Wood Stove - Dryness - what to do?

Hi - I am new to the wood stove environment and it is so drying to my hair, skin and nails.  I have upped my water intake and I have been slathering on moisture, but still left with some side effects.


My hair is fine and wavy, prone to dryness - any suggestions on the best product to use?  I have not used heat on my hair in ages for fear of over drying - but now it just looks terrible!


My skin is fair, sensitive and rather dull looking - I would love some ideas on BB Creams or Cream Foundations?  I will always use Bare Minerals as a 'powder' finish.  Any guidance / help is REALLY appreciates  Smiley Happy

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I agree with prettyinpa humidifiers are one of the best ways to help with the drying effects of the wood stoves. Also I know hot showers feel good but they're not good on your skin they can seriously take alot of moisture out of your skin and hair, warm showers are best. Also when you get out of the shower try just leaving a litte moisture on your skin, don't completely dry off and instead of using a lotion try a body butter or cream and then rub it in to give your skin added mositure.Use body oils on your hands, skin and nails also.Laura Mercier foundations are some of the best moisturizing foundations they are.Hope this helps!

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