how do i get rid of dry spots on face?
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I need to know how to get these ugly dry patches off my face. I always use marykay velocity exfoliater on my face when i shower then when i get out i put marykay velocity moisturizer, but then when i put foundation and blush, it always appears that i have dry spots. even more with blush, but i try not to put too much, i use maybelline fit me foundation and marykay blush. I have sensative skin, so i have no idea how to get rid of these dry spots. there annoying, and i want my face to be dry spot free. is there anything i should do to fix this? or use a different exfoliater/moisturizer?

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If I am reading this correctly, it appears that you exfoliate every night.  Sounds more like overexfolation to me.  First step is to reduce how many times to exfoliate to maybe 1-3 times a week.  Swap with a more gentle cleanser for the rest of the week.  Something along the lines of what Sephoramusthave noted (For a cleanser you should get something thats a creamy, milky or lotion type cleanser that doesnt dry out your skin).  I personally lean towards Skyn Iceland but it's quite pricey in comparison to Mary Kay. 


See if you can find something that is also fragrance free.  Slight possibility that could be part of the dry patches problem.  Same goes for the moisturizer.  Either that or very lightly scented (almost faint).  Again, a lightweight emulsion type should be what you are looking for. 


For any non sephora products, they probably will not let you have samples. ):  If you try anything (not from sephora), find the store with the best return policy.  Give it about a week or two. 


I also used Mary Kay Velocity cleanser and moisturizer but it never did anything for my skin ( and SO many chemicals!!)


I would recommend getting the Burts Bees Citrus Facial Scrub---it takes care of dead skin cells while leaving behind a healing layer of moisture on your face that makes your face soft, smooth and oh so touchable! ( Try not to touch your clean skin though!) Its smells good, lasts a good time, and you're paying for pure product, no fillers. Its sold in most drugstores for around 8 bucks.


I would also recommend a different skin care line. For a cleanser you should get something thats a creamy, milky or lotion type cleanser that doesnt dry out your skin. I like Elizabeth Grady Azulene Cleanser, Weleda Gentle Cleansing Milk, The Body Shop Aloe Cleanser or Fresh Soy Face Cleanser.


I use the L'occitane Ultra Rich Repair Creme. Its formulated for dry to very dry skin and it is my MUST have item from Sephora. I love the Elizabeth Grady Sheer Moist Creme too. They both work wonders for normal to very dry skin.


Also, dont use a toner that dries out your skin. The best one I found is Thayers Alcohol Free Toner. It removes makeup that my cleanser leaves behind, and softens, soothes, and moisturizes my skin. Its the best.

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You might be A.) using the wrong exfoliator B.) not exfoliating enough. I read somewhere that prior to cleansing, you're supposed to exfoliate because the cleanser is supposed to clean the new layer of skin, not the old layer of skin. If you're worried about harsh ingredients affecting your skin, you can also use a terry cloth and exfoliate with that instead of using your Mary Kay one. As for foundation and blush, you should stick to mineral foundation without bismuth. I hope this helps!

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Try applying moisturizer on dry patches with a stippling brush! It works great!

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