does the MakeUpForever translucent powder work well with the dry skin?

i've heard of all these talks about the powder how it's such a good final touch, but i think i've heard that it is too matte for the dry skin. what are your opinions?

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It works when used minimally.  If used in excess (or overdoing it), it will be cakey looking.  The same concept applies to any powder and dry skin. 


Apply to the areas that need it (where you tend to be slightly oily) with a light hand.  Here are some options of how to:


-  Buffing lightly with the Make Up For Ever HD Kabuki

-  Rolling a minimal amount with a sponge type applicator or flatter brush (personal preference as to which one).

- Gently patting a light amount with a flat brush (powder, foundation, concealer depending on the size of the area).


This powder is meant to be used to set makeup, but it looks best when it's used to set makeup in places of the face that tend to get oily, such as the Tzone. I'm oily, but the sides of my face are normal and sometimes dry. If I get carried away and put the powder on the drier areas of my face, I do notice a bit of a dry/flakey look to that part of the skin.


I think as long as you keep the use of this powder to the T zone, you should be fine. I hope this helps!



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Hi kitteee,


Ran8 and Ssmittys have such great tips and advice for you, I don't know how I can possibly add to that! Any powder can make dry skin look dryer but I have found the secret is in using a minimal amount and also in using the right brush. Smiley Happy 


Round fluffy brushes give you a nice soft coverage without caking on TOO much powder to your complexion. Here are my favorites to use for that ultra light finish:


Classic Powder Brush #48


Too Faced Powder Pouf Brush



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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