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Two weeks ago, I purchased some items and received my VIB card in-store. Unfortunately, neither my purchase history nor my Beauty Insider status has changed yet. I would appreciate any help with this! Thank you
Hello,   The status of an order I placed on November 19 is listed as "unsuccessful authorization". I haven't received anything from Sephora related to this order, and only noticed when I checked my order status because I expected the parcel to have shipped by now.   Could someone help me with this order? Thanks!
I am a Rouge member. Earlier in the month I bought the Ole Henrikson Lift & Glow set and used my Rouge 20% off on the purchase. I see now that it is in the Clearance section for the same price I paid. Are there provisions for instances such as this? I now feel like I got no benefit for the 20% off. Please help and thank you in advance.
Hello,   I made a purchase about two weeks ago at a Sephora location and still haven't seen my points or the transaction show up on my account even though the employee physically scanned my rewards card. How can I correct this issue? I still have my receipt.    Thanks in advance!
Hi I recently made an online purchase and checked out, but I did not receive any email confirmation. Hence, I tried to sign in to the account that I created upon checkout, but it turned out my account wasn't created either and I am unable to check my order status at all.  To make matters worse, the credit card used to make the purchase has been charged. As I am an overseas customer using a shipping forwarding service to place an order, I appreciate if this situation can be resolved immediately. I need to know clearly if my orders have gone through or not in the form of an email confirmation or at least a reflection in my order history. Thank you very much in advance. 
Hi .. i made an order on 27/November (since 3 days) and the status shows unsuccessful authorization .. money was withdrawn from my visa card am trying to contact the customer support phone but seems they are closed i want to understand why its giving that status (unsuccessful Authorization)  
I made a purchase a few days but my point did not get applied to my account. How can I get those applied? I still have the receipt..
Hi, I was just wondering if was possible for me to submit online orders made by other people for VIB points to my account? The reason i'm asking is my parents may buy me 2 new palettes for Christmas but it sucks that I wouldn't get any VIB points for them! Would it be possible to submit the points if they kept all of their order information?   Thanks!
Hi guys! Which color can I choose from Tarte clay blush that will be as close as possible to the blush on the ParkAve Princess Pallet ( not volume II / not Glisten)? Most pinks looks on my face like I've been beaten :-o (I'm read head and very pail) and that one was just perfect. Should I take Dazzled or Flushing Bride? Will be happy for your advice! Tnx, Happy Holydays from Israel :-)
I've been attempting to check out online, and every time I click on "Place Order" it says: " We're sorry but we are unable to process your order with the information provided. Please verify your billing information and try again. For assistance please contact Customer Service at 1-877-SEPHORA."   I know I'm entering in everything correctly. I've tried reentering my card information as "Use a different card". Nothing seems to work. And I'm currently not able to place a phone call to the customer service line. Not sure it would even be open? It's almost 1AM where I am. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
I just made a purchase online and shortly after checking my bank account I saw that I was charged TWICE. Ugh. Really frustrated. not only is it inconvenient to have the funds missing from my account, but it's frustrating trying to call customer service only to find out theres an hour wait. The other think is, I'm seeing I'm not alone in this problem. It seems to happen A LOT. I'm super frustrated. How do I have the second charge reimbursed?
  So I recently bought a few items from a jc penny's location and was told that they couldnt add my points to my rewards card from there and that I would have to do it manually on the website, how do I do this? I still have the receipt
I recently made a purchase at a Sephora but I forgot my VIB card at home.  Is it still possible to obtain the beauty insider points if I have kept my receipt?
I recently ordered Dr. Jart Poreminish Primer and noticed the plastic sticker security seal was peeled off. I request a refund, can someone help please?
How can I connect my online account with my VIB card that I got in store? I got the card a while back and just made my account now. 
I did not get a receipt with my online order, I would like to return an item from the order by mail. Can I print the summary from my VIB rouge account and mail that in with the item I am returning? I am going to use a shipping label I have from another order. Thanks. 
I need 350 points to become a VIB, and I have 366 now, but why I am still a beauty insider?
I have had my account combined and confirmed the email address but when i log in there are no points how do i get my points showing
I am having trouble with certain information listing in my Beauty Insider account page: all my in-store purchases are not showing. I can see my recent online orders, but not any from in-store activity. Because of this problem, I realized that none of my in-store purchases have earned me points or credit toward becoming a VIB Rouge. According to my account I am $448 away from VIB Rouge, but my bank account registrar says something very different. This is even more frustrating because I recently had my two existing accounts synced up. Any help in this is much appreciated.
From what I know of, Saphora does not currently ship to Thailand, correct? However I am certain that a tremendous amount are waiting for this to happen, Please ship to Bangkok, Thailand   < 3<3<3 Please make it happen xxx
Hello, a few weeks ago I was told I was upgraded to VIP status. I was told I would receive something in the mail along with a discount. It has been a few weeks, probably a month and I have not received anything as of yet.
Hello! I placed an order at the beginning of the week and received the package today, however, the package was missing the samples I had selected. The samples were listed on the enclosed receipt, but were not included in the box. Is there any way I can receive the samples? I was really hoping to try them out before deciding whether or not to purchase the full size!^^ Thank you!
  I ordered yesterday and when I check my order today it says Unsuccessful Authorization. What should I do?  All the card information is correct, but my address is the university residence that I live in, does it matter or not? DO I GET MY MONEY BACK?
Hi!, i just ordered the kat von d mini lip and nail duo on the colour POE but i wanted it in COVEN. pleas can you help me?, i'm sending it to a POBOX, so i dont get to go to the store to return it or change it. Thank you!
I placed orders few hours ago but didn't receive any confirmation mail. Blank confirmation page, full basket, no new points. I don't know if I have purchased them successfully or not. Please help me check it. Thank you.