Ridiculously dry skin

I am a 29 years old female East African. I have ridiculously dry skin and it only gets worse in the winter. I have tried to everything from Clinique, Murad C & Pomegranate, Dr. Hauschka, Ole Henriksen, DDF, and many more and none of these seem to work very well.  It will work for about 3 weeks and my face starts feeling tight & flaking off again.  I clean & exfoliate regularly.  I rarely wear makeup.  I have very few breakouts. I drink plenty of water.  My skin seems to be okay otherwise … just very dry.  Currently the only thing that is working for me now is a good old Vaseline petroleum jelly. It works really well but I feel like I need something that will benefit my skin in the future. Pleaseee help … I need heavy duty moisturizer!

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Oh and on a side note - you mentioned you exfoliated regularly. Is it possible you're over exfoliating and irritating your skin?  I had a problem with my chin flaking all the time. I couldn't get rid of it at all. I purchased a Clarisonic and use it in the shower to clean my face, my flaky chin was perfect in a week and hasn't returned. I honestly think I was using an exfoilator that was causing the problem, or it was too harsh and too often.  Any thoughts? 

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