How to repair nose after a cold?

I've had a cold for the past week, and my skin has gotten REALLY DRY!  (Especially around my nose area from using tissues...)  I'm trying to drink lots of water to help my skin get re-hydrated, but does anyone have any tips for fixing/concealing flaky skin in the meantime?  Thanks~ 

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Rosebud Salve works great on dry patches-just a little goes a long way.
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vitamen E oil - just break open a Vitamen E capsule and dab some on your poor post-col nose.

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First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream is a superior non-greasy emollient product. Plus you can use it on dry patches elsewhere on your body after your nose heals up!




Hope this helps!

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I dab Neutrogena's Norwegian Formula Hand Cream around the raw area's of my nose at bedtime and it works wonders at healing my nose overnight.  Then in the morning I apply extra moisturizer to the area before applying my primer and foundation until it gets better.

I know it sounds crazy to put the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream around my nose, but it really does the trick--and quickly, too.

I hope this helps you. :smileyhappy:

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oddly enough, that was a topic in one of my recent magazine subscriptions.  What they recommend is exfoliating really gently around the nose since the skin is flaking and moisturizing it really well, then using a creamy concealer to cancel out redness.  I usually use Puffs Plus w/Lotion and then moisturize my nose really well during the cold and after, as to minimize flaking.  I like using Moisture Surge by Clinique, and a really good night cream at night.  A hydrating mask tends to work well too.  A good overnight one is Origins Drink Up Overnight Mask.

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