how can you know if they have a product thats online available at a store
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Different Sephora stores carry different products and brands.  So the only way to know what a specific store carries is to call that store and ask or go to the store and find out.  I'll give you a link to the Sephora Store Locator which has the phone numbers (and addresses) for all Sephora stores across the country.  If you have a specific Sephora store close to you and you want to know if they have a certain product, just look them up on the store locator and give them a call.  Here's the link:

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Get the full name of the product, and the color name if there is one you had in mind.

Then, google "sephora." There should be a big map somewhere with a red dot where the sephora would be. Click on the map. To the left it will have the store's address number!!

Call this number and ask if they have the product. If there is a specific color you want, ask about that too. The person working will tell you if they carry it or not.


Sorry if you already know the number for your local Sephora lol Smiley Very Happy Just felt like going into detail. Good luck!

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Perfect answers ladies! Thanks for helping lizzybabyy. I appreciate it. Smiley Wink

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