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I redeemed my 150 extra points code in my most recent purchase which was, according to my checkout page, supposed to be "available immediately after checkout". However, I have yet to see a change in my points. My points only changed according to the amount I spent. When will this be fixed?
Hi Beauty Fam, I'm curious if anyone knows...I've tried to dig around the boards and the internet but is the Givenchy Eclat Matisimme foundation going to be discontinued? I have been lurking on the page and every few weeks, a color is gone and now every foundation says "Only A Few Left." I snagged one in my color before it completely sells out but it looks like it hasn't been restocked since I've been following it for a couple of months. Does anyone know for sure? If it is, will there be a replacement? I have been using this foundation for the last 3 years and I'm not sure if I'm ready to go on the quest to find the perfect foundation again lol! The link to the foundation is here: -mat-radiance-spf-20-pa-P375168?keyword=givenchy%2 ... Thanks!  
So I had ordered the Bite Beauty Rewind set (the holiday one) and I noticed that I got two of Torte instead of the raspberry colored one? What happened? I was looking forward to it.
Do Sephora purchases made at a JcPenny location count towards BI, VIB, and VIB Rouge status? 
I bought something but I forgot to show my Beauty Insider card. I still have the receipt. Can I get the points?
Hi   I placed an order on the 24th of April 2015 and after checking out I saw ( INITIAL )  under STATUS in the printed receipt, few days later when I checked my order status I found ( Unsuccessful Authorization ) what does it mean ? Do I have to reorder and pay again !?      
Hi! Just wanted to let someone at Sephora know that the Details section for Fresh Life Bath & Shower Gel has some conflicting info. It states that it's "formulated without sulfates", but the 2nd ingredient is Sodium Laureth Sulfate. Here's the link: P392524?skuId=1680651
Why cant store credit be used online ? I dont understand, the money goes to Sephora regardless, and there are so many items that are online only. I know i cant be the only one that hates this, it makes me sooo mad becuase i hate going to store when i can place orders online from home. but then if i ever return something without a receipt i get stuck with store credit that just sits in my wallet forever. is sephora ever gonna change this ??
If I am in Canada, Why can't I use my gift card online? The lady at my local sephora store said I could.
I am trying to send my friend a birthday gift. I just purchased and waiting for it to ship. Can you make sure that the receipt is not in the package? Or does it automatically know that if it's sent to an address with a different name on it? Please let me know because it's more nice to open a present without the receipt in the box.
I tried placing my order twice and both times it said there was something wrong with my card (which I know there isn't as I have used it on other websites recently) but I looked at my bank statement and I was charged for the order twice even though no order was actually placed. Please help me figure this out and get my money back! 
I entered the code for a one year subscription for ELLE Magazine, but I have not gotten any confirmation for it. When will I receive my first magazine?
My order status is now Unsuccessful Authorization. Yet I'm pretty sure my credit card has been charged because my bank has this kind of cosume reminder service. I'd like to know what is going on.
I want to buy laura mercier eyeshadow called "ginger" and estee lauder lipstick called "complex" and "daring"   I visited stores they told me they don't have it at this moment.   Is there anway you can place order for me?    
I forgot to show my beauty insider card. Can I still get points?
Yesterday at the Sephora store closest to me, I had an account made along with my purchase. Today, as I registered online, I'm finding that there are no points in my account even though I did make a purchase. What should I do?
The only place I can buy the foundation I need is here, this is due to the product being Sephora's own airbrush foundation. Is there any way this could be shipped to my location? As it is apparently unable to be sent here to England.
I just made an order but realised i forgot to add the nars birthday gift into my cart. Is it possible to email sephora to request for the gift to be placed in my parcel? Worried that no one would get back to me since i last enquired about a cancelled order on the 19th and no one has yet to get back to me.
I'm  unable to place an order online for some reason? The website says I need to correct my zip code, but I've checked and retyped and my zip code is accurate for where I live. It's the same one I use for all online orders, Madeira Beach/33708, which is recognized  by the post office online. Anyone having similar issues?
I had changed my account email quite a while ago, originally it was under my mother's email. Yet, she's receiving all the emails about what's new and promo codes while all I receive are order/shipping confirmations. Can someone fix it so she no longer receives the emails and they go to the updated email?
I recently bought a face serum that made my skin very dry. I want to return it but threw away the box and receipt already. If I have the digital receipt on my Sephora app can I still return for store credit?
Hello,   I want to return a lightly used product that I received in a recent order. The thing is, in my excitement of getting my package when it came I promptly threw away the order summary and return label included in the box. I honestly didn't think I would need to make a return! Anyways, I printed out the order summary from my account for the order that the product was included in and a return receipt from ce/SephoraReturnLabel.pdf and I was wondering if I needed anything else to ensure the return goes smoothly?   TIA!
Hi! I purchased something and it's missing along with 3 samples. Please help. It's hard to reach the customer service via phone, the line is never available.
Hi. The current status of my order is "Unsuccessful Authorization". I placed it on August 14th. Please, can you update on this? I don´t know what that status means. Are you going to cancell my order?  
Hi,   Sephora send me a survey few weeks ago, promising me a hundred points. I passed it but never received the points...
My order has just got here. I finally got Champagne Pop but, unfortunately, it arrived broken so I can't use it. We don't have a Sephora in the UK so I was wondering how to exchange? Thanks.
Hi i just made purchase from sephora online and I'm VIB rough but I didn't get any 4x point yet. When Can i get 4x point ? because the reward is tomorrow so I just hope i can get 4x point by tomorrow. Thank you  
hey i made a purchase a few hours ago, but still haven't got my 4x points, anxious cause i want to qualify for epic rewards. can anyone help. thank you
Hello I was recently at a VIB Rouge event with my friend and I purchased over $150 worth of product but I don't think the cashier scanned my card because I haven't received the points for the purchase yet is there any way to fix this?
I was very excited to be ordering the Korres products. However it seems Sephora will no longer ship this brand to Canada. Is there a reason for this change? Does anyone know where else this product may be available other than Sephora? I'm so disappointed! Thanks for the help in advance