REALLY Dry Eyelids! Help Please!

Hey everyone, 


So lately my eye lids have been SUPER dry and incredibly itchy. It normally happens when the weather starts to change and gets colder (which it is). But my go to product just isn't working- which is Josie Maran's 100% Pure Argan Oil. Which normally always works. My under eyes are totally fine and not dry at all, it is only my eyelids. So with that being said does anyone know a product  that would really moisturize my eye lids- or that is safe (I know some products is only for under the eyes and brow bone).


I am seriously desperate to find something. My lids are SO dry and itchy and I hate it!  


Thank you! 

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Hi j12003,


I had the same problem the last few weeks! My eyelids just felt dry and flakey and irritated. Smiley Sad Couldn't figure out what the culprit was but I would dab a bit of hydrocortisone around the far outer edges to reduce the itchiness and irritation. Check with a doctor first before you try that too!


I also followed up with an extremely lightweight eye cream. A too heavy cream may make your lids feel too oily or cause breakouts in the sensitive skin area.  My favorite eye cream that I used in conjunction with the medical cream is the Origins A Perfect World For Eyes Firming Moisture Treatment with White Tea. This eye cream is very lightweight and gentle and helps to smooth and relax the fragile skin around your eyes. I hope my advice can help you. If it gets worse I would absolutely contact your doctor or dermatologist.


A Perfect World™ For Eyes Firming Moisture Treatment with White Tea



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

In addition to any product recommendations, I would highly suggest using lubricating eye drops (NOT the ones for redness) if those are not in your current routine. 


Keep in mind it might also be a mild allergy to certain fall foliage.  It is that time of the year again. 


If those do not seem to work out, try YSL's temps majeur yeux (eye).  It is at YSL's official site or department stores that carry the full YSL skincare line(s).  Fair warning though; it is pricey.  Try this when it seems that nothing else works.


Best of luck!




I think that the Clinique All About Eyes is very moisturizing, I have had lots of samples of this, I like it well enough, but makes my lids greasy so if yours are dry this will work nicely.  I make that sound bad but it sinks in nicely and I probably use too much.  They also make a Rich eye cream which I haven't tried, but I would think it's similar just thicker and maybe more moisturizing.

All About Eyes

All About Eyes™ Rich


HI j12003,


I agree with Corrinn99 suggestions!


I have used the Clinique All About Eyes Rich and have great luck with it hydrating any dry spots on the eye. I also wanted to add that I love to use the L' Occitane Ultra Rich Eye Balm during the winter time because,  it provides 24-hour intensive hydration. I love the silky texture of this eye balm.Smiley Happy I hope that this helps!


Ultra Rich Eye Balm

<3 Melissa

You are right. Some products are not safe for the eyelids. While I don't have sensitive eyelids specificly, I do have sensitive eyes. Even if I don't put any eye cream around my eye area, I'll rub my eyes due to allergies. You should sample Dermadoctor's Wrinkle Revenge Rescue & Protect Eye Balm. If you go on their official website and scroll down to directions, you can see that it is ophthalmologist-approved. I like this eye cream's consistency, which is not so much as creamy to the point, where it could stray away from your eye area and cause irritation, but it'll stay put and also make a difference in case you have dark circles. I hope it helps with your dry eyelid problem. Good luck!

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I am actually dealing with this right now. Some people are different but ive never had problems with my makeup up until i switched my concealer brand. I went to the doctors and they told me it was an allergic reaction to the chemicals in my makeup. and i knew not all of my makeup was the problem so i tossed out the concealer i recently purchased and i bought some temp hypoallergenic concealer until my eyes are back to normal then im sticking with the brands i know will do we well.

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I know this is not a sephora brand...but I wanted to help you out! So I had the same problem before and my dermatologist recommended dabbing some Aquaphor on it at night and see if your skin improves by morning. Hope this helps!

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You may want to consult a doctor because it sounds like it could be something that may need something more than over the counter.  My brother has eczema and has similar symptoms- I'm not saying that is what you have but it is something that I would definitely get checked out if I were you.






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