How to get rid of dry flaky skin around my nose .
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How to get rid of dry flaky skin around my nose .  I use good skin care products and clarisonic. Should I not use the clarisonic around my nose? 

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You could be using it too frequently and causing your skin to get too dry. Try using a thicker cream (I like Origin's Drink Up Intensive) around the flaky patches. Argon oil and blams are good options, too. And stay away from powder, it'll only emphasize the flakiness.  

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I think you should use the clarisonic around your nose because that way your keeping your pores clean and blackheads away. Have you changed cleansers or possibly still using a summer moisturizer when now you probably need a winter moisturizer which is a heavier product. Just a thought . Hope this helps! Also I think you have this posted twice.

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exfoliate! I have severe flaky skin around my chin and nose...I just bought the Sephora Intense Instant Moisturizer (after trying several high end moisturizers and all of them failing) and surprisingly this worked! The regular Instant Moisturizer worked for me for a few months but since it's winter where I am, it hasn't been as effective.

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