Moisturizer recommendation for dry skin and safe to use while pregnant
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I need recommendations on moisturizers that is safe for pregnant woman. I currently have dry skin. I've already tried joise maran argan oil and ole's sheer transformation and it's not helping. Thanks!

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Yes, I too suffered from dry skin with my both of my pregnancies, and although I LOVE First Aid Beauty's Repair Lotion, I hadn't heard of it during my pregnancy. I used Hope in a Jar, by Philosophy. This was extremely moisturizing, and they even have another one called, When Hope isnt Enough, for really dry skin, but the smell of both,aren't too hot. So, if you can't bare the smell I'd go with the advice about First Aid Beauty's Repai Lotion. This is what I use now, for me and even my kids.


Also, stay well hydrated. Drink at least 64oz of water per day. This will keep your skin looking and feeling, hydrated. I know a lot of women may tell you that drinking a lot of water will make you feel bloated or swollen, but on the contrary, this only happens when you don't drink enough water, and eat/drink foods with high amounts of sodium. Hope this helped!



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