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Hello, I would like to connect my physical beauty insider card with my online account
Hi, my order says UNSUCCESSFUL AUTHORIZATION and my credit card was charged, can anyone help?  
placed an order and transaction was successful through paypal, but now it is "unsuccessful authorization", can you update me on what that means or what will happen now? Do I get a refund if it doesn't pass? and when? How can you not send an email with instructions or updates.
Sephora has sent me an email saying that the package been shipped. However it has been 3 days and the package has not been delivered or Canada Post says the tracking number does not exist. Where is my package?
I accidentally put my wrong day of birth and I am trying to change it to my real birthday (.02.05.2001). How can I change it?
Let's say your friend bought an item for $35. They give it to you  but you don't actually like the color. You mean to come back to the store and return but forget. After a month or 2 later you go to the store and see that the item you bought isn't sold at the store anymore. Can you still exchange/ return it? 
I just purchased the tartiest pro glow online and received it in the mail but when I opened my package, "lit" was cracked and the product was everywhere. What is the process of receiving a new one asap?
Spoiler (Highlight to read) I purchased a foundation on Oct 22 2016 that I just cannot get to work with my skin. I no longer have the receipt but it went through my beauty insider account. Will I still be able to return this product, even if it is just for store credit? I purchased a foundation on Oct 22 2016 that I just cannot get to work with my skin. I no longer have the receipt but it went through my beauty insider account. Will I still be able to return this product, even if it is just for store credit?  
I recently purchased a product from Sephora without using a card/or giving my email address. Is there a way to redeem the points from the receipt?
Hi,   I got a beauty insider card last summer in Sephora store and made account here on Sephora just few minutes ago.  I think the card I have is linked to a wrong email.  My account does not show how many points I have and I  forgot my card when I was shopping at Sephora the other day and the cashier did not find my account with my email.   How can I fix this ?   Thanks! 
  I ordered a skincare set  online qualifying for the  skincare double points offer that's going on till 1/22 but did not get the double points 
while looking at the benefits for the VIB status, i noticed it said " free shipping 1x" and i was just wondering what that is and how to use it.
When I shopped  in store and made a purchase I received a Sephora VIB card but when I log into my account online it tells me I need to gain X amount of points before becoming VIB. Why is it like that?
So I ordered 1 week ago and it said it would take 4 days to get delivered at my house now i am getting very curious because it has been 6 days and it still has not come. My tracking information says that IT IS STILL IN PROGRESS. Its been like that for 3 days already and I am getting frustrated about that. I hope sephora can help me out about this because i have been waiting forever 
My tracking information shows that my package was delivered at my front door, however the package is no where to be found anywhere around the house... I've done some research on OnTrac deliveries and seemed to me that they are not really adequate in delivering packages or in customer support. Anyone got that issue too? And if you have the same situation happened to you, did Sephora refund or resend your order?
I ordered the Kat von d monarch palette Wednesday after seeing it back in stock and received it Friday afternoon and when i opened the box two of the pans had been cracked (wrath of course the one i was most excited for) and the corner of entomology was cracked i did press them back in as best as i could and still used it today and i'm in love with the palette, my first time ever having a broken palette after ordering tons online but i'm more worried if they can replace it? it got pulled back off the Canadian website so not sure how that works. 
I have a BI card and am a VIB. I want to make an online purchase but when I try to add my card to get the points its saying "Create BI Account Failed". Help!
Hello,  what do you want to say  Unsuccessful Authorization? Thank you.  
What is the meaning of  STATUS: Unsuccessful Authorization when the money has been deducted !
It was in stock just a few days ago and I came back later to buy it and it's gone again!
Hello! I got a beauty insider card in store (very quickly got VIB - whoops) and I wasn't very clear when I spelled out my email address, so the sales person took it down wrong. I set up an email account with the misspelled address to try to get it to work, but just ended up in a bigger muddle... Would it be possible to change the email address so I can access my online account? Thank you!
I just want to know how to link my VIB card to my online account.
hi there i got a beauty insiders card in the store, they asked for my email.. but when i made an account on the website it doesnt show my points(though i know i have some) how do i add the card i have to my account?
Hi PLAY! by SEPHORA subscribers,   Some of you have been wondering how we curate each of our boxes, so we wanted to let you know how it works!   Every month, our team of beauty experts determine a selection of products around a theme or trend. We then take these products and create different box versions. Because we want you to love all of the deluxe samples you receive, we then choose which version would work best for you based on the answers you provided in your PLAY! PROFILE. This way, the products you receive are appropriate for your beauty needs.   Still have questions about how we determine what goes into your PLAY! by SEPHORA box? We want to hear from you! Check out the FAQs and chat with us below.   Q: How does PLAY! by Sephora decide which products to send to subscribers each month? A: PLAY! By Sephora curates a selection of products every month that align with a particular beauty theme or trend we’re loving. From here, we develop box versions – which vary based on different beauty preferences like skin tone and hair. Then, we target these box versions to each subscriber based on his/her PLAY! PROFILE. We always try and send you the box that we believe is best for you.   Q: What if I don’t like the products I received in my box? A: If you’re not sure about why you received a certain product in your box, we encourage you to take your PLAY! PASS to your local Sephora and ask for a personal, one-on-one consultation with one of our Beauty Advisors. This is one of the many perks you get with PLAY!. In-store, a Beauty Advisor can help you find a similar or complimentary products. They will even make you a custom sample so you can try it out at home. OR, if you can’t make it to a store, you can always call or shoot us an email us: 1-844-PLAY-HLP or   Q: What is the PLAY! PROFILE and how do I update my information? A: The PLAY! PROFILE captures your beauty preferences and concerns. We use your PROFILE answers to determine which box version is best for you each month. To update your PLAY! PROFILE, first go to My Account and then click on the My Information in left navigation. From here, you can your PROFILE information like hair type, skin concern, and skin tone.   Q: What if one of the products in my box is broken, damaged or missing? A: If you have a problem with your box, you can always call our PLAY! phone extension at 1-844-PLAY-HLP or email us at We’re here to help!  
I was really excited to get the new Smashbox Ablaze palette, but since it's online only, I ordered it over for once. I paid for 3 day shipping, but when it finally arrived, the palette had Dark Horse and Torch both completely shattered. The powders got into the other shadows too so the whole thing's a makeup tragedy. I also got a Lancome card with foundation samples, and I'm not sure how, but I guess it exploded and the foundation got all over the card and on some of my other items. I'm really disappointed because I was really looking forward to testing Ablaze out. If someone could help me sort this out it would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance <3