i have a very dry skin
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i have a very dry skin, i exfoliate it once a week and use moisteriser, but its very dry. what would you recommend?

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I live in Canada where we have some of the driest climate there is, especially in the winter. When faced with flakes, I use Benefit's Honey Snap Out of It! as a cleanser and scrub scrub scrub! Or,  if I have the time to let it dry I use it as a mask and instead of washing it off, I brush my hands across my face and that usually picks up all the nastiness. Then I'll wipe away the remainder of the mask with a damp wash cloth. It's very gentle and has oatmeal and honey in it, nothing that's harsh or too scratchy.

I also have a clairsonic scrubber, and use a gentle cleanser that doesn't wash away my natural moisture barrier. You might want to consider switching to a tinted moisturizer for daytime and try an intense moisturizer before bed after cleansing. I think Sephora's selling L'occitaine now, and trust me their products bring the oil! Don't use drying toners on your face and make sure you're drinking lots of water during the day!

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