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It's been 3 months since I was told this issue was fixed (my email was "reset") but I am still not receiving emails, VIB or regular Beauty Insider. It's been over 9 months in total since I noted I wasn't receiving emails, please help! Thanks, Sephora! Christina __________________________________________________ _ My previous message in May: Hi Sephora CS Team, I have not been receiving my VIB as well as regular Beauty Insider emails for over 6 months now. I called the VIB hotline to fix this and was told there may be a 2-4 week waiting period for my account to reset, but I am still not getting emails.. that was March. Can you please help me fix this? I've missed every promo except Chic Week. Thank you!
I put my beauty insider card on the wrong email address, how can I change the email that it is on to my current one?
I recently bought the Clinique rinse off foaming cleanser. I used it twice and it made me break out and gave me an incredibly dry skin.   Even though I used it twice and I don't have a receipt, can I still return it?
Is there any intention of ever letting Canadians use the redemption coupons? We pay more for the samples and have none of the benefits that the US has.   Also with kits like the Formula X System, if you can't take advantage of the promotion online in Canada, why is it even advertised on the Canadian Sephora? Canadians miss out on enough products, samples and vouchers as it is.
I recently wrote several reviews on products that I've tried recently, and I noticed that one of them has been removed.  It was a review that I wrote for the Philosophy Hope In a Jar Tinted Moisturizer.  I know that it can take up to a couple of days to post on the website, but I saw my review get posted and now it's gone.  In the review, I gave it 3 stars and mentioned a few reasons why I didn't care for this product, and the fact that I prefer the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer over Philosophy.  I didn't mention any products that sephora does not carry.  Why was my review removed?  This makes me question the integrity of the reviews and star ratings.
I saw a similar post from January 2012, asking if gift cards can be redeemed on the Canadian site, which they currently still are not. When can we expect this to change? I would assume this is a basic function that a company like Sephora would be able to provide. 
I am not sure if anyone else has the same problem as I do. Every time when I tried to login my account, it shows "We have encountered one or more errors during the sign-in process. Please re-enter your e-mail address and password." I swear I typed in the correct email address and password!!! Anyways I reset my password, and next time the password didn't work again!! That was so frustrating! Now basically I need to reset my pw every single time when I make an online purchase. And my iphone app never recognized my pw ever! I called the customer service two times but all they can do is sending me "pw reset email" which doesn't work at all! Who can help me? I don't want to reset my pw every time when I need to make a purchase online and I want to use the iphone app!!!!!
Hi, The other day I stopped into sephora inside jcp and was told I could pick 1 of 3 deluxe perfume samples as a token of appreciation. My choices were between d&g light blue, the one, or a pour femme solid. I decided on the light blue, however, upon checking my account balance I seen 250 points were deducted from my account. Seeing as this was a mistake and it was supposed to be free, I went back to the store to return it so I could get my points back. However, once I did that it deducted another 250 points from my account and now I'm down 500. I was told that this perfume would not use up my points but solely was a way for sephora to show its appreciation for me being vib rouge and now I'm down 500 points I could of used on something I really loved. If someone could help me rectify this and get my points back I would really appreciate it.    Thanks! Kerstin 
Hi,   I was in Sephora on the weekend and I spent about $250 but didn't have time to stay for a 90-minute makeover as I was with friends. Would it be possible to claim a makeover with this receipt if I take it in store when I have time, or will I be required to spend another $125?
I made a purchase on Oct 2 for $59 before taxes. When my points posted I only got 41 points. The tracker only shows two of the three items I purchased. I would like some help seeing if this is correct.   Thanks!
Product: Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+ Foundation I know makeup has an expiation date but i'm a very clean person who loves to keep my makeup in good condition so they can last me longer than the expiration date. I bought this foundation 1+ years ago and I never liked it at all. I tried to give it a chance but I hate it. I never returned it because I lost the receipt and I recently found it. Idk if they will still accept it after 1+ years. It also had a problem with the foundation spilling out to much product. So I never used it after that. 
My points aren't online!! 😡😡 I'm so upset!!
hi! I just want to double check I CAN use a prepaid credit card (Vanilla VISA) as long as the billing address is the same address that I register with the credit card right?   I have looked on older post as there was conflicting stories so I'm just double (triple) checking   ($200 is a lot to spend on a prepaid card if it doesn't work >_<)   Also, I will be buying the pre paid card in Japan and I read that Sephora accepts Japanese credit cards.   Please correct me if I'm wrong., Thanks!! 
I may purchase some products that will put me in vib rouge how long will I be in vib rouge and will this only last until December or last through the new year. I'm not exactly sure how this works
If I am in Canada, Why can't I use my gift card online? The lady at my local sephora store said I could.
I hate to be the one to ask this, but I was wondering if I can return an item I bought from Sephora a few months back, (according to my purchase section on my account it was purchased in April)? I had bought a 4OZ. Jar of Philosophy Hope In a Jar, and I used it three times, but I really can't stand the scent of it and have not touched it since. I completely forgot about the moisturizer, until recently when I was rummaging through my drawer of moisturizer. I tried to like it, it really works, but the smell is too irritating and strong for me to wear it on my face. Thanks in advance!
Is there any way to connect my VIB card to my online account? I've noticed the website now says you should be able to view both your in-store and online purchase history in one place (which would be lovely), but I don't see any of my in-store purchases, probably because I never found a way to link the 2 accounts. Also, because of this, when I was in a store last time I was told my VIB status will continue throughout the next year, but online it says it will run out soon. Any help would be appreciated.
So I have been trying to purchase the items in my bag for the sale.  When I get to the "Place your order" page, I press the button, and it takes forever to process and then it says that my order has been cancelled due to some sort of number code reason.  I have repeatedly tried to place an order and none of them have gone through.  Then I went to "My orders" and checked to see whether any of these orders actually went through and none of them have been confirmed on my order page.  But I recently checked my bank account and it's stating that sephora is withdrawing my money for each time that I tried to place the order even though the website explicitly said that my order was cancelled!  My order is not showing up in my purchase history, but it says I have added points and and withdrawn points which is correct but my order status is not showing up and I have yet to  recieve an email conforming my order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have two insider cards and I want to combine them so all they points are on one card and under just one email address. How do I do this?
Hi, on my last trip to the US I signed up for a beauty insider account, I believe it's VIB. I've just realised that my birthdate on the account is wrong, I'm from Australia and we write the month after the date as oppose to before, so I think that is where the mix up has happened! I'll be back in the US in a few weeks and doing a lot of shopping at Sephora so I was hoping to fix this up before I get there. Is someone able to help me with this? Thanks in advance.
Is it free, how do I get points, do i get lots of free things??? Please help
I received an email stating that the Dr. Jart Premium was back in stock.  I am going to order this but also wanted to order the Renewalist as well.  Any idea if that will be in in the next couple of days.  I don't want to wait too long and miss out on the Premium but I would like to purchase both on the same order since I am ordering from Canada. Thanks
Hi all, I recently received my package from Sephora and didn't get any of the 3 free samples I requested. There is a piece of paper attached the package that confirms the 3 free samples are part of the package contents but I did not receive them. Has this happened to anyone else? I'm assuming if they were simply out of stock then the slip wouldn't say it's part of the package contents at all...
I got this eyeliner in the mail that came with the tip broken and it will not sharpen, I heard sephora has a return policy where you can return that true? because this was $22 and everyone said it was amazing but I cant use it because of the tip
I bought an anastasia eyebrow dip, but i was dissatisfied with the color because it is too dark for me. I have been meaning to return it but my sister accidentally threw away the box but i still have the reciept. i dont really want to get my money back, i would just rather exchange it for a lighter color. i also used it a tiny bit before i realized it was too dark for me
I've been waiting for a few weeks for it to come back in stock.  I signed up for email alerts and still haven't heard anything.  I don't think it's been discontinued because Sephora employees in the store say it's one of the most popular products and shades.  Please let me know how much longer I'll have to wait!
I got a beauty insider card a few months ago now. I've used it a few times since. Today when I signed into my online account it appears that the card is not connected to my account or email. I know it is the same email I provided when I got the card in store. Wondering if there is anyway to link them together or fix this?