VERY dry skin and flaking skin - also VERY sensitive skin - NEED HELP!
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VERY dry and flaking skin - also VERY sensitive, so any anti-aging products burn and my skin feels like it is on fire (gets red and blotchy and burns). Amy trying Argon Oil twice a day and even that is NOT helping my dry and flaking facial skin - it remains just as dry. Any suggestions for products for extremely dry, yet sensitive facial skin?
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My skin is also sensitive, and after a few days of skiing, my cheeks and chin will be raw, red, and painful.  You're probably not going to get what you need in only the argan oil (which I also have).  I agree that it is not enough when your skin needs repair.  I think it's really important to have a good cleanser and moisturize twice a day.  I used to use a soy face cleanser from Bath & Body Works, but they discontinued it.  I just ordered the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, and I can let you know how I like it if you want. 

Soy Face Cleanser

I also use DDF Oil Free Moisturizing Dew SPF 15 every morning.  At night, I am currently using Nutriganics from The Body Shop.  I would try their Vitamin E line.  It is so gentle.  I also have and LOVE First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream.  


Ultra Repair Cream


It is the only thing that has ever repaired my skin.  Unfortunately, when my skin gets really raw, the cream stings because it has menthol in it.  It's worth it to me because it actually works and heals my skin.  If I don't let it get to that raw point (which is impossible sometimes after even a day of skiing), the FAB cream doesn't sting and is just, well, fabulous.  I'd also recommend a good moisturizing mask.  Korres is another great brand for sensitive skin, and their Yogurt moisturizer is so great.

Yogurt Cream


I know how frustrating sensitive skin can be.  I think the best advice I have is to stick with the more natural products and avoid products heavy on chemicals.  Sephora makes it really easy to shop for more natural skin care.  Between them and The Body Shop, I hope you can find something that helps.

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