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Hey ladies!  I need help.  I have extremely dry, fair skin.  I am currently using Lancome's Tie Idol 24 hr foundation and I thought I liked it but I just feel like it dries me out.  I have roscea, lots of freckles, some discoloration caused by my birth control and (genetic) dark circle under my eyes.  I need help finding a full coverage foundation for extremely dry skin with all my imperfections.  I also have naturally curly hair which was turned orange 2 weeks ago by a bad stylist.  I went in for highlights and came out crying.  I put a dark brown all over it and it was still orange so a week later I went to have it fixed and it is better but not exactly right.  Anyway, after having all this done, my curls don't seem as curly and my hair seems limp.  Is there anything I can do?  What do you recommend for shampoo and conditioner?  Please tell me it will come back and that I haven't ruined it forever......Please help!!!!

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