Very dry skin and moisturizer makes me break out. Help!?

Hey everyone, I'm in need of some advice.  I have extremely dry skin [usually in the winter] but I also get some rough patches in the warmer seasons as well.  My biggest problem is definitely in the wintry months with the intense chill and the dryness of the air indoors.  I saw a dermatologist years ago and she advised me to use Cetaphil.  I've been using it on my face for years and for the most part it does help to moisturize my skin.  BUT... lately I've noticed it's causing me to break out.  I wouldn't call it "acne" persay but my face has little to medium sized red pimples/bumps and the tone of my skin is very uneven and reddish.  I feel like I'm solving one problem and causing another!  I hate the way my skin looks - it makes me feel like a teenager having these break outs.  They don't go away easily and more just pop up.

I have tried (aside from the Cetaphil) Philosophy Hope in a Jar and also the First Aid Ultra Repair cream.  I have even tried one of the Clinique moisturizers but that one seemed the least effective with the dry/flaky patches.  These creams also caused me to break out so I stopped using them.  I'm wondering if my problem is that I should use some type of cleanser or face mask at night to remove these creams and replace with something more natural?  I really don't know what to do.  I've never used a mask or exfoliated or done anything like that, lol.  None of my friends have this problem with their skin so they really don't have much advice to offer me.


Please help!!!  Thanks!  Smiley Happy

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