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Order "In Progress" For a Week
Hello!   I placed my order on the 22nd. I realized a delay was likely due to the sale, but it's been a week with no ship/track notification. I need to be moved out of my current place by the end of next week. If I had known I'd run the risk of not getting my order before I had to leave, I'm not sure I would've placed it.
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New Website
What's the deal with your new website? Many links are broken or take me to blank pages. The menus drop down for a micro second.  I have to try several times before I can grab a link (that is then broken or a blank page).  Even my Beauty Talk links are broken!  However, Beauty Talk is the only thing that seems to work moderately well if I can get past the screen not scrolling or scrolling significantly past the next item.   I hope this is just a test run or an anomaly that will be fixed shortly (like within the next few hours).  I don't normally complain, but I don't like change and I don't like change that doesn't work.
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I have the drop down menu randomly appear even if my mouse is nowhere near it hahaha. Still insanely slow for me though, I have no problem with any other website except ... see post
Received Duplicate Item
Hi, When I received my recent Sephora online order I discovered there were two Nest perfume sets included when I only ordered and paid for one (and the receipt only shows one). What is the protocol for handling duplicate items? Would you like it shipped back or should I return it to my nearest store?
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Problems with online order
Hello. I placed an order on the 23rd, and it still has not arrived. In fact, when I look at the order on my profile it doesn't even give me a date on when it is going to ship or a tracking number. It is also showing that 3 products that I ordered are currently out of stock when I know for a fact they were in stock when I ordered them. I also see on my credit card that the transaction is still pending and I'm not sure why that is. This whole situation is quite frustrating, and any help regarding this matter is much appreciated. 
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I recently became a VIB member and recieved a 10% off coupon and free shipping coupon. I want to use the 10% off but it keeps saying I need to be a VIB member to redeem it, which i am!
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Shipment in progress
Hi ive made an order on the 25th with flash subscription and it's yet to be shipped even though the site stated that flash would not be affected. I would like to know when exactly my order will be shipped! I need it urgently on Monday and I'm very disappointed by the service
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Pending order
My order has been pending for days now. I was told twice already that it might take 2-4 business days to ship out and that I would be receiving shipment information very soon. Still nothing!! Can you please tell me where my order is and if/when I will even get it?? PLEASE??
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Hi victoriap5295,   I'm so sorry for the delay! I can take a look at your order then send you a PM.   Always, Danee see post
I just went to sephora today, and the cashier asked me for my email , so I could add the points to my account, but my purchase isn't showing up in my history and no points have been added. How can I add them to my account? I would really appreciate your help, thank you.
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Hi beatriz02,   It can take up to 24 hours for the points to be credited to your account. If the points are not credited after the 24 hours, please send me a private... see post
Wrong samples
I had ordered 3 samples along with my order and they sent me 3 completely different ones than I selected. Has this happened to anyone else? This is now the third time they have done this and I'm starting to get a bit mad about that.
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KarenxD / NEWCOMER / replied
i ordered three samples that i was SO EXCITED about. It was the Lancome dual finish versatile powder makeup, the amazing cosmetics amazing concealer, and a perfume from ... see post
VIB Sale: Got sent wrong item, and totally wrong samples!
  I was so excited for the VIB sale and ordered my items in two separate shipments, but in both  I got sent totally wrong products, and all my samples were wrong! -- men's cologne (multiple of the same type!!) even though I'm a woman and didn't order them!       Worst of all!! PRICE DIFFERENCE!   I  ordered the full-size "Benefit They're Real" mascara worth $24 but was sent a $5 Sephora "The Perfectionist: Airbrush Sponge"    And as nice as men's cologne is... who needs three mini samples rather than the three that I hand picked, really excited to test the products     Has anyone else had a similar experience with this sale? Maybe the demand was just too heavy? Really disappointed as this was my first large haul, and my first time being VIB for a sale
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Hi @adryonsk,   Sorry to hear this! I'm going to send you a private message.    Best, Mali see post
Ordered on 4/25 with VIB Rouge Flash 2 day shipping, order just shipped today (3 days after the fact)...
I placed an order on 4/25/17 with VIB Rouge Flash 2 day shipping.  Your site said flash would not be impacted by delays. That order just now shipped today (4/28), which is 3 days after I placed the order. Where is my order, and how can you fix this issue, since I will now not have the product I need for an event this weekend? Very unhappy. Thank you for your assistance.
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Hi @RainbowFace,    I'm going to send you a private message regarding this. Please check your inbox when you can. Thank you!   Best, Mali see post
Order Processing 7 days later- Frustrated!
I ordered a hefty bit of stuff from the site on 4/21. It is now 4/28 and I haven't even received an email that my package has shipped. I have never had an issue with the website. I've ordered from ViB sales prior and got my shipping information in a couple days, or even same day from ordering. Not sure what is going on, or if I should just expect my packages with no shipping information? I just keep getting told there is a 2-4 day delay with no further information.
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victoriap5295 / NEWCOMER / replied
Hi can you please look into my order? My order has been in progress for days and I'm just wondering when it will be shipped out? I was told 2-4 business days but it has ... see post
Sephora's new Lasership shipping
I have Flash shipping for a year and the delivery has always been on time but recently they switched to Lasership and its absolutely horrible. First order I had after Sephora switched to them, was delivered at 9pm .... but at least that was delivered. Since then, I have 3 orders delayed now, the "tracking info" just says out for delivery every day until like 10pm when it will say "delay from Ashburn, VA", my product isn't even being shipped from there??! My products are now late by like 4 days, not to mention the one time they actually did deliver (the first time), the box was in terrible conditions, it was ripped in multiple places and was covered in dirt. Sephora needs to switch from Lasership. Is there a way I can go back to having my products shipped by UPS? 
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nxicole / NEWCOMER / replied
I emailed sephora and nothing :/ see post
I made a purchase at Sephora in JCPenney store on 4/24/17 and had them scan my monthly Sephora Play! card for the 50pt bonus.
In looking at my account it shows up as a 100pt reward redemption. I did not redeem points for any rewards. I have actually been trying to increase my points for one of the larger rewards. Please review my account and correct this. Thank you.
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Hi divaindenial,   Sorry about that! I will PM you to help with this now. see post
Still did not get shipping confirmation !
I placed my order on April 19 and i still did not get anshipping confirmation. Some items in my order are already out of stock i am afraid they won't be fulfilled in my order. Can i know if my order is cancelled or shipped ?
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Emjustine / NEWCOMER / replied
Could you also look into mine please? I have several orders from the sale and none have shipped yet, but if the items are out of stock I'd rather wait for them to come b... see post
Change my birthday on Sephora
love Sephora!!
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christineg318 / NEWCOMER / replied
Hi! Can my birthday be changed to July 27, 2002?  see post
Missing items from order
I received my order from the VIB sale and a few items are missing that say they were shipped with the rest of the order. I'm missing my Koh Gen Do foundation, Jack Black lip balm, and Urban Decay lipstick.
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Hi edahl1,   I'm sorry to hear these items were missing from your package! I will send you a PM shortly to assist you with this.   Always, Danee see post
Customer Service
I'm a loyal Sephora customer I've never had any problems with this company until today. On April 20, 2017 I ordered the ABH modern renascence plates and a few other things and was shown to be delivered to my house on April 26 . On tracking my package it shown the package was just arriving to my city and wouldn't get to me until today the 27th which is fine total understandable. but today the package I got a notification saying my package was in its was and should be delivered soon. So a few hours later I tracked it and it showed it had been delivered on my front porch and in actuallity it wasn't there and I checked the mail box nothing the box was no where to be found so I called Sephora and they were no help so I called UPS and they called Sephora and made a claim. This is becoming such a hassle when I just wanted some makeup to make me feel better about myself and just add to my collection. So moral of the story I'm not upset im just trying to get my products that I paid for and maybe help out anyone else this might happen to. 
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Hi beccaSalas,   I'm truly sorry to hear you haven't received your order and for the inconvenience this has caused you! I just sent you a private message to assist y... see post
order says delivered but I dont have it?
ok so ,I just checked my tracking on my recent order and it says It was delivered. But I never got it? I'm not really sure if my mailman misdelivered it or what? is there insurance on the packages you guys send out? any help is much appreciated.
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Hi beccaSalas,   I'm sorry to hear you didn't receive your order either! I'll send you a PM as well.   Always, Danee see post
Missing package/ NO refund from CS
Hi during the April Sale last week I placed 2 orders that were supposed to be getting here on Friday. I searched high and low for the whole week, asking around 2 streets down to see if some packages got delivered to them instead. I called on Monday and they reshipped one of the packages out to me. The other one they need to confirm with Ontrac. I called back today after being  placed on hold for a good 20 mins, the guy on the phone said it was a business decision not to refund or reship the package to me. I'm very annoyed. A business decision not to refund it  or getting the item to me? I'm sorry what. I spent over $2000 in Sephora last year. This isn't the customer service I expected. Can anyone please look into it? 
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Hi Midanmacaron, I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I will look into this for you and send you a message with more information. see post
My order is still processing almost a week later?
I ordered some items during the Spring VIB 15% off sale on April 21 and I still haven't received a tracking number or a ship date. It's coming up on almost a week since the time of order and theres still no update. It's all very frustrating and I honestly regret ordering online. This wait is ridiculous especially when this is my first time using the website to shop. Now I know to just go in store versus order online. Has anyone received their products yet? Has anyone received a tracking number yet? Or did the package just magically arrive at your house?
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AshOconn / NEWCOMER / replied
This is what has happened to me. Ordered on 4/21 with no further information other that my order is being 'processed'. I ordered a large amount of items too. Really unfo... see post
order delivered but did not receive anything!
Hello, I just checked my order status and it says it was delivered today april 27th at 11:59 am but I checked everywhere and nothing was delivered Usually when I order something, canada post puts in a parcel locker in the first floor of my building and they leave me a key to pick it up. I did not find a key nor a slip with information on where to pick it up but it says it was delivered
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beccaSalas / NEWCOMER / replied
Same thing happened to me :/ see post
Flash Shipping
I placed an order on Monday around 9:45am. I received an email Tuesday around 11:30 am that the order had shipped. The expected delivery isn't until Friday. How is this 2 day shipping?? This isn't the first time either!
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paigehawk / NEWCOMER / replied
I hear you. I ordered something last week and as of today it is still "in process". At this rate it will be almost 2 weeks from order to delivery. I'm beyond frustrated.... see post
Wrong email linked to account?
Hi! I think the cashier at the Sephora I go to got my email wrong when I signed up for the card a few months ago, so now I had to re-sign up online to post this. Would it be possible to fix this? My name is in your database with a card attached to it already that I got in a store, but I don't know what email is there since there was a mix-up. Thank you so much!
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Hi @HannahPuhov,   I'm more than happy to look into this for you! I'll send you a pm shortly :) see post
Misadvertised product
I recently purchased the Benefit kit Sunday my prince will come which includes a Galfornia blush. My blush doesn't have the gold overlay on it reason I bought to begin with. My question is did I get a bad blush or it got missed somewhere? Your assistance is appreciated.
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Hi melash!   So sorry for any confusion. The travel-size Galifornia blush does not have the gold overlay.    Rest assured, the application and color payoff is th... see post
Can I use a visa/MasterCard gift card to pay my order?
Can I use a visa/MasterCard gift card to pay my order? I'm just a 16 year old girl trying to get into makeup and my mom doesn't let me use her credit card lol so I was wondering if that method of payment is accepted before I go ahead and buy the gift card.
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kassietchi / NEWCOMER / replied
Okay thanks! I also have another question. On the sephora app it gives me an estimated total in my cart. Is that what I'm gonna end up paying? Or is there any chance it ... see post
beauty insider card and account
hi, could I please link my beauty insider card and online account? thanks!
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lenajuice / NEWCOMER / replied
I have the same problem! Help please ;) see post
Hi just recently receive my order from the Viv sale and I purchase a CC cream and unfortunately the shade is too dark for me will I be able to go to store and ask for an exchange for a different shade? Thanks so much! - Marie
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Hi, Mariemgm!   Per the Sephora return and exchange policy:   2. Returns to Store Locations Visit any free standing Sephora store to return an item purc... see post
miss item from order
I received my order today, item # 1877224 , no foundation there, sent me empty box. No sephora in my city, what should I do? 
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JaidiaLaeh / NEWCOMER / replied
I'm also missing my rubber mask I ordered from Sephora  see post
In Progress
I placed three separate orders on April 24, 2017. 2/3 of the orders have already shipped, and I already received one of them. However the second order that I placed is still "In progress." Flash shipping shouldn't be affected so what's the cause of the delay? Last time this happened during the VIB sale my order was cancelled for no reason, and some of the products I tried to purchase were sold out. I'm worried that it's going to happen again. 
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I know that I won't be charged for an out of stock item, because I was, that would be stealing. What I'm concerned about is my ordering being cancelled for no reason, li... see post