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when will my shipment get here?

i ordered 10 items from sephora.comon monday night. it is now tuesday and i was just wondering when my items will be expected to get here?

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It usually takes a couple of days for the order to be processed and leave the warehouse, then a couple of days for shipping. When your order ships, Sephora sends an email notice with a tracking number so you can check the progress in transit.

It's so hard to wait, I know the feeling! 

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Hi Ttab09.  You are pretty close to our distribution center so it should take about 2 days once your order ships. As Prettyinpa, said orders take 1-2 business days to process and once your order ships you will receive an email with the tracking information. Smiley Happy

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Do you need to sing for delivery?


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@Chayapapaya It will likely ship today. Sunday doesn't count as a business day, so today would be the second business day.

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i ordered 2 days ago 3 things and it still hasnt been sent how long am i sopposed to wait?

it says only 3 days, to get to the house.

its already 2 days and hasnt been shipped.


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