Kinda a random question but I was wondering if using a different moisturizers everyday is bad for your skin. Can it cause a bad reaction? Would it be better to just keep using the same one?

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Using a different moisturizer everyday isn't necessary bad unless you have sensitive skin or acne-prone skin. It actually does make sense guaging how your skin is for the day or how is the environment. However, if you have dry skin (I'm assuming you do because you're on the dry skin forum), using a richer cream at night, while using a lighter moisturizer during the day is beneficial because at night that is when your skin goes to work to repair itself. I hope this was helpful and good luck!


Using a different moisturizer everyday is not necessarily bad for your skin. For instance one day I'll use a matte moisturizer if the weather is extremely humid that way I maximize my chances of having my skin stay matte longer during the day. Other days I'll use a tinted moisturizer..depending on the look I'm attempting to create. There's nothing wrong with using different moisturizers day by day according to your preference however, I do recommend that any moisturizer you use should preferable contain SPF. Currently, I think it's the most important factor in moisturizers since we all want to keep our skin healthy. Of couse if you're more comfortable with using the same moisturizer you absolutely love everyday well that's really up to you and only you can make that decision Smiley Happy


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It depends on what type of moisturizer you are switching up. I tend to switch my moisturizer because I feel that the weather, lifestyle and what not have an impact on how my skin is for that particular day. If the moisturizer has any agressive ingredients or targeted concerns, it's best to use the moisturizer for a few months to combat those concerns. If you are sensitive, then yes, I agree with the other post that it may not be a good idea to switch.


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Great question! I have been wondering the same thing. I have received so many great samples lately that I want to try them all. I think I am guilty though of changing too much at once. The downside I see for me, is determing which ones are giving me the desired results. I usually use Hope in a Jar in the AM & PM. I am thinking I should slow down on my switching to see what results I may be getting from the other products!
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I wouldn't say it's bad to use different moisturizers, but if ur face is like mine, then it's better to stick to one that works with your face. If I switch too many times, my face starts to break out a little bit at a time. It's just easier if I stick to one that works, and when tired of it, switch it up.
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