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What's the deal with your new website? Many links are broken or take me to blank pages. The menus drop down for a micro second.  I have to try several times before I can grab a link (that is then broken or a blank page).  Even my Beauty Talk links are broken!  However, Beauty Talk is the only thing that seems to work moderately well if I can get past the screen not scrolling or scrolling significantly past the next item.   I hope this is just a test run or an anomaly that will be fixed shortly (like within the next few hours).  I don't normally complain, but I don't like change and I don't like change that doesn't work.
Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 4.56.26 PM.png
It has been days, constant 400 errors, When will this be fixed???
Hi!   Just wondering if any experts can let me know when the new Give Me Some Nude Lip kit is going to be available in Canada?
Hi! I placed an order 4 days ago and when I keep checking the order it still says "in progress". I'm a VIB rouge so I'm supposed to have free 3 day shipping. I was hoping somebody could tell me what is happening with my order. Thank you!
I honestly never post on here, or go the extra yard to complain about customer service but I have had it with Sephora employees acting like they own the store! I am a VIB Rouge member, so It is shown that I shop at Sephora frequently. Every time I go to Sephora to return something ((Which isn't often maybe once every few months)) they made me feel like a criminal, as If I stole the product or something, even though I have my receipt and I always return products I did not end up liking in It's original package, barely used, and within a week. I honestly get scared to return something because I know the kind of attitude I always get.   Today particularity I went to simply exchange a foundation I had bought three days ago, which was too dark for my complexion. I even had the foundation which I bought swatched on my skin tone by the Sephora employees which picked this color out for me. The lady at the counter was eager to help me, but as soon as I mentioned the word "Return"  her attitude took a U-turn and rolled her eyes at me. I wanted to tell her why I was returning my items, but she didn't ask me a thing, nor did she offer me any help in finding items that would be right for me. She told me "you do know all these items returned go to waste right?" in such a snobby way. I simply told her I only used one application, and Iater on today I found out returned products become testers. So she obviously made a reason to make me feel bad. When the painful transaction was finally over she simply stared at me. When I looked back she said "What do you want now?". No "thank you" or "have a good day". I wish now I asked for her name but I was so eager to get out of there. They make me feel as If I'm a criminal or stole the product. I only buy things online now && even pay extra for shipping despite their being a Sephora 5 miles  from my house to avoid their TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. 
I placed 2 orders . One was placed 3 days ago and the other one was placed one day ago. However, i still did did not get any shipping confirmations for both of them and whenever i try to view my order status it shows me that they are still in progress. So , can i know if my orders will be shipped soon or not ?  Thank you!
  Hi! I'd like to know how to change my birthday. When I make an account, I just put my birthday randomly. M y actual birthday is April 30th (but my account says January).  Does anyone help me this out, please?    Thanks! 
Mothers-day-sweepstakes_MAIN-1 copy.jpg
  Surprise mom or treat yourself to a Chloé grand-prize bundle. Enter for a chance to win the Mother’s Day #Sweepstakes, and you could be the proud of owner of a wallet and sunglasses, plus bath and body essentials from the Parisian-chic brand—worth more than $1,000 altogether.   To enter, tag your mother or a friend in the comments of our original sweepstakes post between 12pm PDT Tuesday, April 25, and 12pm PDT Wednesday, April 26. Be sure to follow @sephora on Instagram, and include #SephoraSweepstakes in your comment as well. Keep in mind you can only enter once, so make it count! The lucky winner will be announced on Monday, April 24.   All valid entries received within 24 hours from the start of our giveaway are eligible to win. The winner will be selected at random from the pool of eligible entries. See official rules here:
Hi, I have made several purchases past month and week inside the JcP Sephora store and I'm checking my account and is not showing any points.  
Hi I place an order on an item that is normally out of stock. I check  every day to wait for it to become available. When i was finally able to purchase the item, they called me back 3 days later saying it my order was cancel. I called the customer service and they just told me the item is now out of stock again and wouldn't do anything for me. I am piss about how sephora is treating their customer like this. Anything I can do about it?
I signed up for affiliate program but it's only letting me do BR and AU; not US! Help!
I placed an order about 3 days ago and my order of multiple things is still saying that its processing which normally only takes on day and then it says its out for shipping, which this time its not? please get back to me???
I made an order last April 23, 2017 and I just found out through check the order status here on the website that it's "Unsuccessful Authorization". Now, I wasn't sent an e-mail for this so I don't know what the problem could be. I am not able to check my account if it was charged or not until a few more days when the card bill arrives but I have to place to order before then. How can I possibly know the cause of my transaction being unsuccessful? A fast reply would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks
I forgot to redeem my birthday gift, it was almost 2 months ago.... Can I still redeem my gift?
I made a purchase yesterday in store and it's not showing in my points or recent purchases. It was a good amount so I would like to get those points. My Rouge card was used, I was able to get the 20%. Thanks.
I accidentally used the wrong Sephora account when I made a large purchase, so is there any way to get the points transferred to another account? Thanks
Hi. I placed my order on Friday (5 days ago) and just checked the order and says "Status: Unsuccessful Authorization".   I have ordered in the past without any issue however my previous credit card expired and this is my first time using the new one on Sephora. I haven't changed my Billing or Shipping address.   Do I need to open a new account? I don't want to loose my VIB Rouge status
I ordered three skincare items during the spring sale and didn't get my samples. When will I receive these?
My order has been stuck in progress for the past 3 days with no change in sight. I understand that this is during a VIB sale but even so I would like some sort of status update on my order so I know it at least hasn't been canceled and I'm not wasting my time. Nothing in my order is out of stock so it seems unusual for the processing time to be this long.    
Hi, My order from the VIB sale arrived today with everything I ordered, but no samples. I selected 3, and none of them were included. Will I receive them at a later date or am I out of luck?    Thanks!
Hi PLAY! by SEPHORA subscribers,   Some of you have been wondering how we curate each of our boxes, so we wanted to let you know how it works!   Every month, our team of beauty experts determine a selection of products around a theme or trend. We then take these products and create different box versions. Because we want you to love all of the deluxe samples you receive, we then choose which version would work best for you based on the answers you provided in your PLAY! PROFILE. This way, the products you receive are appropriate for your beauty needs.   Still have questions about how we determine what goes into your PLAY! by SEPHORA box? We want to hear from you! Check out the FAQs and chat with us below.   Q: How does PLAY! by Sephora decide which products to send to subscribers each month? A: PLAY! By Sephora curates a selection of products every month that align with a particular beauty theme or trend we’re loving. From here, we develop box versions – which vary based on different beauty preferences like skin tone and hair. Then, we target these box versions to each subscriber based on his/her PLAY! PROFILE. We always try and send you the box that we believe is best for you.   Q: What if I don’t like the products I received in my box? A: If you’re not sure about why you received a certain product in your box, we encourage you to take your PLAY! PASS to your local Sephora and ask for a personal, one-on-one consultation with one of our Beauty Advisors. This is one of the many perks you get with PLAY!. In-store, a Beauty Advisor can help you find a similar or complimentary products. They will even make you a custom sample so you can try it out at home. OR, if you can’t make it to a store, you can always call or shoot us an email us: 1-844-PLAY-HLP or   Q: What is the PLAY! PROFILE and how do I update my information? A: The PLAY! PROFILE captures your beauty preferences and concerns. We use your PROFILE answers to determine which box version is best for you each month. To update your PLAY! PROFILE, first go to My Account and then click on the My Information in left navigation. From here, you can your PROFILE information like hair type, skin concern, and skin tone.   Q: What if one of the products in my box is broken, damaged or missing? A: If you have a problem with your box, you can always call our PLAY! phone extension at 1-844-PLAY-HLP or email us at We’re here to help!  
I placed 3 orders, one before the VIB sale and 2 during the sale and only got package. The one before the sale never came. And I received my third package today only to see nothing in there except for the three free samples. Never more disappointed in Sephora.
Hi! I placed an online order but silly me forgot to select 3 samples. Is there anyway I can add my samples to the order after its' been placed? Thanks!
This is not really a question, more of a comment. Basically, I ordered 4 products ($200 worth!) and received 1 item and my 3 samples. My 3 purchased items were missing from my order! I was so excited to get my package today, and so bummed to find most of it missing. I did call and they are re-sending my items, however complimentary flash shipping would have been nice. I just don't understand the quality checks that are in place if a box goes out with 3 out of 4 items missing!
i bought a bottle of commodity magnolia eau de parfum about 2 and half months ago, i no longer have the box or receipt, however i bought online so i think i can print it out, i barely used any of the product can i still return or exchange for store credit?
I'm not really sure why but when I signed up it apparently gave me the wrong birthday. It's supposed to be August 26 but it is listed as Jan 1st. Is there a way to fix this?
I ordered the bare minerals Ingrid Nelson kit and selected my foundation shade as fair. When they sent a confirmation email my foundation shade wasn't on it so I emailed them, they said that it was on the order and that they could not change or cancel my order, my order wasn't even processed yet.I replied and asked why I was not getting the item I paid for.  When I did not receive another reply, I called the 1-800 number for customer service they said it was my fault that I did not have the shade selected at checkout and tried to offer me points as compensation. It was not until I put up a fuss and arguing that I was not getting something I was charged for did the representative say they would talk to a manager. They should be offer a refund or to have it shipped out to you not this extra points as the first option in this situation.     I'm all for being understanding to customer service people seeing as I work in customer service but this was just disgusting.
Hello, Is it possible to cancel my order? Thank you.