hydra-Calm Day Cream and it seems hydrating, I just don't want to be reapplying again and again. Any suggestions for good products for sensitive dry skin that won't hurt around the eye area?