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I submitted a large order on Tuesday for 3 day Rouge shipping. It's Friday and the order says it's still pending and my credit card has not been charged. I was hoping to get the items within a week because of the holiday Monday (even though I should've gotten them earlier) Anyone else having this problem??
I forgot to redeem my birthday gift, it was almost 2 months ago.... Can I still redeem my gift?
Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 5.45.42 PM.png
When clicking on the general tab names "makeup, skincare" etc, or the subdivisions within them (palettes and value sets, face, eyes) to see general categories of products, my webpage does not load, and gives me the logo at the top of the page and the rest is white. This also happens when I search a product in the search bar, and this has been going on on all different computers i've tried, and all different wifi networks i've tried. I've been reduced to knowing what I want, and searching the name of the product with "sephora" after it in a google search, which finally displays the product page for me. Anyone else having this problem? I'd like to just simply browse the "what's new" section among others on the website. I've noticed that the site has changed... maybe that can be attributed to this issue i'm having?
ive contacted customer service via email a few times and never recieve a response re why the website is suddenly unusable on my iPad.    The menus overlap, or are unclickable.  Products are listed in one line down the page, but scrolling is impossible, as you eventually run into an ad.  What is going on?  I'd love to start Christmas shopping.
I found a product online that I would like to purchase as a gift for someone. I'd like to be able to go to a store and see it, but the website won't let me enter my postal code; I can only enter numbers and not alphabets.   This is the product: 417992    I just want to know if the locations near me have this or if I will have to order it online.    Thank you in advance!
I have been a beauty insider for 2 years but I just now made an online account. How can I add my card number to my online account so I can see my points? Thanks
Hello, I was trying to create my account and when I put in my birthday and it would not let me and kept saying create Bi account failed. I hope you can resolve this issue for me. Please and thanks My birthday is May 11, 2000.
I was just looking at this product and I think the swatches for Graphic and 100% might be mixed up based on the color descriptions. Just wanted to give you a heads up that they appear mixed up. 100% is supposed to be cherry red but the swatch looks like it's actually Graphic (blackberry).  
Where are the reviews? They have disappeared off your website. I have tried on several different devices along with some friends of mine. Please do not advise using a different browser. I could see them before for several years on the same device.  This is a Sephora problem.
I usually order from when I really like a sample. From last month to this may, I placed more than 20 orders, and half of them came with wrong samples that I didn't choose! I know sometimes samples are out of stock and they replace one of 3 samples to another. I was ok with that when it happened sometimes. But half of more than 20 orders are not "sometimes"!!! I am mad now since I got two wrong samples again today! I really wanted to receive Dr.Brandt Skincare Oxygen mask and placed two orders for it, but I never got it! I called Sephora today to complain, because me getting wrong samples is not second or third time, it happens almost in every 3 orders. But the assistant said that she cannot do anything for me and that was it!! I'm so disappointed to Sephora costumer service.
Hello.   I just opened my GlamGlow SuperMud deluxe sample that came with the GlamGlow VIB/Rouge bonus offer promo. When I opened it, it seemed as if there were fibers in the mud. I took a picture, but I can't attach it here while using my phone.    I was so excited to use it, I'm dissapointed.    Regards Brandi
Hi.  I have successfully registered with Rakuten LinkShare.  However, I cannot find SEPHORA for USA.  Please help.  Thank you.
I%27m disappointed with the shipping time.  I ordered on 5%2F23 and the order was just shipped. I won%27t order any longer because I can place the same order elsewhere and have it arrive in 2-3 business days.
I placed a large order a week ago and it's still in progress. I was told it would take 1-3 business days to process but it's far exceeded that now and all Sephora can tell me is there are "processing delays". What kind of company runs their business like this? Don't guarantee a delivery if you can't even get it processed and shipped out. This is the last time I buy from Sephora. 
I am a VIB Rouge member, and I placed an order on May 20. It's been a week, and I have yet to recieve my order or any confirmation of its shipment. Trying to get makeup this way is supposed to be more convient, but obviously this 2-day shipping isn't true.
My order has been pending for days now. I was told twice already that it might take 2-4 business days to ship out and that I would be receiving shipment information very soon. Still nothing!! Can you please tell me where my order is and if/when I will even get it?? PLEASE??
I first found out that I had been unsubscribed from Sephora emails (including order confirmation ones) and postal mail on 9/2 when I didn't receive an email about the 4x points event. I had immediately resubscribed myself, but I noticed yesterday that I had been unsubscribed again. I resubscribed to emails and postal mail (for the second time) and sure enough, I just noticed that I've been unsubscribed AGAIN.   I have resubscribed, refreshed the page, and then became unsubscribed again. I am just being instantly unsubscribed. I have also tried using different browsers (Chrome and Firefox) and it has made no difference.    Also, on the Email & Postal Mail page, it now says in red "Sorry, our system is currently unavailable. Please try again."   What is going on?   This is what it looks after I subscribe to everything:   And then I refresh the page and see this:     Note: I am still receiving BT notification emails from threads I have subscribed to.      
Hey, i wanted to return one of my items i have bought online and i cannot find that order slip, can i show the order statement on my phone that i have in my sephora account on the site? Or could i have the email confirmation?   I would like to not have to print it out since that would require me to go and print it out at a store, but if i have to, i would do it :/
Hi!   I just placed an order with the Flash Shipping Checked, but it did not update during payment! I wanted the flash shipping and updated my shipping requirements, but I still got charged 5.95$ per order instead of the 10$ for the year!   I would really appreciate it if you could help me out with this technical glitch? so that I don't have to place my order again and can keep ordering stuff from the website?    Thank you, Samu  
Hi, It says in the list that the sephora give me some lip and liner set is available on sale for $30, however when I click to buy it I am told that the product does not exist ( ). I am really disappointed because I really want to buy this set. It's the second product in the third row of the sale page. Is it a mistake that it's there? Or can I get a link to purchase this sent. Thanks in advance!
I placed an order on the 22nd of March and my tracking number said it was delivered yesterday March 27th at 3:07 PM but I can't find it anywhere. The tracking information says it was left on the front door. The mail was brought in the apartments but no one saw the package. I already contacted my rental office and they said they did not receive anything and they would have been there at the time the package was delivered. Please help I contacted UPS and they are running an investigation and I am very upset because I was looking forward to using my Sephora products that I purchased. I do not have the patience to wait any longer. What should I do?
 Usually I don't even mind if free shipping takes more than 2 days, but Sephora should just be upfront about it and say that it will take longer. For my most recent order, I got a confirmation that it had shipped on 5/23 and a projected delivery of 5/25—I have a screenshot of that. But now it's 5/26 and the tracker says the order hasn't even arrived at the UPS facility yet! I actually googled "UPS on strike" to see if there was a problem there. Nope. This is not the first time this has happened to me, and I see that it's been mentioned by a lot of other people, too. A short email saying, "We're sorry, your order has been delayed" would be preferable to promising "2-day" shipping that takes over a week. Be honest: Promising something you can't deliver just creates ill will.  
I have Flash shipping for a year and the delivery has always been on time but recently they switched to Lasership and its absolutely horrible. First order I had after Sephora switched to them, was delivered at 9pm .... but at least that was delivered. Since then, I have 3 orders delayed now, the "tracking info" just says out for delivery every day until like 10pm when it will say "delay from Ashburn, VA", my product isn't even being shipped from there??! My products are now late by like 4 days, not to mention the one time they actually did deliver (the first time), the box was in terrible conditions, it was ripped in multiple places and was covered in dirt. Sephora needs to switch from Lasership. Is there a way I can go back to having my products shipped by UPS? 
I need help linking my Beauty insider card to my online account.
My order says unsuccessful authorization, it has been cancelled but when I checked the account balance of my MasterCard, I found that Sephora took my $118.83. What is going on? Can I get my money back? Plz help me
Hi I was just wondering if theres anything that can be done for missing samples? I totally understand if nothing can be done as they are a privilege to receive but its my fav reason to shop online!
Hi, I received a gift card via email a few months ago and am trying to use it now, but I no longer have the email with the associated card # and pin #, and I can't find that information elsewhere. Thanks