Dry, Red, and Sensitive...Help!
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My skin is so red, acne prone, uneven, and very, very dry and sensitive, I can hardly wash it with just water.  I don't use any chemicals and I can't even wear makeup, it looks terrible.  I am only 30!  Please help!

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Have you tried cleansing oil like Josie Maran cleansing oil? Have you tried hydrating masks? Have you tried using a hydratin serum or oil before your moisturizer? I only apply oil to dry areas so they don't affect my acne.


Does the acne or flaky skin seem to never go away? then you might want to try an enzyme mask or peel to jumpstart your skin. Ren have a good one. Ole Henriksen is pretty gentle. There are tons other ones but I haven't tried them.


Other factors: is your skin dryer in the winter? if yes try a humidifier. Also try starting your day with 1-2 cups of water in the morning. For me at least, after 6-8hrs of not eating or drinking, the water I drink in the morning gets absorbed immediately and does not lead to frequent bathroom trips. Do you usually avoid oil/fat in your food? don't, or at least eat healthy fats like avocado or nuts.

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I've been using Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil followed by First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair cream and it's worked very well. Dry, sensitive skin needs natural oils to soften it up and let it breath, otherwise the dryness is trapping oils to cause acne. Once you get a good moisturizing system down, then you can start finding makeup that doesn't irritate also. Hourglass Illusion Tinted Moisturizer would probably be great for you, as it's a medium - full coverage while also being light and moisturizing. 

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I am on acutane currently and so i am dealing with dry and very sensitive skin. I switched to First Aid Beauty line. These products are fantastic and they relieved my redness and dry skin in about a week. i highly recomend them

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