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Best body lotion for very dry skin?
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Hi can anyone tell me what is the absolute best body lotion for very dry skin? Something that really works and holds moisture for quite awhile without having a bad smell or feeling sticky. I have tried so many lotions, I recently tried Aveeno's dry skin body lotion and its good but it smells like rubber to me and I do not like that plus it can be a little sticky. I have heard Cetaphil and Eucerin make some good ones as well but I wanted some advice on the feel and smell of some good options. I want to try to get one that isnt super expensive since I go through lotion like crazy as I reapply constantly through the day so I prefer a brand from the drugstore or in a big bottle.

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I love the First Aid Beauty Repair Cream as well. I also adore Sephora's Super Supreme Body Butter. Another thing I love to do is add some Josie Maran argan oil to whatever lotion/cream I am using, it oomphs it up if I'm having a really dry skin day.

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