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I've tried to post this question a few times now, but don't see it, so I'll try this again.


Logged in yesterday and noticed all the products that were on my shopping list are gone. During the beta, I did add some products and those do not interest me. The ones that do interest me are the over 30 or so products that used to be in my shopping list before the re-launch. I can't believe they're gone and would appreciate any help with this. Thank you.

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Hi MissCherryV - I have a similar issue. I did speak to customer service and she admitted that she was having similar problems. Hopefully, when the switch to beta is all done everything will be alright. I think it's been a difficult transition since they have so many customers. Try not to be too disappointed, I know the feeling and I'm trying to prepare myself just in case things don't transfer properly. If they don't, I'm telling myself 2 things, 1st - it gives me a chance to explore all new things and start from scratch,,,,,no dice on that one, huh? me either. 2nd is I'm trying to convince myself that somebody was trying to save my from myself since I had my shopping list and 2 registeries full of products. yeah, I'm still trying to convince myself.


A mod/bt will probably answer you, hopefully with a little better info. I noticed that it says you're a newcomer, Welcome, and I'm glad I got to give you your first heart!


Please don't think Sephora always has these problems/issues. I think the transition to beta is proving to be a bit difficult. Other than this, I've never had any problem with Sephora, they're always helpful. suggesting products, assisting me with the very few things that I've needed to return and pretty much everything. I think Sephora is wonderful, hope this doesn't turn you off, hope you will give them so more time. They really are wonderful. Hope this all works out for you quickly.


You could try the 877# if you don't get an answer to this (although I think you will) Lately, I've had more luck getting through during the day, evenings have been a little crazy for them. Try to hang in there Smiley Happy

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