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i want to connect my black card points with my sephora account  as quick as you can please !!
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Is sephora making more serums?
I see that sephora is making more skincare and I love the masks. I was just wondering if maybe why would make the masks into serum's. Like a honey and green tea serum for dry acne prone skin. 
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Switching over to Biodroga MD
Hello guys im going to switch brand from Paulas Choice to Biodroga most because i dont like their PC spf Moisturizers  i use one for sensitive skin right now with spf 30 and with the retinol super antioxidant serum and it **bleep** up my skin. I used that serum with another daycream and never had any problem at all.    I like that serum but in the same time its a silicone serum that can cause break outs. Maybe i stick with it as a night serum maybe not.     Anyway anyone in here who tried Biodroga MD Skin Booster Uv-Protection Cream Spf 30 or 50? I want hydration on my skin and im planing to buy it with the BIODROGA MD SKIN BOOSTER Advanced Formula Vitamin C Concentrate 15 serum you think that will give me enough hydration because i want the spf factor or should i buy an extra   Biodroga MD Perfect Hydration 24-h Care or    Biodroga MD ANTI-AGE Collagen Boost Day Care and switch over to lets say the Biodroga MD Skin Booster intense Moisture serum .     Im asking because Paulas Choice spf 30 moisture **bleep**ed up my skin and i dont liker their moisturizers at all my skin dosen´t feel hydrated more dry and sticky like an irritating glue so yeah no now i switch over to Biodroga MD instead.   So whats your advice?        
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Sanitas skincare!!
Hello! I have been looking for a new skin care regimine and have been out of luck after buying expensive recommendations that do nothing at all. My skin is very dry but I don't like an extremely dewy look with my makeup! I have heard of the Sanitas skin care and although it is not well known I have heard great reviews, has anyone tried this line or have a recommendation for other products in an dry skin care routine?
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Has anyone tried Donna Bella 24K Caviar Deep Moisturizer?
Has anyone tried Donna Bella 24K Caviar Deep Moisturizer? I've tried the deep moisturizer from this brand and it was really good but it finished.  Right now it's a little too pricey for me so I'm looking for alternatives. I found this one on Groupon for $30 and was thinking to buy it but would like to hear more feedback.
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Why does this say it's for DRY skiN?Pureness Line is for oily skin! http://www.sephora.com/pureness-balancing-softener -alcohol-free-P173643?skuId=622571 I want to make sure because I have oily skin I dont want to buy the wrong one!! Thanks!!
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Need advice about night cream
Hello everyone,   I was wondering if anyone had already tried the Anew Vitale Night Cream from Avon ?   https://www.avon.com/product/52189/anew-vitale-nig ht-cream   I'd like to try it but I'd rather have some fedback before purchasing it.   Many thanks for your help.   Melissa
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Мне нужен увлажняющий дневной крем для сухой кожи, которая хорошо усваивается и не оставляет ощущение липкости. Я хотел бы попробовать серию Shiseido. Я 62. Что бы вы посоветовали?
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Fair dry, red skin and crepey eyelids. At almost 32.
  What can I do? The eyelids are especially bothersome because I feel like I can't wear eyeshadow as much as I'd like. Beh.
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RAVE! KATE SOMERVILLE Age Arrest Hydrating Firming Mask
So, I've been having really dry and flaky skin on my nose lately. No matter how much I was exfoliating and moisturizing, it seemed to stay all scale-y and flaky. I received a nice size lab sample of this product and decided to finally give it a shot last night. I used it like a mask, I kept it on for 10 minutes and wiped it off with a tissue, and then did my normal nightly routine with moisturizer and eye cream. Today, I have a flake-free nose! Also, I noticed my skin looked more even, feels super smooth and it didn't require as much of my moisturizer. This is just great for any of you who have dry/flaky skin! Anyways, I'm impressed with it, wanted to rave about it and its awesomeness! I didn't feel all self conscious anymore today because of this little gem.   http://www.sephora.com/age-arrest-hydrating-firmin g-mask-P386380?icid2=Kate_Somerville_editorspicks_ ...
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L'Occitane Ultra Soft Cream (Zesty Lime)
I am a HUGE fan of citrus and fruity scents. I don't care for the addition of florals or musks to anchor them in my lotion. I recently received the zesty lime Ultra Soft Cream and I'm in LOVE! Sniffing it in the container doesn't do it justice. The scent is much more obvious after application. Anyone else tried this one? I hope they keep it around for a long time.
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Product similar to amore pacific moisture bound rejuvenating serum?
A while back I received a sample of the amore pacific moisture bound rejuvenating serum. It worked incredible on my skin, I loved it. But, after doing some research I saw that a full size bottle is $100. I'm not looking to spend that much and I was wondering if anyone had found any other similar serums for a more reasonable price.   Thanks  
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Anybody a 1Y03 in Colour IQ
Just got matched today and am looking to see what products people have used and how they liked them.    My current match is Smashbox BB cream in Fair.  I usually use MAC makeup so am interested to see how the IQ system helps over time.  My MAC colour is NW15.  
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