VERY dry skin and flaking skin - also VERY sensitive skin - NEED HELP!
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VERY dry and flaking skin - also VERY sensitive, so any anti-aging products burn and my skin feels like it is on fire (gets red and blotchy and burns). Amy trying Argon Oil twice a day and even that is NOT helping my dry and flaking facial skin - it remains just as dry. Any suggestions for products for extremely dry, yet sensitive facial skin?
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What is your current skincare routine for both day and night?  How often do you exfoliate?  What water temperature are you using to wash your face with? 


First things first; Do not exfoliate more than twice a week.  Otherwise, it will be a constant battle with flaking and raw feeling skin.  Also do not try to wash your face in/with scalding hot water. 


If everything under the sun is irritating your skin, it would be wise to see a dermatologist and see if it is a certain skin condition.  Take a copy of the ingredients from every product you use with you as well. 


Look at the ingredients of the products you are currently using and see if there is a common irritant amongst them. 


In the meantime, try to keep a well rounded diet (fiber, omega 3s) and stay hydrated.  No product is going to miraculously help dry skin if it is always dehydrated. 


Look for a cleanser that has a milky texture to it.  These should be more gentle and not cause a burning sensation (unless the skin is currently raw and burned feeling before using the product).  The facial cleansers from Skyn Iceland are great for sensitive skin.  Either the Glacial Face Wash (found at Skyn Iceland's official site), or the Pure Cloud Cleanser would be great items to look into. 


When it comes to other skincare products, try to find brands or products that contain no synthetic fragrances to them.


Hope that helps. 

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