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I have extremely dry skin (arms and especially legs).  I have used tons of lotions and body oils but my skin seems to soak it up.  I am beginning to look scaly. Can anyone offer me some advice on how to get my skin smooth and moisturized?  Thanks ladies!

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Are you exfoliating?  Using a body scrub or even just buffing your skin with a loofah or bath brush 2-3x a week will remove any dry, flaky skin and allow moisturizers to penetrate what's underneath. 


I suggest looking a L'Occitane's moisturizers and bath products.  They have an amazing shower oil and shea butter creams that should really help.  I absolutely love all of their bath products that I have I tried!


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You can also make your own - olive oil, some sugar and essential oil (or grated citrus peel) works great and is cheap.
Grapeseed oil (the kind you also use to cook with) mixed with a few drops of essential oil (I add dried rose petals) in a restaurant vinegar and oil bottle is absolutely amazing as a moisturizer. Soaks right in and leaves you baby soft.
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Thanks so much ladies! Everyone gave great advice. I'm gonna try them all, I don't exfoliate but I'm going to start. I'm gonna try making the olive oil and sugar mixture and use body butter. I'm also going to purchase the KP thing. You ladies are great!
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