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Trying to link up my VIB points to my online profile so I can access my status and see my points.  Anyone know how to do this? Thx
Re: my Rouge order placed May 18th I received the Koh Gen Do Face Powder In Jar from this order today and noticed the seal was broken on the box and there was loose powder inside, like this was used/tested or something? I've never had issues with seals broken in the past, but that, along with some loose powder inside the jar seems like this was opened/tried by someone else, and I don''t feel comfortable using on my face. I've used this product in the past and never had a broken seal or loose powder in the jar floating around the sticker that covers the holes where the puff sits. Would someone message me to take care of this? Thank you.
Hi there! I'm seeing people getting a really cute bag from the Sephora play dates (I am a Sephora play subscriber) but my local Sephora doesn't offer play dates? Is there still a way to get the bag? 
This sounds really silly but I have no idea how to post an online review and I'd really like to for a couple of products I've been using. Any help would be great!
I've just made an order, and added this promo to it. I mean, this promo is why I made this order in the first place. Plus, one100 point perk. Few minutes later I received an email saying those two things were removed from my order due to "out of stock inventory"... When both things are still available on your site! What in the world is going on?! Can you put those items back to my order? If not, can you cancel my order? Please and thank you.
its the third time i post my question on here and I sent couple of emails and my problem hasnt been solved yet.  I ordered some stuff from the website on  December 16, 2015 and it got cancelled a day or so afterwards. the problem is it is almost a month and i havent gotten my money back yet! I waited for "one billing cycle" to be over and contacted my bank any everything and nothings happened. it is really upsetting and unprofessional.   
Yesterday I placed an order on my mobile device and I created an account, but when I tried to log in today, it appeared that my email wasn't associated with any account?    I tried to see if going through the process of creating an account would register that my email had been used, but now I have an account that doesn't seem to be connected to my Beauty Insider card, nor does it have a record of the order that I placed yesterday.    My Paypal account sent me an email to inform me that a purchase had been made, but I've yet to receive one from Sephora. Now I don't know if that order was received by the company at all or if I was charged for an order that doesn't exist in their system?   Any help would be much appreciated.    Thanks!   Katie  
Hello,   I renewed my VIB status. I know there's a 10% discount code for online Sephora purchases, but how do I use it for in-store purchases? Do I just mention at the store register that I renewed my VIB status, and it'll get automatically applied? Was there an email I was suppose to receive? Would appreciate the help!
Hi, my previous order was placed on 23rd April, when there was a 10% off promotion for BI, but now I realized that it got cancelled. Could you please explain this? Thank you
Hello, I just got my clarisonic radiance set today that I ordered from online, and i found out that the packaging was damaged (the box was a bit ripped), and there were tapes around the ripped area to fix it. Also, the condition of the head brush seemed like it has been used several times. I am very disappointed at this point that I recieved an used item with some damage on the product. Is there any way that I can get it exchanged to a brand new product? Thank you
I placed 2 orders on Monday April 24th and I used my  flash shipping and I still have not received my packages. I called Sephora customer service on Friday and they said that it is all ready to be picked up and I should receive my tracking number later that day, I kept on checking my email and nothing. So I called Saturday and that lady said the same thing, but gave me 500 points for the delay. Again kept checking my email and nothing. I called today (Sunday) and this lady said that she doesn't know when it will be shipping, but gave me 200 points for the delay. I just want my packages. I am just wondering if this has happened to anyone else? I do want to say that I did place 3 other orders during the sale and I got those packages very quickly and no problem. 
I'm looking for Lancôme Nude Miracle.  Been buying it on here for years.  Can't find it.  Help!
Hi, I was re qualified for VIB Rouge every year but somehow I never got welcome kit.I  did see the Nar Blush for like 3 second online last year but it disappeared when I checked out.I didn't know that I was supposed to get it each year with rouge re-qualification until now but I thought online purchase should have shown it in checkout or store lady given those to me when I purchase items in store all these years? I also never get any email to remind me to redeem the welcome kit either I just found out about welcome kit will be given out when we re qualify for rouge status and it's not only one time thing where I became rouge for the first time after I talked to the representative today. Online representative also tried to help me out but couldn't and asked me to call the store. I called the store and they said they see I am qualified for rouge but doesn't say that they can give out the welcome kit to me somehow and I need to talk to manager for it. I was re qualified for rouge every year , latest was last year August 2016 and in store or online purchase never given me any welcome kit.  If I was supposed to get it every year I re-qualify for each year how come I never received it or no one mentioned it to me?  My point is 8,000pt was year and this year is 9,000pt. I would greatly appreciate if anyone could look into it to verify the policy and also add me to mailing list for the welcome kit redeem. Many thanks!
Hi I was wondering how do I go about adding the rouge welcome gift to my cart? I noticed before I had the option to do so before checking out but don't see that option anywhere now. Any help would be great thank you!  
Hi,    As tracking shows they already delivered my package at my front door.    However, I did not see it. I already sent @MariekeBT a DM but it is not read yet.   Please help.  
Since I registered online, I don't have a Sephora Insider Card. I would love to receive one, but I don't know how so I don't have to repeat my super long e-mail address all the time! Can I get one shipped to me? Please answer me ASAP! Thanks!
Hi there, I forgot to collect my birthday gift (my birthday was in December). I was just wondering if there is any way I could get my birthday gift now or is it too late?    I have been really busy and could hardly find a time to go and collect it. Please let me know.   Any help will be really appreciated.   Cheers Nowreen
I made an online account and don't know how to put my card info into my account
Last time I checked, which was last night, I was a VIB Rouge client with more than 2500 beauty insider points.   But I wake up this morning and try to put items into the basket to get ready for the spring sale and I notice that I am no longer a vibe rouge client....?   So i went into the My Points & Status section, and it shows that I have earned no point....   I called the customer service and he tells me that he doesn't see any beauty insider points on my account either.   Plus he doesn't see the purchases that I made in 2016....   Why is this happening to me... like the DAY before Spring Sale!!!   Did this ever happen to anyone? What can I do to fix this??   PLEASE HELP ME!!
I have VIB status and will thus have access to the upcoming VIB sale. However, I also recently renewed my VIB status and received a 10% off discount code for that. I know currently you can only enter one discount code for online orders, but can you use more than one for a single in-store purchase? 
Hello, I am purchasing something online to give as a gift to someone else. Is there a way I can get a gift receipt in addition to my own purchase receipt? I would also like to claim my birthday set and get samples  but I don't want these items to be shown in the gift receipt in case the person decides to return the product and purchase something else. 
So I had a huge list on my love list, basically 5 pages worth of stuff saved, and now sephora got rid of it?! It basically tells me that I haven't started one yet. How do I retrieve it...? Has this happened to anyone before. Ever since they have updated their site, I've been experiencing a lot of issues. Who can I contact regarding this problem. If anyone one has answer please feel free to message me. Thanks 
Hi! Could you please change my birthday from July 27th to June 27th? I didn't know that I may receive a gift when I set up my account so I just chose a random one. Thank you so much!  
Does sephora price match the same brand on their own website?    For example, glamglow cleansers are  priced  lower directly from glamglow than on the sephora site. This is full price - not on sale! I would rather buy from sephora, but I am not going to pay more when I can get it directly from glamglow for cheaper... 
Hello, I've scheduled a makeover in the Wichita, KS Sephora, the one you get with a $50 purchase (I have a $50 gift card I got for valentines day), and I was wondering if i just show up with a fresh face and they do a full face of makeup on me or if I need to wear my own foundation because they only focus on a specific request like contouring or eye shadow etc.  I was hoping for a full face using products I wanted to try for my wedding day. Thanks!
I place the order on March 30 and the estimated delivery date shown on the order is March 31.    Today is April 4, I received the package from the order I placed on April 2, but I have not yet received the package for the order I placed on March 30. It is very odd.    I saw some past posts that Sephora would not refund for missing package AND my package has been lost before 8 months ago. Back then the customer service was not supportive and would not even helped me look into the case, not even mentioning getting the refund for me.
Please help!   I've recently purchased two separate orders (one on the 24th and one on the 25th), though both orders say they have officially been delivered, I haven't received the package. I asked my parents and both deny seeing it or having a hold on it, even knowing there  was a package. It wasn't on the front porch, nor anywhere near the mailbox. What do I do? Please help. 
I'm not sure who this really goes to but PLEASE BRING BACK THE OPTION TO SEARCH BRANDS BY A THROUGH Z!! That way actually helped me to discover more brands than by these new options without it. Thank you.
how can i combine my beauty insider points. I have three seperate cards and want to just put them all on one caard...?