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Is it free, how do I get points, do i get lots of free things??? Please help
I received an email stating that the Dr. Jart Premium was back in stock.  I am going to order this but also wanted to order the Renewalist as well.  Any idea if that will be in in the next couple of days.  I don't want to wait too long and miss out on the Premium but I would like to purchase both on the same order since I am ordering from Canada. Thanks
Hi all, I recently received my package from Sephora and didn't get any of the 3 free samples I requested. There is a piece of paper attached the package that confirms the 3 free samples are part of the package contents but I did not receive them. Has this happened to anyone else? I'm assuming if they were simply out of stock then the slip wouldn't say it's part of the package contents at all...
I got this eyeliner in the mail that came with the tip broken and it will not sharpen, I heard sephora has a return policy where you can return that true? because this was $22 and everyone said it was amazing but I cant use it because of the tip
I bought an anastasia eyebrow dip, but i was dissatisfied with the color because it is too dark for me. I have been meaning to return it but my sister accidentally threw away the box but i still have the reciept. i dont really want to get my money back, i would just rather exchange it for a lighter color. i also used it a tiny bit before i realized it was too dark for me
I've been waiting for a few weeks for it to come back in stock.  I signed up for email alerts and still haven't heard anything.  I don't think it's been discontinued because Sephora employees in the store say it's one of the most popular products and shades.  Please let me know how much longer I'll have to wait!
I got a beauty insider card a few months ago now. I've used it a few times since. Today when I signed into my online account it appears that the card is not connected to my account or email. I know it is the same email I provided when I got the card in store. Wondering if there is anyway to link them together or fix this?
I didn't receive the package that I ordered. I check the tracking number, it said delivered. And the wired thing is in the tracking number show it ship to: CHATTANOOGA, TN, US. This is NOT where I'm livening. I livening in  Sun Prairie, WI and my order details say " ship to: Sun Prairie, WI" too. I need help/ explanation.........;( 
Hello,   How long does it take for the 100 points to be posted to the VIB account?  I filled a survery a few days ago. Thank you!   Amy 
I have two insider cards and I want to combine them so all they points are on one card and under just one email address. How do I do this?
I purchased the Too Faced smokey Eyes palette and a Sephora Gel Liner on July 13th. No purchase history on my account even though I remember giving the employee my email.
Why cant store credit be used online ? I dont understand, the money goes to Sephora regardless, and there are so many items that are online only. I know i cant be the only one that hates this, it makes me sooo mad becuase i hate going to store when i can place orders online from home. but then if i ever return something without a receipt i get stuck with store credit that just sits in my wallet forever. is sephora ever gonna change this ??
I am a little worried...I placed an order online about 1 hour ago and now the pallet (Saint by KVD) is out of stock. It shows in purchases but I am now worried it sold out even though it shows purchased. Will I be getting it or is it OOS an I am out of luck?
It seems that I have two different beauty insider accounts and I only use one of the accounts, however during my last shopping trip the associate accidentally connected to my less used account and my points went there. Can I combine my points and delete one if the two accounts to avoid this from happening again?
Hi, I didn't know I had this second account and I wanted to know how I can delete it. Also, I noticed that I had recieved points here from a recent purchase and wanted to know if I can transfer them to my primary account.
When I log into my account it says IM a VIB, but I haven't received any Sephora emails besides the ones to confirm an order in months, I check my spam folder and added sephora to my contacts but nothing.  I made a new email address and changed my account to the new one and still nothing I haven't gotten any emails letting me know IM a VIB or promos or anything. Is there anyway I can find out about VIB offers and promos so I don't miss out?
I recently made a big sephora purchase in-store but I'm missing an item on my purchase history and I'm also missing the points I received for that item. It says I currently have 256 points but while I was in the store, the woman at the cash register said I have over 300 points.  I checked my purchase history and I couldn't find "Ben Can Sexy Little Stow" (exactly what it says on my receipt).  I DID use my beauty insider card  and as far as I'm concerned, as long as you use your card during your purchase , the items should show up on your purchase list.  Is there a way the item can be added to my purchase list through a code or something?  I still have the receipt
So I got upgraded to VIB rouge in the store today. I was looking around on just now and noticed that it still says I am a VIB and need like $86 to get to rouge. My points however did go up, just not my insider status. Any ideas? Update lag?
I'd really like to order it by the end of the week, but I'd also like to know if that won't happen.
I would love it if Sephora came out with their own personal credit card! Does anyone know if that's in the works?   Thanks, <3 Smash )
don't know who to contact about this. it's really annoying to see that notification bubble and not know what it's for!!
I just became a VIB Rouge member upon making an online order. I received the welcome kit but not the actual VIB Rouge card. Should I go to my nearest Sephora to ask for one?
Can I use paypal to pay online?   
Hey There, I just placed an order, and money have been taken on hold from my card, but now it says unsuccessful authorization. So I'm just wondering, what's going to happen next? Is my order came through, or my money will come back to my card? i want this order so bad
If I am in Canada, Why can't I use my gift card online? The lady at my local sephora store said I could.