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I used to always receive Sephora's promotional emails but about a month ago, they stopped appearing in my inbox. (Not in my promo, spam or trash folders either) I went through my old promo emails and clicked on the links in them and they just led me to a blank page that says "400."   I've called and someone reset my profile or something like that but I am still not receiving any emails. Can this be fixed?
I recently placed an order online that included the " Too Faced Most Loved" value set but when the product arrived today, the deluxe chocolate soleil matte bronzer was broken into several pieces. I'd love to get another one of the kits, as I loved everything in it including the bronzer, but how do I go about doing that? If I return it for a refund, I'd still have to pay shipping on it since my order is well under 50$ and I currently don't need anything else since my last order pretty much took care of that. Is there a way to get a new set sent to me in return for the broken one? Thanks.
I placed my order during the vib rouge sale, and my order was canceled! I didn't get to use my coupon and my card was charged, but I didn't receive my order! Please help. 
I read the big sale is starting SOON!...and I haven't received my code via email or USPS yet.   Anyone else having problems, too?!!?
Hello yesterday I placed an order in Canadian store. However, the bank summary said that order was charged three times. It would be nice if you can help me solve this problem asap.
My ordered was cancelled and I don't known what's the problem? But my credit card was charged! Sephora doesn't reply my email and I can not call because I'm outside USA. I ordered for my friend in Michigan and he will leave USA before christmas so please complete my order, I afraid he will miss the package or just give my money back. Email me :  order no. #
Hi, my order was cancelled because I have a mistake in billing address but they have charged the money? It was happened a half month ago and now I don't see the money transfer back. Any customers guys could check my order . I have sent email for customer service long time ago but don't receive any reply. Thanks
  How can I try a new scent w/o traveling to a Sephora store or buying a bottle of a scnet I may not like?
I have been VIB Rouge since early October and only received $20 off $50 in the mail as opposed to $25 off $50 which I should have received. Will I also get an email that will give be the correct amount or is there another way I can get the $25 off?    Thank you!!
Hello,   Do you an estimated date when the Burberry plum balm will be back in stock? It seems to have been gone since the Rouge sale and not restocked at all.    Thanks!  
I am interested in free beauty class, but I don't know how to schedule it? And how many free classes available for VIB?   Thanks.
I am currently a VIB Rouge member, and I just made a purchase on my account online. For some reason my online account is not recognizing my being a beauty insider. I just got 197 points from a purchase, but unfortunately those points did not go to my account. I just want to be able to sync my Beauty insider card with my online account. I would also like to get the points from my most recent purchase onto my card now. 
Hi, I need help combining two Sephora accounts..? Thanks
Can somebody please help me link my VIB card with my online account? I recently became a VIB member and got my card and everything but on the app, it says I'm just a BI member. Thank you.
am I able to cancel order if it says Sent To Warehouse but no Shipping information yet, thanks
Hi, I hit Rouge with my last online order & added the "welcome kit" to my order. It has a paper card for the "Beauty Studio All Access Pass", but not the plastic card to use or in-store purchases... should I have received one? Do I pick it up in-store only? Thanks in advance
A value set I added to my cart disappeared! Is it no longer avaialble? It was really two pallettes in one, and I added it the day before Thanksgiving. I cannot find it anywhere on the site now! It was a Limited Edition item. Wo made it and what was i called?
Two weeks ago, I purchased some items and received my VIB card in-store. Unfortunately, neither my purchase history nor my Beauty Insider status has changed yet. I would appreciate any help with this! Thank you
Hello,   The status of an order I placed on November 19 is listed as "unsuccessful authorization". I haven't received anything from Sephora related to this order, and only noticed when I checked my order status because I expected the parcel to have shipped by now.   Could someone help me with this order? Thanks!
I am a Rouge member. Earlier in the month I bought the Ole Henrikson Lift & Glow set and used my Rouge 20% off on the purchase. I see now that it is in the Clearance section for the same price I paid. Are there provisions for instances such as this? I now feel like I got no benefit for the 20% off. Please help and thank you in advance.
Hello,   I made a purchase about two weeks ago at a Sephora location and still haven't seen my points or the transaction show up on my account even though the employee physically scanned my rewards card. How can I correct this issue? I still have my receipt.    Thanks in advance!
Hi I recently made an online purchase and checked out, but I did not receive any email confirmation. Hence, I tried to sign in to the account that I created upon checkout, but it turned out my account wasn't created either and I am unable to check my order status at all.  To make matters worse, the credit card used to make the purchase has been charged. As I am an overseas customer using a shipping forwarding service to place an order, I appreciate if this situation can be resolved immediately. I need to know clearly if my orders have gone through or not in the form of an email confirmation or at least a reflection in my order history. Thank you very much in advance. 
Hi .. i made an order on 27/November (since 3 days) and the status shows unsuccessful authorization .. money was withdrawn from my visa card am trying to contact the customer support phone but seems they are closed i want to understand why its giving that status (unsuccessful Authorization)  
i placed an order online not too long ago, and it shows that one order was placed on my sephora account. however, my online bank statement shows that i was charged the same amount twice. is this normal? how do i get this fixed?
PLEASE HELP I tried to place an order, but after I clicked "Place Order," I was redirected to some error page.  I checked my credit card account online, and I was charged for the order, not only once but twice!!!    I called CC and they said there is nothing they can do and to call my bank if I don't see the amount reimbursed in 3-10 days, but they can't do anything on their end!!!   So, I have multiple issues #1. my credit card was charged, but my order didn't go through #2. my credit card was charged TWICE (two charges of 114.48 (228.96)!!!!)   What do I do to fix this?!?! The guy in CC was totally unhelpful!!!!!