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order no.. one is in progress and other two showing unsuccessful authorization. im from india. but my shipping address placed in order is of usa and canada. please need urgent help as the total order is for more than 800$
So this doesn't apply to sephora. But I keep trying to make an online order and they keep getting cancelled. I can't seem to figure it out, and the website's CS takes forever to reply to emails. I tried 3 different cards, and my billing address, card info is all correct. I think it may have something to do with my middle initial in my name. I put it correctly in the cardholder's portion but in the billing name and address there is nowhere to put a middle initial. Could this be messing up my orders? If anyone has any idea why this keeps happening, I would appreciate the advice. Thanks!
Hi, my order says unsuccessful authorization, I would like to know what is going on? And if it has been cancelled I want my money back as it has already been taken. I ordered few products 2days ago, and when I checked my bank account today, the amount of payment was paid properly, however, my status is "Unsuccessful Authorization".
Hi! I'm missing points from an in-store purchase last Friday. The salesperson looked up my Beauty Insider account and even added my phone number to it but the points earned don't show in in my online account and neither does the purchase in general. I emailed support but haven't heard back. Is this normal? I generally purchase online. Help? Thanks! Cassie
Hi. After I made the purchase I realized that my payment authorization is unsuccessful. I've pm'ed some admins and was informed about this issue and that I will get the money back. Today (May 5th) I haven't gotten the money back into my account. How long do I have to wait? 
Made a purchase order online through a friend last May 1. I got excited when I received a notification that my order was being processed only to find out that my order was cancelled shortly after. Checked the credit card company and they said I had already charged by Sephora. I sent them several emails and sent them messages thru their "contact us" page. NOT A SINGLE REPLY. This is very distresing especially since I need my order to come through before May 9. I need some kind of assurance that this issue is being addressed somehow especially since my bank is now requesting a certificate of "declined or cancelled" order from Sephora. Despite what happened to my first order, I decided to do another purchase using PayPal just to be sure that my order new order wouldn't get botched. I even paid for FLASH shipping just so I can get the items on time. I still haven't received any confirmation that my items have been shipped. I'm really stressed especially with what happened of my first order and it's already May 4! I really need the items to arrive before May 9 especially since my friend who's suppose to receive the package will be leaving the country May 9!!! SEPHORA please do something about this!
Hi, I made a fragrance purchase at the Sephora store, but my Beauty Insider points were not added to my account.  The last time I bought a fragrance, the points were uploaded and the triple points were added 24 hours later, but this time, nothing was added.  Please help! 
So I have been in contact with Customer Service for the last 3-4 days.  And am getting so frustrated with them.   My issue is that I have a Cdn Gift Card and I already know you cannot use it on the Cdn site.  So I want to go through the US site and order stuff and use my gift card.  The problem I am having is that even though I change the site to US from the bottom of the page where it says "Now Shopping" and go to checkout it reverts automatically back to Cdn and even if I click "US Checkout"...when it goes to the page to fill out your address it again goes back to Cdn.  I have been told several times by Customer Service to use the "Now Shopping" option at the bottom of the page to change it and also click "US Checkout" which I did many, many times.  I was also asked to clear all my cookies and try another browser.  I did that and also tried 2 different browsers and still I am getting the same results.   Customer Service keeps repeating the same information to me with different people responding to my issue and I have to respond back saying I have already done this and one rep said if none of it works they will request an IT Team person to look into it.  I asked that they put in the request after I tried things for 3 days and I get a reply saying to try "Now Shopping" etc again.     I am so frustrated and keep reiterating to them I want to order ASAP since Mother's Day is right around the corner.   I don't know how to get through to Customer Service and put my order through the US.   Anyone have the same issues??? Ugh!!!
I am new to sephora, I got my card in store then started an online account. How do I link the 2?
I am getting SO frustrated.   I placed two orders during the VIB sale.  One order was fine, aside from an item that leaked.  It was promptly replaced.    My second order was a complete mess - about half the items were missing, and it included several items that I didn't order.  I've sent e-mails and messages through the customer service fillable form, but have gotten absolutely zero response.  Not even a "we're working on it."  It has been over a week since I first identified the issue.  Is there anything you can do to get customer service to respond to me?  I've been a loyal Sephora customer for years and have never had an issue with an order before now.  
I got an email earlier today regarding my Play! subscription and my credit card being declined and that I should contact customer service. If I've already updated my payment information in my sephora account to a valid credit card do I still need to call customer service??
I have two emails and once I changed to the one I currently use, I became Rouge but never receive any emails here. I have changed back to the old one but can someone help me merge the two accounts? It told me I had 144 points on the old one. Thanks In advance.
I had placed an order, but it didn't go through because of a billing problem (which I later on fixed), but for some reason my card was still charged. I tried calling Sephora assistance, but no answer. I need my money reimbursed or at least to get this issue sorted out and fixed.
Hi, my order says unsuccessful authorization, I would like to know what is going on?
Though i see that the double charge is due to a failed order attempt i still do not understand why i need to wait for up to 7 business days for this charge to drop off of my account. It is as though , until the charge has been taken off of my account that i spent over $100 dollars... if i was looking to spend $100 dollars instead of $50 i would have. This is something i feel Sephora needs to change, i see a lot of unhappy people on the boards due to these double charges. I don't think i will be shopping online with Sephora after this. 
i tried to order the sale UD lipsticks this morning. Each time I tried I got a message saying unable to process your order with the information provided. I tried two different cards and neither worked. Then afterwards I checked my bank account and my debit card was charged FIVE TIMES and my credit card once. Yet, I still did not get to order the lipsticks. So I called the rouge line and the agent was extremely unhelpful!!! He told me the money has not actually been taken from my account, but it's a "hold" THAT WILL TAKE 1-7 BUSINESS DAYS to be returned!!!! Now let me tell you. The $200+ is DEFINITELY missing from my bank account t and I have rent to pay in two days!!! I need my money back! This is absolutely ridiculous and the agent on the rouge line was so so so unhelpful. He basically said what do you want me to do, I can't send you an oos product but here, have 100 points and maybe a deluxe sample will make you feel better? Like no!  He told me that my billing address is blank and he has no idea why. I have not changed my billing address on my account, I order from Sephora VERY frequently and have never had this issue before.  So basically - I tried to order the lipsticks. I didn't get them, they ones I wanted are OOS now and I am without $200 for 1-7 business days. That doesn't include the amount charged on my credit card too! That is just the amount taken directly from my bank account!! 
Hi, my order says unsuccessful authorization, I would like to know what is going on? And if it has been cancelled I want my money back as it has already been taken.  I ordered few products 2days ago, and when I checked my bank account today, the amount of payment was paid properly, however, my status is "Unsuccessful Authorization".
my order charged my card three times, then the third finally processed as an order, but says "unsuccessful authorization." Please help, my friend payed for it and it charged his card THREE time and i still dont have a completed order to receive my makeup.
First off, my apologies if there's already a convo thread on this and I'm starting a new one for no reason...   Is it "just me" or has Sephora Customer Service been atypically TERRIBLE lately????  Not trying to start a hate-Sephora rant here, but I'm a loyal beauty ("goo") junkie who has had the not-Sephora experience in recent months.  Store associates are disinterested, the hold time to call Customer Service is, well, FOREVER...and NO ONE ever responds to emails.  Captain Hurt Feelings over here, hearts my heart...We love you Sephora, where did you go?
Status of my recent order is unsuccessful authorization, could some one tell me what has happened?   I paid the order by Discover card, is that mean Discover is not acceptable? What should I do now?   Thanks for any help!
I have a VIB card in store and have never logged on to sephora online before. I'm not sure how to use this card on my account. Please help! I want to make an order soon and want to gain points on my card. Thanks
I accidentally opened a second account for my Play account.  Can I transfer points from my old account to my play account?
HI,   ive been patiently waiting for Sephora Canada to get new stock of their Dr. Jart Premium Bb cream and Black Label Detox BB cream.  I keep getting expired creams sent to me and even the stores are carrying expired ones.  Just read a recent review here and it said that this person also got an expired one.  Hello?!  This is getting ridiculous.  Both these creams have the same expiry, 2016 03 07.  It's April now. These are the only 2 bb creams that I'm out right now and absolutely in need of and there's no way of getting my hands on them.  Please get some new stock in pronto!!!  
Anyone else having trouble when wanting to checkout as US and it reverts back to Canadian?   I have a US address that I can use even though I live in Canada.  But every time I either change it to US at the bottom of the page and even click "US Checkout" and the page that comes up to insert your address and stuff, it goes right back to Canadian.   Anyone else having issues with this who are in Canada and want to check out as US? I have a gift card that I know I can use on the US checkout.   Please help!
I just received the Urban Decay Tilt lipstick in the mail today.  Sadly, it came damaged :/
I thought signing up with my current email on here would let me pair my card or something, I've been using it for awhile and I know I have a lot of points but is it impossible for me to access them without knowing my old email? It was 3 years ago and I have no idea what it would be 
Hello,   I am a subscriber to Play! by Sephora, and recently received my April box. The description on the website says the box is supposed to come with a collectible bag, but I did not receive a bag.  Could you please send me the bag or other type of credit?  Thank you very much for your assistance.   Michelle
I've gotten two emails today. One telling me that the Rainforest of the Sea™ Skin Twinkle Lighting Palette is "back in stock". I got that email at 3 am. I was up and went directly to the site and it was still displaying  "not in stock". Then this morning I got an email telling me about the great new 100 point rewards. I went to the sephora site and there are no new rewards. They are the same rewards that they've had for the last month.   Why am I getting these emails with bogus information? Am I the only one?