Is there a reason that most of the samples in the 3 free samples are fragrance?  Is it because the other items run out sooner or are fragrance samples that popular?  I would love if there were more eyeshadow samples, I can only remember a card of a couple of Sephora shades and Stila Kitten. Most fragrances don't fascinate me, I have a hard time finding 3 samples that I would really love when it comes time to pick them out.



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I also find that they skincare samples are not that conducive, as you have to use a new product for awhile before knowing what it's going to do for you.... one application just isn't enough! makeup options would be so much radder!
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100% agreed!!!


Today, there are 12 offered.  10 are fragrances and of those, 7 are mens.  BOO!!!!!!!


Make-up, primer, moisturizer...and for sensitive skin...would be great.  How about a little variety, please?

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Hi Prettyinpa.  Sample supplies are limited so it could be that the non-fragrance samples have been more popular lately.  I've seen it go the other way too.  Makeup samples are always fun (and usually the most popular). I will definitely forward your request to try to include more in the selection. Smiley Happy

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I agree that the sample selections have been abysmal.  I recently placed two orders (within the past week) and both times had to struggle to find ANY skin care items.  I do not want or need fragrances and certainly NOT mens fragrances.  On my first order, I had to settle for one fragrance.  On my second order, I had ALREADY managed to find THREE skincare items and they actually had NOT reserved them before I checked out (even thought they were CLEARLY in my basket) and I ended up having to pick another  fragrance sample.


Please Sephora, get some more nice skin care and make up samples!

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