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hello! Just got my beauty insider card today at sephora, but it seems like I gave the wrong email address to the SA, besides that I opened an account online. Is there any way to merge both accounts? Because I've got 100 points in my card and I don't want to loose them 
I've tried to order several times this week, but each time I got an email several hours after I placed orders, saying that my orders have been cancelled . I have used my credit  card on before and it worked just fine. My card is OK with other purchases, too. I've checked my card information, address, telephone, etc. and found no mistake. Then I tried use gift card, but still dose not work.  I dont know why!!
Hi, The two Surratt brushes mentioned in my question have been OOS for at least a month. I would like to know if any moderator is able to provide a restocking date, as I prefer purchasing Surratt brushes through Sephora rather than Barneys. Thanks for your help!
Heey   I have VIP card for a while now and I am trying to purchase some staff online but I forgot my email. is there a way to find out what it is?   thanks
If I am in Canada, Why can't I use my gift card online? The lady at my local sephora store said I could.
hello! i recently purchased something that is only available online and i was wondering if i would be able to return it in store?
i live in florida. will my sephora store accept $100 bills and $50 bills? or should i exchange them for $20's instead???
Hi,   Currently, the product's showing the following message: " Due to high demand, this item is currently sold out online. Use the "Find in Store" field above for availability in a Sephora store near you. "   Will it be available online again? I really want to get it, and don't have a store near me...     Thanks!
I recently checked my beauty bag and found that there were some purchases made under my beauty insider account that was not by me. The person also used 500 of my points. what can be done about this?
Hi! I would like to add my beauty card to my online account. Can you help me with that? Thanks
For some reason, it says on the website that my birthday is in May when I put it in as July. Is there anyway to change this because I was hoping to get my birthday gift in store while I am in the USA in July?  Thanks.
I bought an Urban foundation and after a few uses realizes it didn't fit my tone. I have the box but no receipt. Can I exchange it?
don't know who to contact about this. it's really annoying to see that notification bubble and not know what it's for!!
Hey I was just wondering how I get "points" on Thanks
Why cant store credit be used online ? I dont understand, the money goes to Sephora regardless, and there are so many items that are online only. I know i cant be the only one that hates this, it makes me sooo mad becuase i hate going to store when i can place orders online from home. but then if i ever return something without a receipt i get stuck with store credit that just sits in my wallet forever. is sephora ever gonna change this ??
Most recent order has the status unsuccessful authorization but the charge went through just fine (checked with cc company) so why does the order have that status? There should be no issue...
iOS v Android
Are there any plans to release a Sephora app for Android phones?  I just switched from iphone to Droid, which has been awesome, but I do miss my Sephora app.  Made ordering and researching my products very efficient.  Thanks!
Hi! Today I placed an order, and later when I check my credit card information online, it appears that I've been charged twice! I checked my order status on Sephora and it seems like I only have one outstanding order.  I emailed customer support and received a confirmation email with my ticket number, however I'm unsure of what to do next.  Is there any way to get my money back? This has never happened and I've ordered from Sephora tons of times! This is very upsetting.   Thanks in advance,  Diana.
I have purchased from sephora in 2010 products worth more than 350$ why am not a VIB yet? and how long being a VIB will last?
I had some really great service today, and the cute associate gave me a slip of paper with the website where I could basically review her as an associate, saying that she made recommendations, gave me a sample, etc. The sad thing is, I have misplaced the slip with the website on it. Can someone please put me in the right direction? The associate was so fantastic, and I want to give her credit!
Can I still receive points on an in-store purchase, my original beauty insider card...i forget which email I used. So I carried on with my purchase after being told I can register for a new card and redeem the points online. So far I have already registered for my new beauty insider membership. How can I get my points on my in store purchase?
are certain prices online only? please answer! thanks
I bought a concealer during the 15% VIB sale, and it ended up being the wrong color. Can I evenly exchange the concealer for another color, or will I have to pay a price difference?  
I placed a reorder and got (  Unsuccessful Authorization ) in the status again ! I may rethink buying from Sephora =/ 
Hi   I placed an order on the 24th of April 2015 and after checking out I saw ( INITIAL )  under STATUS in the printed receipt, few days later when I checked my order status I found ( Unsuccessful Authorization ) what does it mean ? Do I have to reorder and pay again !?