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I bought face wash and a mascara at my local Sephora. I do not have the points I should've received. When I was there, the cashier said that I have 611 points, but looking at my account, it is not there. When I go to the purchases tab on my account, it doesn't even say I bought it! Maybe she put it under the wrong account? I'm not sure if anything can be done, but I would like my points.    Thank you! Emily
My birthday is in July but I already know that I will not be in the states for the whole summer, therefore I'm wondering whether I could get them before I leave...( Actually it's also fine if I could get them after I'm back but I really love that tarte blush & wanna use it during summer, so I'd love to get my hands on it earlier! )
Hi - hoping that I can get a better response by using this forum, as I emailed through the same query and the "information" I received back was simply the phone number.  Can I please get a real answer or solution?  I do NOT have a phone as I am only visiting here short-term and heading back overseas shortly.   For some reason, I am TRAPPED on the Candian version of and can't get it back to the US version, even though I'm in the US, I will be using a US credit card, and the products will be shipped to the US.  I'm not sure why it's still re-directing to the Canadian website...   I have tried clicking on the link to visit the international pages, I have restarted my browser, and even my computer.  I hae cleared all of the browsing history and cookies.  I have tried clicking on the link from the newsletter that's emailed to me.  I have tried to visit the site through a proxy.  No matter what I do, I'm still getting stuck on the Canadian version - with the Candian prices and the product restrictions (which, of course, include products that I am trying to order)    
Does anyone know how to change the birthday on the profile? I have tried updating all sections of my account and beauty profile but I don't seem to find where the birthday is. I just need to change the day since it's entered incorrectly. It's a little thing but big enough to bug me!
I placed an order on 1/1 and found out that my order has been cancelled because of unsuccessful authorization. So I order them again on 1/4, but the problem wasn't solved. It also has been cancelled.  what's wrong?  I'm worried if I can't get my money back on those orders. 
I received an email today at 5:24pm saying my order has been shipped but : 1) my order status is still in progress 2) when I click on track in the email, it brings me to another page where it says under delivery date: " Delivery date information will be available once your package has been shipped. " 3) the tracking number doesn't work when I try to track it on the canada post website Am I doing something wrong 😅....?
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Two things I would like some help with please...   1:  I bought the Marc Jacobs Up All Night Five-Piece Petites Le Marc Lip Creme Collection online on the 16th of December (order number 54289102XX) as a gift to my friend. She opened it yesterday only to find that instead of the five different shades, she had been given two of two shades (Slow Burn and Miss Scarlet) and no Scandal or No Angel, as shown in the attached photos.   The shades she has are: Oh Miley! x1 Slow Burn x2 Miss Scarlet x2   The biggest problem is that I am in New Zealand (where she is also as I had brought the set as a gift over to her) until December so I cannot even go and exchange it in store. Can you please help us find a solution for this muck up?     2:  The second part is that my Rouge Welcome Gift (NARS blush) seems to have disappeared. A few days ago I had popped it into my basket, but then logged out of the app before making the order because my points had disappeared and I was back to VIB like a few others seem to have experienced during your maintenance and caused issues with other (point) rewards in my basket. In logging out, the app told me it would clear my basket, and I accepted that because I had my products saved in my love list anyway, and could easily add them and the Rouge gift back into my basket later. The points and my Rouge status is back, but now the problem is that the Rouge gift seems to have disappeared on the Rewards page from where I had originally added it. 
It's been 3 months since I was told this issue was fixed (my email was "reset") but I am still not receiving emails, VIB or regular Beauty Insider. It's been over 9 months in total since I noted I wasn't receiving emails, please help! Thanks, Sephora! Christina __________________________________________________ _ My previous message in May: Hi Sephora CS Team, I have not been receiving my VIB as well as regular Beauty Insider emails for over 6 months now. I called the VIB hotline to fix this and was told there may be a 2-4 week waiting period for my account to reset, but I am still not getting emails.. that was March. Can you please help me fix this? I've missed every promo except Chic Week. Thank you!
I haven't received VIB Welcome kit yet, How can I get it with online purchase?
I bought my sister the urban decay palette 3 for Christmas, she has had some reaction to it, red dry skin around the on and around the eye lid, she doesn't have the box anymore. Can we still return it? or even exchange it for a different palette?
I was wondering if you just type the number in the search box? I looked under the color IQ tap and it isn't very clear.
Hi, I've placed an order on December 25th. Today I checked the order and the status shows unsuccessful authorization. Since I really needed my order before December 30th, I want a refund ASAP. M any posts here implied that the refund circle of Sephora is REALLY LONG.  Can anyone help me to accelerate this process?
So firstly I've been a VIB member for so long that I cannot remember but i've just recently realized that my online account stills says beauty insider. This probably explains the second problem. Which is why I don't get the emails either about the special coupons like 15$ of $50. I had had someone connect my card to my online account a year ago if that's any important. This is how it looks on my account..IF someone could please help, I would greatly appreciate it. I keep having problems with my online sephora account T_T. Thanks tta
Is it possible to use a Sephora gift card purchased in Canada in the US? If so, how is the exchange rate determined? Thank you!
Hi,    I recently received a Sephora gift card here in Canada. I am traveling to the US soon and I was wondering if I could use it there?  Thanks
I can't for the life of me find the link or page that would list all the reviews I've written on my account. I feel like I've looked through every menu on My Account and can't find it. Sorry if I'm being obtuse, but where do you go in your account settings to find an overview of all the reviews you've submit?
Hello! At the time of purchase, I gave the cashier my Beauty Insider Rewards Card, she scanned it, but it still went through as a Regular Sale, so I did not receive my points! She explained to me that it was her second day there, so I'm not upset, just wondering if there is a way to fix this situation! Thank you.
Hello, I recently did a online order, however my samples are missing! I was looking forward to the samples. Not happy
I went to Sephora and bought the item, but I just found out that none of my  points  have been added to my account. How can I add my points to my account?
Hi! Sephora, I´m a new beauty insider, and I did not received the email with the promotion code of the 15 off 50. I was wondering if  I can still get it. thank you. 
Hi,  On my recent order as a gift for someone the wrong three samples were sent. I wanted three fragrance samples and instead received skincare three samples that the person I am gifting too cannot even use. Is it possible to receive the correct samples? This is disappointing as the package was a gift, and the samples chosen were curated for the person I gifted too. 
 I received the $25 off $50 email yesterday, but I did not find the code in the letter. Can anyone tell me where is the code?
My order was said to be delivered on Thursday, 12/1 at my front door according to OnTrac's tracking system, but I never received the package. My apartment mate was also home during the time the order was said to be delivered but it never showed. I emailed Sephora's Customer Service, but because there was no reply I ended up calling yesterday afternoon instead. The representative let me know that a lost package claim with OnTrac would take up to eight business days to complete. I was wondering how I would know when this claim is fully processed - will i be notified through email or some other method ? In addition, I am leaving my apartment for a month for winter vacation soon, so I'm feeling really anxious about what happens after the claim is filed when I am no longer at my apartment. Please help, thank you
Am I a beauty insider but why didn't I receive any Loyalty Reward email? 
Both of my order shows the statue: unseccessfully authorization, and I didn't recieved any canceled order emails. what's wrong? what should I do?
I am so beyond frustrated with Sephora right now, and I have never had this problem. I need to know if anyone else has!   On December 1st, 2016, I became qualified for VIB Rouge. I was super excited and accepted my welcome kit! My status under my account changed to VIB Rouge and told me I would be rouge until 12/31/16. I then spoke to my friend who is a manager at Sephora, who told me if I waited until January of 2017 I would have been Rouge that entire year AND All of 2018. So basically since I purchased a month early, I lose out on an entire year of Rouge which everyone knows is not an easy status to obtain.   My friend than began to inform me that if I call customer service, they will honor it and extend me until 2018 since it was only a month early. I was thrilled! So I called the "exclusive" Rouge hotline to speak to a customer service rep. When she answered, she was at first polite, but shortly grew impatient. I repeated my question about 6 times, and she told me that she couldn't understand what I was saying. I asked if I could speak to someone else, and she grew nasty with me. I have never hung up on a rep before, and I finally did. So I picked up the phone and called the number again. This time I have reached a completely inexperienced woman. I asked her the same question over and over that I asked the other rep. She put me on 4 holds because she didn't know the answer to anything. All I simply asked is if they could honor the extra year of VIB since it was only a month early, or if I could possibly return my items and status and wait until January to purchase. This is not the route I want to take since these are gifts for my mother. The woman finally informed me that her supervisor would not honor it. So I asked if I could speak to him. Note: I have 1 friend who does and another who does not work at Sephora, whom have both had these honored in the past. I have been on the phone for over a half hour and have barely spoken to anyone.    As I am on hold waiting to speak to a supervisor, I want to ask if this has ever happened to anyone else before? Have you guys had trouble with the customer service reps on Rouge or even the regular line giving you so much trouble and not a bit of understanding? I hope this issue can be resolved. I would hate to cut ties to Sephora since it is my favorite store, but I am just disappointed as a whole.
Hi there, I'm VIB Rouge and have not received the $50-$25 offer in my email, nor did I get the mailer.  Please advise ASAP.  Thank you.
I haven't received my loyalty rewards coupon code in my email box, but I did receive a card in my mail box. Pls help.