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Hi there,   the sales person scanned my one 100 point reward twice but I only redeemed one item. Can you add back the 100 that was taken off mistakenly?   Thanks! 
Hi, I didn't know I had this second account and I wanted to know how I can delete it. Also, I noticed that I had recieved points here from a recent purchase and wanted to know if I can transfer them to my primary account.
I am a VIB but my online acct only shows beauty insider, and some previous purchases are missing. Can someone please help me link the acct? Thanks!
I need to link my two accounts, on one i have over 350 points and on the other i just have 40.. please help!
There's always some items purchased in store disappeared in my purchase history. I bought about 9 items in one time, but only 4 was showed in the history.  I became VIB on April, 18th but haven't received the welcome email yet. And I became VIB Rouge on 19th, will I receive both welcome packages or just the VIB Rouge package?   
I have a perfume that I bought about a year ago but just don't like it. There is about 90% still left in the bottle.  I have the box and can print out my order information.  Question is, can I still return it?
Hello! I purchased a foundation and concealer online on April 9th. Couple days later I received an email with a 15% off coupon starting April 16th. Is there any way I can get the price adjusted without needing to bring the items to the store to refund and repurchase?    Thank you!
How to connect my VIB card to my online account?
I am pretty good about receiving emails, but this time I didn't receive any.I also didn't receive an email for my past order although i received it already??
I tried RSVPing online and it says my email doesn't match any VIB rouge member so i called the VIB ROUGE line and the girl on the phone got it done for me and told me I'll be receiving a confirmation email but I haven't received one yet and it's been 3 hours. I tried entering my email to get the confirmation email resent to me and I got an error saying : This email address does not match a registration for this event. Check the email address and try again or contact the planner of this event.
Why cant store credit be used online ? I dont understand, the money goes to Sephora regardless, and there are so many items that are online only. I know i cant be the only one that hates this, it makes me sooo mad becuase i hate going to store when i can place orders online from home. but then if i ever return something without a receipt i get stuck with store credit that just sits in my wallet forever. is sephora ever gonna change this ??
I can't remember when it was the past couple years, but does anyone know roughly when it's going to be? I'm waiting on this huuuuuge purchase to do during that sale and I want to figure out when it's going to be. THANKS!
I signed up for beauty insider in store but didn't give them my email. I later made 2 accounts with 2 separate emails trying to find a way to link them to my card myself online. In store when I forget my card I will give them one email and sometimes my sister will give them my other email to give me points. I would like to transfer all my points to one email and link it to my card please.
Can you not edit your reviews on the site? I reviewed something that I initially did not love, but after using several times I actually do like. I want to change my review...but i see nowhere that allows me to do that.
Hi, I registered for an account today in store without realizing I already had an account. How do I either delete or merge these accounts?
I recently went to Sephora and my points weren't added to my Beauty Insider card because it wasn't used. Well I contacted costumer service and my points were added but not the amount of money I spent. Is there any way to add that amount? I would be very close to getting updated to VIB Rouge if that money was added.
what is website to do the survey on how I felt with my makeover? I was pleased with my service, ,but can't get the site. Thanks
Hi, I attended the Sephora Class: Colorful Eye Makeup in West Vancouver early March and, at the end of the class, I actually forgot the 2 papers where the "instructions" to reproduce the makeup were written .   As it was one of my favorite classes, I was wondering if anyone could send me a copy of these paper from this class, that would be awesome!
i placed order by gift card and ship it to my aunt's restaurant but the order was cancelled. my previous orders are ship to the freight forwarder address. So i understand that you have to cancelled my order because you not ship to freight forwarder. but this order is not ship to freight forwarder. would you please tell me why my order was cancelled.
Hi My name is Yun Bora. Bought the product. However, it does not contain a brush.(camouflage powder brush.) Please answer!
Hi!    I got the Yves Saint Laurent BR 30 from my sister for Christmas. I feel like it has been working for a while, but I keep on noticing myself feeling stressed it's too dark.    It's not too much darker than my skin tone, but enough to make me feel self conscience about it. If I brought it into the store, and they could colour match me to a different one, would I be able to return mine? I still have the box, but no receipt as I don't want to have to ask my sister for it (she doesn't keep them, and I don't necessarily want to offend her.)    I'm usually a fair-light in everything, but this says fair to medium. I haven't used much of it (because I'm self conscious.) How hard would it be to return it, as it's from December?    Thanks for any help!
My VIB card hasn't been linked to my online account and it says that i'm a beauty insider. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!
So I recently became a VIB member, and my qualifying order was online so they sent me the shiny silver packet with the coupon vouchers for ten percent off, and a free 45 minute makeover. I then proceeded to go to a store to get my card, and then was handed another silver packet with another two vouchers.    My question is, can I take both of the 45 minute makeover vouchers and go to a sephora with a friend and get our makeup done? Or is that against protocol? Also would I be able to use both 10% off vouchers?    I also heard that if you spend $50 in store you can get a free 45 minute makeover. Is this true? I'm curious to know how the stores can ensure that customers spend $50 on product afterwards?  
Hi, I bought a mascara but it is not doing anything for my lashes. i used it twice. is it possible for me to return it? Thanks!
I bought something from Sephora but I don't have the points for it! I bought both naked and naked 3 palettes back in January, but I just noticed now that I never got points for it. I threw away my receipt, but I do have the products to prove it. Is there anything I can do?
If I am in Canada, Why can't I use my gift card online? The lady at my local sephora store said I could.
Hi, I have a Sephora account online but do not have a card for it and would like to merge this account with another which does have a card, is there a way of doing this?