I really need a super hydrating moisturizer

Anyone know of a good moisturizer? I'm using the body shop aloe day and night cream but it doesn't seem to be working. I exfoilate at least once a week but through the middle of the day I always have dry spots around my mouth, eyes, and my nose. I have really dry skin and need help.

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Anything you put on your face can dry it out. Examine your facial products one by one:


Exfoliation: what kind are you using? Does your skin feel dry and flaky when you pat dry? switch to an cream or oil based scrub if you haven't already. I got dry combo and Clinique 7 day scrub cream is my favorite.

Cleanser: does your skin feel tight when you pat dry? if yes, switch to a gentler cleanser such as Fresh soy face cleanser, or an oil based cleanser.

Moisturizer: FAB Ultra cream is the most popular for dry skin. I like Argan oil when my skin is particularly dry (it does not irritate acne or block pores).


Once you found your ideal set, you shouldn't get dry spots so often. I was like that and used to think moisturizer is the only one that matters, but I switched from a drying scrub to the cream scrub and now I get them about once a month and my most effective/favorite emergency care is: lip balm. Yup, chapstick, rose salve, sugar fresh, Lypsyl, EOS, whatever moisturizing balm that suits you, just rub some on the dry spot and it usually do the trick.

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I have extremely dry skin also.  It used to flake and stay dry all the time until I started using the proper products to get my face in check.  I use Caudelie Gentle Cleanser for my everyday face wash.....its soft and velvety and doesnt leave a residue on my face nor does it feel tight or dried out.  I also use Ole Henricksen Truth Serum.  Doesnt help with the dryness but its become a part of my everyday skincare routine.  Twice a week, when I exfoliate, I use Ole Henricksen Sugar Scrub......that stuff is AMAZING!!!!  I will never use another scrub on my face again.  Its soft and doesnt aggravate my overly sensitive skin!!  For moisturizer, I use 2 things.....Philosophy Hope In a Jar and Clinique Moisture Surge Intense!  Both products are amazing and arent greasy feeling after you put them on. (I just wish they smelled a little better!)  It all comes down to what you use on your skin everyday.  And also washing your face twice a day.  Hope this helps!

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I recently wen through the same issue. I found that the Clinique 3 step program just stopped working for me and my skin was really really dry and I'd get what I call chapped face during the day. It was weird. I did a little research on the types of ingriedients needed to moisturze the face and found that Boscia product line. I started with just the Vital Daily Moisturizer which worked wonders in about a week. Now I use the Moisture Pak as a mask, the hydrating night cream, and the eye cream. It's done wonders for my complexion and my dryness issu. I also changed the type of make up I wore. I found that Tarte's Amazonian Clay powder helps in keeping m y face soft during the day in conjunction with the Boscia. Hope that helps! 

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I have used products like Clinique's Moisture Surge however, it never really worked well for my skin.  I would put it on my face and it would just seem to soak it up.  However, like another person, I would recommend FAB Ultra Moisturizing Cream.  This is the only cream which seemed to have helped my dryness and kept my skin hydrated.

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Make sure you're not getting toothpaste all around your mouth, I did it last year and got a rash, dry and flaky.  If you're good on that try exfoliating off the dry patches with Clinique Exfoliating Scrub or 7 Day Scrub, then use Clinique Moisture Surge, I love it, I have not tried the new Moisture Surge Instense, they have a free sample right now code INTENSE.  You can add a few drops of vitamin e oil to your lotion at night for extra healing and moisture.

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