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I'm not sure who this really goes to but PLEASE BRING BACK THE OPTION TO SEARCH BRANDS BY A THROUGH Z!! That way actually helped me to discover more brands than by these new options without it. Thank you.
how can i combine my beauty insider points. I have three seperate cards and want to just put them all on one caard...?
Hi I noticed that my points have not been updated since January 10. I've made purchases over $100 and I'm just realizing my points aren't being added.
I have two Canadian gift cards that I would like to use toward an online purchase. Can I use both gift cards for one order?
Hello,   My birthday month has recently passed but I wasn't able to redeem my free gift in time, and now checkout won't let me. Is there anyway I can get it now or do I have to wait a whole year?   Thanks!
Hi! How do I change my birthday on my account? I had put in a random one when I created my account but I would like to change it to my real birthday. I was able to change the year but somehow I cant find a way to change the current date (January 1st) to my actual birth date (April 29th). Any help is appreciated, thanks!
i will be returning a order through the mail, but dont have the receipt that came with the package. is this a problem? if so, how can i get a copy of my receipt to include in the package?
I wanted to return a couple items from an order I made online. Not sure whether to mail them or go to a free standing Sephora, though it's extremely far. The card I used to place it has been canceled and replaced, so how do I go about getting a refund?
I recently logged into my sephora account and see a lot of purchases on my Beauty Insider card that I didn't make, in places I didn't go! I'm confused and don't want people using my points that I've cumulated! Can you help?
Hi, I thought everything was fine with my order and didn't get any messages to the contrary but checked the Sephora website today, only to see that my order has had an unsuccessful authorization.   Can you please tell me why this may have been unsuccessful as I already receive a paypal notification of the purchase   Luisa
I have an old card with an old email and I want to transfer points to my new card.  How can I do that? If I can do it with a link, thatd be amazing.  I'm at a meeting right now and I cant call. Thanks in advance!
Joanna who works at the Sephora on 76th and Broadway is terrific. I wanted you to know that.   thank you, Katell (a satisfied customer)  
Hi! I registered for the beauty insider program at sephora, got a card, then I registered online to create my own account. I guess that's what I was suppose to do. But it seems like my card number is not connected with an e-mail adress. Should I put my card number somehere in the profile?
hi! can someone please help me went to buy at sephora's store and they gave me a black beauty pass then i tried to make an account but it seems that the number from card is different from the one i've sgned in.. can someone help me sync my card to my online account? thank you!
I haven't received VIB Welcome kit yet, How can I get it with online purchase?
I have a question ,how do I get my bday gift online it keeps acting weird.
Hello,   I was wondering if anybody was having a delayed shipping issue.  I placed an order on Monday afternoon and have not yet received a shipping notification.  It is currently Wednesday evening.  I had look at my order history since 2015 and have always had the shipping label (email notification) created/sent the same day or the day after at the latest.  I live in Canada and have always been impressed at how fast the orders arrive to my doorstep from the Mississauga facility (48 hours sometimes!).
Why cant store credit be used online ? I dont understand, the money goes to Sephora regardless, and there are so many items that are online only. I know i cant be the only one that hates this, it makes me sooo mad becuase i hate going to store when i can place orders online from home. but then if i ever return something without a receipt i get stuck with store credit that just sits in my wallet forever. is sephora ever gonna change this ??
I bought face wash and a mascara at my local Sephora. I do not have the points I should've received. When I was there, the cashier said that I have 611 points, but looking at my account, it is not there. When I go to the purchases tab on my account, it doesn't even say I bought it! Maybe she put it under the wrong account? I'm not sure if anything can be done, but I would like my points.    Thank you! Emily
My birthday is in July but I already know that I will not be in the states for the whole summer, therefore I'm wondering whether I could get them before I leave...( Actually it's also fine if I could get them after I'm back but I really love that tarte blush & wanna use it during summer, so I'd love to get my hands on it earlier! )
Hi - hoping that I can get a better response by using this forum, as I emailed through the same query and the "information" I received back was simply the phone number.  Can I please get a real answer or solution?  I do NOT have a phone as I am only visiting here short-term and heading back overseas shortly.   For some reason, I am TRAPPED on the Candian version of and can't get it back to the US version, even though I'm in the US, I will be using a US credit card, and the products will be shipped to the US.  I'm not sure why it's still re-directing to the Canadian website...   I have tried clicking on the link to visit the international pages, I have restarted my browser, and even my computer.  I hae cleared all of the browsing history and cookies.  I have tried clicking on the link from the newsletter that's emailed to me.  I have tried to visit the site through a proxy.  No matter what I do, I'm still getting stuck on the Canadian version - with the Candian prices and the product restrictions (which, of course, include products that I am trying to order)    
Does anyone know how to change the birthday on the profile? I have tried updating all sections of my account and beauty profile but I don't seem to find where the birthday is. I just need to change the day since it's entered incorrectly. It's a little thing but big enough to bug me!
I placed an order on 1/1 and found out that my order has been cancelled because of unsuccessful authorization. So I order them again on 1/4, but the problem wasn't solved. It also has been cancelled.  what's wrong?  I'm worried if I can't get my money back on those orders. 
I received an email today at 5:24pm saying my order has been shipped but : 1) my order status is still in progress 2) when I click on track in the email, it brings me to another page where it says under delivery date: " Delivery date information will be available once your package has been shipped. " 3) the tracking number doesn't work when I try to track it on the canada post website Am I doing something wrong 😅....?
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Two things I would like some help with please...   1:  I bought the Marc Jacobs Up All Night Five-Piece Petites Le Marc Lip Creme Collection online on the 16th of December (order number 54289102XX) as a gift to my friend. She opened it yesterday only to find that instead of the five different shades, she had been given two of two shades (Slow Burn and Miss Scarlet) and no Scandal or No Angel, as shown in the attached photos.   The shades she has are: Oh Miley! x1 Slow Burn x2 Miss Scarlet x2   The biggest problem is that I am in New Zealand (where she is also as I had brought the set as a gift over to her) until December so I cannot even go and exchange it in store. Can you please help us find a solution for this muck up?     2:  The second part is that my Rouge Welcome Gift (NARS blush) seems to have disappeared. A few days ago I had popped it into my basket, but then logged out of the app before making the order because my points had disappeared and I was back to VIB like a few others seem to have experienced during your maintenance and caused issues with other (point) rewards in my basket. In logging out, the app told me it would clear my basket, and I accepted that because I had my products saved in my love list anyway, and could easily add them and the Rouge gift back into my basket later. The points and my Rouge status is back, but now the problem is that the Rouge gift seems to have disappeared on the Rewards page from where I had originally added it. 
It's been 3 months since I was told this issue was fixed (my email was "reset") but I am still not receiving emails, VIB or regular Beauty Insider. It's been over 9 months in total since I noted I wasn't receiving emails, please help! Thanks, Sephora! Christina __________________________________________________ _ My previous message in May: Hi Sephora CS Team, I have not been receiving my VIB as well as regular Beauty Insider emails for over 6 months now. I called the VIB hotline to fix this and was told there may be a 2-4 week waiting period for my account to reset, but I am still not getting emails.. that was March. Can you please help me fix this? I've missed every promo except Chic Week. Thank you!
I bought my sister the urban decay palette 3 for Christmas, she has had some reaction to it, red dry skin around the on and around the eye lid, she doesn't have the box anymore. Can we still return it? or even exchange it for a different palette?
I was wondering if you just type the number in the search box? I looked under the color IQ tap and it isn't very clear.