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Products that I love and continue to purchase have now moved on to the not available in Canada list, including my LM tinted moisturizer, Powder Foundation and my Murad skin Care line.. Will the availability in Canadian stores be changing, or is it just a shipping issue?
Today I qualified for VIB, in store. I went online and tried signing in with the email address that I had used each time in person for my previous beauty insider purchases, but my account isn't showing any of the points I have accrued.  How can I link my account here with my VIB details? Thank you so much!!
Hi   I recently became Sephora VIB member. I am trying to link my VIB card to this online account. Can somebody help me do that?   Many thanks...  
Hi, I placed an order on the 29th of June with Flash 2 day shipping and it still says: STATUS:  Unsuccessful Authorization Can someone help me please?
I already have an account that has beauty insider points so i have no use for this account. But this is my active email, and my old account has my old email that i no longer go on. So i was thinking to just delete this account but replace my email from the other one. Please help
Hi! I just shopped at Sephora for the first time a few days ago, fell in love, and didn't know there was a customer rewards program for the store! I just signed up, and I would like to add my purchase to my account so that I can start the program (I've kept the receipt). Could you please let me know if that's possible? Thank you!
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Help! I use Sephora brand eyeshadow in sun-kissed no78 everyday and love it, and I can't find it on the website. This is the THIRD eyeshadow that has been discontinued on me Does anyone know the shade and have a good comparison recommendation?   It's a slightly pearly light peach color. It doesn't go on very orange or pink, very neutral but just slightly warm.
I signed up for the the beauty insider card a year ago, and I don't know what email I gave them. So I tried to make an account online and now I can't use my points to my current account. Please help! I would love to shop online since all the locations near me are ALWAYS out of stock! 
I dont remember the email i used to sign up for my Beauty Insider account. Is there a way to find out?
Is there anyway I can transfer points? My boyfriend went to sephora today, bought everything on my wishlist but didn't want to use my account to get the points because he didn't want me to see the purchases on my account. The lady at the store said that the points he got on the beauty insider card he got could be transferred to my account but when I called to do it the guy from customer service said it wasn't possible to transfer points /: I could've sworn I've heard of people doing it. Can you do that?
Hi, I recently bought quite a few products while visiting New York but was only signed up to the Beauty Insider program on my most recent purchase. Is there any way I can add the points of the things I bought over the past week? I have retained all my receipts. Thanks.
Beware! I just placed 3 orders and soon after saw one was cancelled and was told to call customer service. Customer service said I can't place 3 orders for $1 (hairties I've been wanting to purchase) and that the other 2 orders will most likely get cancelled too. They also said they can't do anything to stop it, even if I asked them not to cancel them. They are items I legitimately wanted to purchase! Has anyone else had this happen? I understand if its a large number of orders but don't think 3 orders is that bad. 
A couple days ago I went to Sephora and bought two clearance items. One was $3.99 and the other was $2.99. So I paid about 7 dollars, and should have received 7 points, but I only received 4. Even though it's only 3 points I am missing, would I be able to receive the rest? I also still have my receipt if that would help.
Hi, I purchased items with a gift card and paid the overage (~$12) with my debit card.  When I returned an item ($20 + tax) in store, I only received the portion that I paid with my debit card (~$12), which is obviously less than the item I returned.  I keep checking the gift card to see if the remainder was returned to it, but it has not been.  What is my recourse now? Thank you.
Hi, on Sunday I went into your store and signed up for the beauty insider card. When I went again on Monday, the cashier couldn't look up my card number, and I had forgotten the card at home. Because she couldn't find me in the system, she signed me up for a new card. Is there any way to transfer the points from the first card to the second one?
Hi! I was wondering if a Mod could please tell me if/when a few Make Up For Ever items will be back in stock? I am interested in the “Multicolored White 3” Glitter-item number 920611, the “White Violet 4” Glitter-item number 1009117, and the Diamond Powder “White Mauve 3”-item number 810143. If you could please let me know when these are expected back in stock I would really appreciate it. Thank you!
When will this be available to Canadians???? -edition-tattoo-liner-P398516?skuId=1710946
Love online shopping w Sephora and I'm VIB Rouge and I have never been in receipt of any emails pertaining to in store sales for VIB MEMBERs, why? I've spoken to in store staff, telephone CS, and still NO emails...  I'm missing out on great deals(I'm sure) and that's upsetting. Can someone help me please? (I've checked my junk mail, nothing, I've added Sephora to my address book, notta) I feel cheated. **Wondering how concerned Sephora is with aiding their customers not just selling a product*** Seriously frustrated, any assistance wud be great....  
this is like trying to shop Sephora online 5 years ago when it was almost impossible to get all the products. Things really improved and more and more products became available. Yesterday I went to place my order and over half of it had to be removed because the items no longer ship to Canada. Armani....Sunday Riley....La Vanilla....Nest....Guerlain....and the list goes on! This is a giant step backwards in Sephora retail as far as I am concerned. What happened?!
hello sephora I placed an order on 24th of june and you took the money but then i got an email saying that my order was cancelled even after paying ? i don't understand please fix this problem and thank you.
I received an email that my order was shipped on 6/25/15, but it's not expected to arrive until Tues 6/30/15. The order was placed Thurday 6/25 at 2:41 PM so based on the "Shipping Details" shouldn't I have it delivered by Monday 6/29?  I
How does the affiliate program work? I signed up ages ago but could never figure it out. I was approved for it, and when I went to the LinkShare site again, I still can't figure it out. Help!
Hoping a mod can help me out -- I shipped back an order with the included merchandise return label and the post office unexpectedly took 30 days to deliver it, getting it back to Sephora after the 60 day mark for returns. I haven't gotten e-mails or anything about the package I sent back (merchandise value was somewhere around $100, slightly less I think with the discount I used during chic week), so I am unsure as to whether or not I need to contact Sephora first? My tracking number shows it was delivered on June 24th so I'm not sure if they've gotten to it yet, but would appreciate any help anyone can give. 
So i've ordered makeup for over 266$ and after getting a message from my bank saying that has taken the money i get an email from sephora that it has been cancelled! I have no idea why and i tried contacting them by emailing customer service several times with no response !  please help, am i going to get my money back or my order will be shipped
Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 12.03.42 PM.png
Hi guys,       I'm guessing someone did some work on the .ca site last night.   A bunch of my items on my loves list that were previously able to purchase, are now showing do not ship to Canada.   Could you please advise if this is going to be corrected before the next Bite LLLR goes on sale on Wednesday?  This is one of the items showing will not ship to Canada.  Thanks.
will this be in store or online only?  Thanks!