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online shopping glitch?

Any other Canadian Sephora girl having trouble shopping on line today? (June 20th in the am) I get to page for shipping and credit card info, hit the continue and it keeps bringing up same page. My info is automatically filled in everytime I shop so I know I am not missing any of my info for the form. Just wondering

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Sorry to hear that Grumpysnow!  I recommend clearing your basket, signing out, clearing your cookies and cache and signing back in.  If you are still unable to place your order, please give us a call at 1-877-SEPHORA.

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Hi I tried that, did'nt work. I went thru the items I wanted to order. When I clicked on a full size view of one of the samples it told me that it was not avalible for borderfree shopping.. I am wondering if that was the problem.. Usually if a sample is not avalible to Canada it tells me as soon as I click on it.. Anyways tried to order again with out the sample and it looks like it went thru. thanks for your help anyways Smiley Happy
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