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I am trying to order something as a gift, but I do not see any option to include a gift receipt instead of a regular one.  Is there any way to do this? Thanks!
iOS v Android
Are there any plans to release a Sephora app for Android phones?  I just switched from iphone to Droid, which has been awesome, but I do miss my Sephora app.  Made ordering and researching my products very efficient.  Thanks!
I made an order on November 17, it was shipped on November 19, then on November 20 the tracking information said   AS REQUESTED BY THE SENDER, THE PACKAGE IS BEING RETURNED. CONACT THE SENDER FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. / THE SENDER REQUESTED THAT WE RETURN THIS PACKAGE.   The UPS Tracking says: Returning to Sender, In transit. The order was paid for and shipped according to my order history, but why is it being returned? I never requested this or canceled anything and my credit card is still charged. I don't understand why Sephora would request that my package be returned while it was in transit - has this ever happened to anyone before?
Hi everyone,    I'm returning a Glo Science Teeth Whitening Device that I purchased on Oct 26 and I used nine times of the whitening gel (there were ten whitening gels in the original package). However, I had canker sore and sore teeth after using it (I thought I could finish the whole treatment but I cannot stand it anymore, and the result is not as great as I expected). Neverless, I called in Sephora and asked if I could return it even I almost used up all the gels in the package, and the customer service representative said it's okay and simply to print the return slip from the sephora website. I did what she instructed, and then I realized that I forgot to return the charger of the device. So I read the return instruction again online, and on the web it says that I need to fill out a return form with the item return. However, I cannot find any return form in the sephora box, probably I threw it away without noticing it. Here're my two question now as the CSR was not giving me the full return shipping instruction:   Is it okay to return an item without filling out a return form? Can I actually return the device even after almost finishing the gel? Can I make another shipment for the missing part of the device? I purchased on Oct 26, and the shipment date was on Oct 27, and on the tracking of my return item, it'll be delivered on Nov 27. Does this count as within the 30 days windows?   This is all getting messy now, and I'm so panic and your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!  
Hi,   I placed an order on Nov 13th and the order status has been  'Sent to Warehouse' since then. Does anyone have the same status? Could anyone tell me when would Sephora send my order?    Thanks.
Hey beauties! I'm hoping someone can help me figure this out. I remember a few months ago I was able to view my purchases from the first time I signed up at Sephora to become a BI (February 2015) to the most current purchase. However, now I am only able to view 2 pages worth and a majority of them are samples. I've emailed customer service twice with zero response so I'm hoping fellow BI's can help a sister out! Thanks so much x
I haven't been receiving mine since August. I check my subscription and everything's in order. I just hate feeling like I'm missing out on something new or a VIB offer
I'd like to link my beauty insider card to my online account so that I can use it with passbook/just in case i forget my card, is that possible?
i am a vib when i the 20% the first order , and when i check my order , the  STATUS is  Unsuccessful Authorization, what' mean? my credit card bank said my card is normal , and when i order the second order , they said i can't used the vib code ,because i am a vib roger now ! who can tell me what the proble in my order and my account?  
Hi   I placed an order on the 24th of April 2015 and after checking out I saw ( INITIAL )  under STATUS in the printed receipt, few days later when I checked my order status I found ( Unsuccessful Authorization ) what does it mean ? Do I have to reorder and pay again !?      
If I am in Canada, Why can't I use my gift card online? The lady at my local sephora store said I could.
I am a VIB and have my 20% off discount available to use between today (11/13) through 11/16. Can I use the discount more than once in that time period? Looking to purchase items online today and then possibly again store tomorrow.
I couldn't delete my unsaved credit card information in my account whereas I could before! I tried clearing out my credit card information and then clicking on continue, deleting the promotion code, emptying the shopping basket, logging out, clearing out all my internet files, and closing the window altogether, all at once! Seriously, this site error must be fixed pronto! =(
I recently went to a Sephora store and was upgraded to VIB status, but online I'm still considered a Beauty Insider. I'd really like to order things online soon, can someone please help?
I recently received an order that has a damaged item, Voyage d'Hermes 4.2 oz refill.  The box is leaking and I have not opened it.  The problem is, I bought it during the VIB Rouge sale and it's an online only item, so I can't exchange it in-store.  And since online orders can't be exchanged through mail, is there any way I can return the item and re-purchase it at the same sale price?
Hi   I placed an order on Nov,8 and the status is Unsuccessful Authorization.  But I didn’t see any error while my credit card is fully paid off .Could you advise what is the problem? And the solution.    
Why cant store credit be used online ? I dont understand, the money goes to Sephora regardless, and there are so many items that are online only. I know i cant be the only one that hates this, it makes me sooo mad becuase i hate going to store when i can place orders online from home. but then if i ever return something without a receipt i get stuck with store credit that just sits in my wallet forever. is sephora ever gonna change this ??
Hi. I signed up for beauty insider in the store, and then I signed up online. To thought because the email address was the same it would be one account but it isn't. Is there a way to merge them? I would like all my points together and it will also get me closer to vib.  Thank you.
Put down the wrong shipping address- need to cancel order. Please do not process order! And contact me!
Hi,    Why are my 3 orders cancelled when my credit cards are charged and the shipping address I ship to is the same as last year?     What is going on ?   Order number:    Why do I get this randomly every year when I tried to place an order ???   Anyway I placed another order again hoping it doesn't cancel on me  so right now if this order goes through, please don't activate the other orders. I don't want to get the same items twice. If this order doesn't go through however, please help me look into it.    Right now I just need an explanation on why this keeps happening randomly. It is taking up a lot more time than I expected.    Edit: Ok now my latest order status is "Sent to Warehouse". The other 3 orders I mentioned above are still "unsuccessful authorization". My credit cards are shown these charges approved and pending. When will the money go back to my credit card if the orders are cancelled ?    Thanks
Hi! I want a Sephora Catalog so much! Is it free? If so, I want it to be sent to me. How do you put a subscription on the catalog? Thanks!
Hi! I hope this is in the right section. I went to my local Sephora last night to exchange some items but when the cashier did the exchange, she never asked for my BI card and said that because she scanned my receipt to do the exchange and that receipt had my BI info on it that all of the items that I purchased would be posted to my BI account, but when I checked this morning they aren't listed is there any way to fix this?
I am desperate need of help! I am an Australian customer and I ordered some presents for my birthday online 10 days ago and sent it to an America address that my Dad would be as he is there for business currently but not for long. I then only noticed today that my order has been unsuccessful and it is now too late to reorder however, i need my money back. I have tried calling multiple times (in business hours) but it is not going through i called Sephora Australia many times as well and couldn't get through! As I payed with my parents money and ordered rather a lot of stuff I feel really bad if they where to loose that money. I have seen that lately a lot of Sephora orders have been unsuccessful and i have tried to fix it but I don't want to use my parents money. Thank you for any help in advanced!
Hi there,   I"m hearing from my other VIB Rouge friends who have gotten the First Access Holiday Shopping Event e-mail that includes a code for 20% off. I'm wondering why I haven't received one regarding this.    Is it restricted to American Sephora customers or will Sephora Canada also be participating too? Is the code redeemable multiple times or just once?     Thanks! xx
Is there a way to redeem my VIB Rouge birthday gift for this year? Thanks.
Hi i no longer have a receipt but it shows up on my beauty insider account   the first few times I used it I never noticed anything weird but the last couple times Ive used it I noticed it broke me out in cystic acne and some little red bumps?    the foundation isn't even half way gone.   can I return it or even just exchange it?