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Hi, I just created a beauty insider card online but I can't seem to link my actual beauty insider card with it! PLEASE HELP?!
I finally went to a Sephora store to get all the stuff in my loves list. When I went home and opened my new bottle of the Josie Maran powder exfoliator, I realized it was almost half empty! Is it supposed to be like this??
Hi, so I'm trying to add this item to my cart. akeup-kit-P393980?skuId=1642925 It says that "  Each item will display separately when added to your basket for a total price of $47 ."   The problem is that it does add it to my cart, but for a total of $55, not $47. See screenshot. I'm in canada. Can I get the promo price? Thanks!
How do I do this so I can order products online and still add on to the points I already have on my VIB card?
On my account I selected 3 samples and added them in my basket. Do I get them when I shop in store or online only, and if in store do I have to ask the workers or do they just give them to me?
I'm having a similar issue, I made in a purchase in the Sephora in JCP about a week ago and I still haven't received points even though my card was scanned. Is there any way to get my points on my account?
To redeem my complimentary mini makeover, do I need an appointment?
Hello, I made an in-store purchase about a week ago but the points have not shown up in my account history. I have the original store receipt. Could you please add them?
I recently purchased some products from Sephora without using a card. Is there a way to redeem the points from the receipt?
Im having the same issue, i registered online but cant seem to link my points  please helpppp
Hi, I'm having the same issue as MrsMCook... I just registered my account online, but I have no idea how to link my VIB rouge card to my online account... help please!
I have a VIB card and a seprate online account -- is there a way to combine them?
Hi, I bought a few items in-store about a month ago, but have yet to receive those points. I gave the cashier my email at the time of purchase. Is there any way I can get those missing points added to my account?
I made an order with a $364  subtotal but my qualifying spend is 299, can this be fixed or is it supposed to be this way? I read somewhere that this could be because I am paying in Canadian dollars? Thank you!
so my boyfriend... bless his heart bought me some items for my birthday, including flash shipping... however being it was a surprise, he created his own account... is there a way to combine both accounts to mine so I can continue gaining points on this one, and use the flash shipping?
I'm fairly new to Sephora, I've only been buying product for 9 months and I've made several transactions over the last couple months (all within 90 days) and I'm just not happy with the product. The items weren't cheap and I bought most of them based on the employee's recommendation. It will be rather embarrassing to return 6 products at once but I really don't want to get stuck with product that I won't use. I would like to return these items on my trip to Sephora this weekend. They all show up on my purchase history but the items were purchased in 3 transactions so I'm not sure how that works. I've made one other return before and had a receipt so there wasn't a problem. I just don't want to be embarrassed when I go if they reject the return.
Hello,   I reviewed a couple products earlier this week and they still haven't posted, even after 72-hours. Would you be able to tell me if the posts are still pending? One was for the Boscia Exfoliating Peel Gel and the other was for Formula X nail polish.  Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.   Thank you! 
Hi. I have one beauty insider card and an online account. Can I combine my online account with my card?
I have tried a couple of times now to order some 'Makeup Forever' products and each time I try I get the same message ie that Sephora cannot ship the goods I requested to my location.  My location is the UK and you have accommodation for UK deliveries so I am somewhat confused.  Please can you enlighten me?   Tilly's Mum
Hi! Sometime over the years, I've managed to create 2 different beauty insider accounts. One is online, one is a physical card. Is there any possible way to merge them? 
I just went to speller this past weekend and used my card and now i am online and it says i don't have any do do i fix that?
Hello, I have just made a purchase instore 2 days ago. I have the cashier my email but the point didn't show up in my beauty account as off today. Would someone please help me add those points to my beauty insider account?   Thank you, SunFlower
Is there any way to get the points i'm missing? I bought in store two anastasia pomades and the anastasia #12 brush but didn't get the points for them? Does it have to do with the fact that I do not have a beauty insider card I just tell them my email address whenever im in there and they made a mistake? Thanks!
Hi. I have two beauty insider accounts and wanted to combine the two. How can I do that?
Hey, so I've made in-store purchases over several months and the cashiers have scanned my beauty insider card but the points are not added to my online account. how can i get my in-store and online points added up?
I made an online order during the VIB sale and just found out it was cancelled because one product was out of stock. Is there anyway Sephora could reissue a 15% off one time use code so that I could repurchase the items I originally wanted that are IN STOCK? If I would have known my order would have never been shipped out I would have purchased the items in store DURING the VIB sale.
I purchased the Guerlain Meteorites compact during the VIB sale however once receiving it I found it doesn't have the same effect as the pearls which I had already tried in store.  Is it possible for me to exchange the compact for the pearls in store while still honouring my 15%?
I got a beauty insider card in store a while ago, but on my account online it says I have 0 points, which I know isn't true. Is there a way I can connect the card that I have to my online account?
Hi, I was wondering if a mod could take a look at my order history and update the points. I understand if you can't go back more than a certain amount of time, since I should have been keeping track of it and making sure it was the right amount. I didn't even notice until I placed an order a couple weeks ago during the sale.   The dollar spent number doesn't matter, since I'll probably hit Rouge again for next year soon and I only placed one order so far this year anyway.