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Dear Sephora customer service, i am very dissapounted to be writing to you again about the same issues from around 2 months ago. In short I had an awful reaction to the philosophy products I received and through an exchange of emails I was told I could have a refund and then told I had to send the products back to get a refund despite living in the uk and as I explained I felt the emails quite patronising. I then sent a message via the website to a woman who was very helpful said she had processed the refund but this was on the 3rd of November and I still have not received the refund. In past I have loved shopping from Sephora and had great experiences but this has really tainted my view so I have refrained from doing my Christmas shopping on your website. Yours SIncerely, Ellie 
It says that I've already redeemed the code though I haven't. Please advise!
I didn't receive any code for holiday redeem and i didn't receive my birthday email also so sad  
i received my flyer in the mail for my VIB ROUGE $25 off $50 loyalty card but never received an email with the code. Help!
Hi,    I'm trying to use my VIB rouge holiday reward card promo code online but it kept saying that it has already been redeemed. My last Sephora online order was on the 3rd and just received the email for the reward card on the 7th. Please advice. Thanks.
When I checked out this afternoon the associate who was helping me noticed that my phone number lists a second account. I'd like to have it merged with my rouge account and have all of my points transferred over. Is that possible? I think it may have happened when I visited a JC Penny location.
My beauty insider code has yet to be sent. How can I fix this?
I have some items I'd like to purchase with the $20 off $50 sale but I have not received any information on this promotion.    Thanks 
I placed an order less than 12 hours ago and when I logged in to look at something else, I noticed that my points had been reduced to the same amount that it was before my order. Upon checking, the order status comes up as unsuccessful authorization - no other actual reason to say why it was unsuccessful. NZ based credit card (AMEX), but US shipping address. I know that NZ is one of the countries you guys accept billing addresses from, so that can't be the problem.   Furthermore, my credit card is still missing the money paid for the order so it's clearly not the payment side of things. With this order being cancelled, I'm running into several problems - I am not able to make use of the $15 off code; limited edition products that may sell out and I miss it; some of the items I've ordered were online only; I don't know if the birthday gift will now stay 'claimed'; etc.   Can someone please help me with this? I can't call over the phone and it's impossible trying to catch someone on the live chat because they are always busy.
I made a purchase in store almost 2 weeks ago and it still hasn't shown up online. I know for sure my card was electronically scanned as the cashier told me that my VIB status had been renewed. But, there's still no difference on my online account. Please help me out, thanks!
Hi!   I were the one who unexpectedly saw at my profile these two beautiful words "Unsuccessful Authorization". Yes, I were charged. Yes, there're holidays soon and I were expecting some small presents to my dearest- Yes, I'll have my birthday in a few days and decided to have these small presents from Sephora. Silly me!   Dear Sephora, I was looking through the threads of complaints where people talk about this Unsuccessful Authorization. You should definitely do something about it, not only answering: "We will reply you privately". Please, don't forget to send email to people when their orders were cancelled.    Reputation is a tiny glass. It can easily be broken by such unpleasant things.   With kind regards, Yaroslava  P.S. If you're going to answer me as Artificail Intelligence, please, don't do it. It's ok if I don't have my money back. 
Hi, I have not received my $25 reward code yet. Would you help me out? 
I was wondering if i missed something and kept checking the flyer but nothing is there. I'd really like to use it and the time is running out for me to do so. I was wondering if there is anything i can do to figure out what's going on?
I received my package (yay!); however, I only received two of the three free samples I selected and one of those two was completely different from what I selected. It's such a fun perk to be able to select free samples with an order, but it's disappointing when they're incorrect and missing. Is there a way to get the correct samples? Thank you!
My UPS status says my package was delivered yesterday at 1:32 to my apartment building lobby. This was not the case. There were a bunch of other packages delivered by UPS yesterday to my apartment and mine wasn't one of them. How do I receive my package? I'm very concerned considering this is a Christmas gift and I am leaving next week for the holidays. Please advise. Thank you.
So I ordered the sephora pantone color of the year palette and it arrived with a broken mirror. Can I get a new one sent to me?  
Can you combine an E giftcard to a regular sephora gift card? Im trying to place an order for something with my loyalty rewards but I can only use 2 giftcards as payment.
I emailed Customer Support on Dec 2nd regarding price adjustments on two items I recently purchased that just went on sale. On Dec 3rd, I received a generic reply of "w e have forwarded your request to the appropriate contact within our organization." I haven't heard anything from CS since, and I'm concerned that the 2-week window could pass before I receive a response.   • Brush Set (paid $54, now $39) http://www. sephora .com/sparkle-shine-brush-set-P413260?skuId=1836394 • Romantic Palette (paid $12,now $7) https://www. sephora .com/the-romantic-eyeshadow-palette-P412563?skuId= 1802222   (Also, I ordered a VIB welcome kit and didn't receive it along with the rest of my purchase. Should I ask for one in-store instead?)
I didnt receive the code. can someone send me one?
I ordered a Kat Von D eye contour palette and used up all my points and in the mail was everything except the one thing I paid for! There wasn't a number to call about missing items   Please help   order number #
In November alone I got bombarded with more than 10 emails from Sephora .. but never received the email about the 20% shopping event.   When I found out later that I missed it and emailed customer service I was told at first that I'm only subscribed to monthly emails (wrong) and later that the event had ended and there was nothing to do about it.   Super pissed off that this is how Sephora treats their VIB Rouge members, and there's no attempt even to try and make up for this mistake. 
Hi, I ordered 3 colorful duo reflects. I received one eyeshadow today and two other today and they are not the actual product I ordered. I got two shimmer shades and one mate. I am not happy at all, you could have cancelled my order instead of shipping shades that I did not purchase. Now, I'll have to go exchange them in store during my finals, not happy at all. I'm quite disapointed. I decided to post here, since my last email did not get a responses
This is the first time I've gotten an email from Sephora that a promo item was removed from my order due to being OOS.  I'm totally bummed because had I have known, I would have used a different promo code.  Has this ever happened to someone else?  Is it worth calling CS to see if they would send out a different promo?  I'd place an order again with a different promo except that order was made with my VIBROUGE $25 card.  :-(
Got my $25 off $50 code for being in VIBR but the code doesn't work at checkout.
Spoiler (Highlight to read) Anybody  knows where can i get an urban decay alice in wonderland pallette? Anybody  knows where can i get an urban decay alice in wonderland pallette?