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My face is dehydrated & uneven with a rough texture, please help
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My skin is extremely dehydrated and dull lately. I use a clarisonic every night but no matter how much I exfoliate it never seems to look anything but rough. Large pores on my cheeks, lines on my forehead & an uneven looking texture all over. My skin is extremely sensitive and is frequently irritated on top if all this. My moisturizer does nothing for the dryness & my makeup looks awful sitting on the roughness. I use cetaphil face wash, cerave moisturizer spf 30 & MyChelle hyaluronic acid serum at night


I'm only 28, please help!

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Hi There,


I too have dry skin, use the clarisonic and a good skin care routine with top notch products.

But what I have found that helps more than anything is something really simple: Drinking Lots of Water.

Seriously, on days that I'm too busy or only drink one bottle, I can see my skin shriveling like a raisin, ok, maybe I'm exaggerating, but seriously, drinking water helps.  On mornings when I wake up thirsty, and then after I drink a fair amount of water, may face seems more hydrated and my lines are less visible.


Good skincare comes from within, make sure you are drinking lots of water and have a good diet filled, veggies and fruits etc. Double what you are currently taking in and see if it makes a difference.


I have found that this helps me in addition to good skin care.  Good Luck!

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I agree with you 100. Thank you Smiley Happy
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