sunday riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser

Hello, I received an email this morning that the item listed above is now in stock. I just went to purchase the item (online) and it say that it is not in stock. Did this item sell out already?!? Any idea when it will be in stock again?

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Hi Amthyst83,


Sorry to hear that you weren't able to purchase the Sunday Ceramic Slip Cleanser – Creates Flawless Skin, Miniscule Pores. Unfortunately, we had a limited amount of inventory and have sold outSmiley Sad I checked our inventory and we will have a new inventory of the item in the next few weeks. Please add yourself to be notified again if you have not already done so. Thanks!


Sunday Riley - Ceramic Slip Cleanser – Creates Flawless Skin, Miniscule Pores

<3 Melissa
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