Wood Stove - Dryness - what to do?

Hi - I am new to the wood stove environment and it is so drying to my hair, skin and nails.  I have upped my water intake and I have been slathering on moisture, but still left with some side effects.


My hair is fine and wavy, prone to dryness - any suggestions on the best product to use?  I have not used heat on my hair in ages for fear of over drying - but now it just looks terrible!


My skin is fair, sensitive and rather dull looking - I would love some ideas on BB Creams or Cream Foundations?  I will always use Bare Minerals as a 'powder' finish.  Any guidance / help is REALLY appreciates  Smiley Happy

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I heat with a wood stove and have dry skin.   I put a pan of water on top of the stove.Preferably a large pan or pot so you won't have to keep checking it every hour, Try a good cuticle cream for your nails, I like Jessica, unfortunately Sephora does not carry it. You can go straight to the Jessica Nails website or Amazon. You will probably want to find a gentle moisturizing shampoo an conditioner

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