Angry little dry spot on my chin?
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I have a resistant dry, flaky patch on my chin.  The rest of my skin is radiant due to a LOT of moisturizing and pampering.  But that one patch just won't go away... Any suggestions?

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If this is something persistent that isn't going away with topical moisturizers, your best bet is to see a doctor or dermatologist as it may need a special ointment.  I know you moisturize regularly but Josie Maran just came out with an argan oil balm that is really great at healing extra-dry skin.  I still recommend seeing a doctor, but this is something that could help you in the meantime. 






Take this with a grain of salt because this is afterall coming over the internet but do you have flakiness anywhere else on your body or on your scalp? I have sebbhoracious dermatitis and I have a few small patches that for years I believed were simply dry skin [other areas of my skin were perfectly fine], including redness and constant flaking at the sides of my nose. After trying a myriad of treatments the other night I used a mixture of 2 parts water and 2 parts Braggs organic apple cider with the mother and it has helped tremendously.. It is super cheap and quite effective. I apply it and then rinse after about five minutes. It has plenty of other good skin benefits too even for those without the s-dermatitis.


I also second the first aid beauty ultra repair cream for simple dry skin patches NOT due to a condition like the s-dermatitis.

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Did any of these work for you? I have the exact same thing and nothing is making it go away!

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I have the same problem!
I use this product one time and it goes away temporarily (a few weeks/a month), but it has an AMAZING effect.
It's called Dexamethasone Acetate Cream.
Google it to order it online, or ask your local pharmacy if they carry this item.

How to use: Apply like lotion or cream to affected area on a cleansed face.

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When I have a dry spot and don't want to buy a moisturizer for it, I just dab lip balm on it, the no frill/antiaging/plumping kind. Other emergency treatment includes olive oil, sesame oil, and argan oil. I second the FAB Ultra cream for a good moisturizer for dry skin.

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FAB Ultra Repair Cream.  I've had patched of dry skin before, not on my face but more so on my arm.  Used that product and it took care of it in a matter of days.I also use this as my moisturizer, due to the fact I do use an acne cleanser only at night.  It is very gentle on the skin as well and contains ingredents such as oatmeal and shea butter, which isn't heavy but extremely moisturizing.  Also, if you skin is sensitive, this is one of the better moisturizers to use.  Oh and another plus: it is extremely reasonable and lasts.


FAB Ultra Repair Cream

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