Best Non-Foaming Cleanser?
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My skin gets painfully, horribly dry in the fall and winter. This season, my face is so dry that I can't find a moisturizer to truely do its job and heal my skin! To compensate for the lack of moisture, my skin over-produces oil so ONE hour after I've applied makeup my skin is dewy -which is still ok, but looks AWFUL as the hours creep by. The over-production of oil has made me break out ALL over. However, acne cleansers are far too harsh, dry out my skin even more, and the vicious cycle continues.

Are there any non-foaming cleansers you'd suggest? My skin is such a mess right now! Thanks so much!!

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I would recommend REN Hydra Calm Cleansing Milk ( )

I got it because i have sensitive red skin and thought it would help. It hasn't really helped out with the redness, but my skin is usually dry as well and I'm absolutely loving it. I like it a lot better thatn Purity by Philosophy, which so many people rave about!  It smells nice too.

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