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a good-smelling moisturiser
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Anyone knows of a good-smelling moisturiser? something with a mildly fragrant smell? Philosophy's Hope is too strong, so is wild rose from Korres. I just need a daily moisturiser for dry skin that is lightweight and smells decent. I smelled origins throughout the sephora store , all too strong. I have been using first aid ultra repair cream and I did not mind the scanty smell at the beginning but since someone pointed it out to me and I smell it all the time now. winter is going to be here soon and I will really need it then. thanks

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Have you tried Clarins? It is a french line that is really underrated. All of their skin care has beautiful light fresh scent to them. AND the price range doesnt break the bank for the amount of product and quality that you get... Dont worry im not a rep for them but realy love their stuff, it lasts forever!!! Good luck!


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Murad's Pomegranate moisturizer smells heavenly, and it works very well. It is the first moisturizer I used, and was one of the first things I ever bought at Sephora.


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Clinique moisturizers are great and have no smell. I suggest checking out Clinique moisturizing lotion or Moisture Surge for dry combo for great lightweight hydration and no smell. They are great basics to have since they don't irritate the skin no matter what and can work with any and all serums/toners/special treatment with special ingredients. If you don't mind something a bit heavier for winter, Argan Oil is awesome moisturizer and have no scent.


Other than that I've used Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation, but it have silicone (dimethicone) and may not be right for super dry skin. In any case, I recommend getting samples of Moisture Surge, argan oil, and Sheer Transformation to try. Those are the most hydrating but scentless moisturizers I've tried.

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i use Walmart brand Anti wrinkle cream. I have oily skin, but this is nice and light, doesnt clog my pores. It also has a very light scent. After i apply my makeup, i dont even smell it. 

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I use Clinique's moisturizer. I have dry combination skin and it has helped a lot in hydrating my skin without feeling greasy. Clinique's products do not usually have any sort of smell except for the toner, so I suggest you check it out.

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Rescue Me or Truth cream by Ole Hendriksen smell yummy. 

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