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Customer Support
Can I use a store credit that was issued in the US in a Canadia store? What about a gift card can I use a gift card purchased in the US in Canada? Thanks
Hi, a girl at the Barrie location told me I have 150 points but when i sign in i have 54 points. It also shows in my purchase history the last stuff I got was in 2013 but i've been buying stuff since the new location opened up.
I believe they are still on pending status(hopefully). How would I go about cancelling one of them?
I received a delivery of Sephora's Fragrance sampler for her, but one of the fragrance samples arrived broken - it is completely empty, and it soaked into the packaging around it. I can't even keep it in my room because it smells so strongly! What should I do? 
Can someone help me with this - on one page it shows I have 887 points but when I look under rewards it says 948.     . Thanks.     
Hello,   I just want to share my today's ordering experience, maybe someone else has the same problem. When I tried to place an order (very last step), I got following error message: There was an error committing the order. ORA-01461: can bind a LONG value only for insert into a LONG column   I tried this several times, with no luck. This is a db error message, and I was getting it in Chrome browser. I've decided to switch to IE, and I was able to place the exact same order.   So if you are facing it, try a different browser   Cheers, Laretha
Hi,   I've tried unsuccessfully placing a couple of orders in the last few months. My orders always get cancelled. There is no issue on my side - I've called my bank to make sure the payment goes through.   I've also emailed Sephora multiple times, only to find out that they no longer ship to freight forwarders. Why is this so?
I just reached VIB status (yay!) but it's not showing up on my online account? Could I have help please?
Hey! This has happened before and its happening again, I'm wondering why? Am I doing something wrong? Merchandise total came to $40, I got 30 points. Thats a $10 difference and I'm trying to reach VIB Rouge. I'm paranoid now that I didn't get enough points for another order that was $80. Is there any way to check how many points you got for a past order?   Also, where can I see how much I still need to spend to get to Vib Rouge?   Thank you!
Hey Guys!      So, i'm planning on giving my friend a gift, but, I live in Florida and she lives in Japan. I promised her that I would get her something from sephora. ( She doesn't have one near her) Anyway, in the end, I had already went way over my budget for her and I no longer can afford to get her anything else. I was wondering if I can go to sephora, go up to the cashier, and ask for a bag. I don't want to be embarrassed if they say no. ( p.s im talking about the bag they put your purchase in)   
I purchased a total of $146 worth of products, only I used my sister's card, accidentally, instead of mine so the points are on her account. I was wondering if I could get those points transfered to my account? Thank you
Enter for a chance to win a Benefit product bundle featuring their launch of the year, They’re Real! Push-Up Liner. On July 31, one lucky Twitter follower will win this exclusive package with liner, mascara, and much more. To enter, make sure you follow @Sephora on Twitter. Between July 30, 12pm PDT and July 31, 12pm PDT, tweet us the number one way you benefit from using Benefit. Don’t forget to include #SephoraSweeps in your tweet. All valid entries received within 24 hours of the sweeps entry time are eligible to win. The winner will be selected at random from the pool of eligible entries. Watch your Twitter feed on July 30-31 for a chance to win.   See official rules below>    
I don't have Sephora near me, but I just purchased a product from the store while on a trip. Came home opened it up and found out it's was leaked and dried up. Need to return but don't know when I can go to any of the Sephora stores (again, I don't have any ash ephors near me). What should I do?
I just recently got my own sephora account after sharing one under my mother's name with my name sister, I was wondering if it would be possible to transfer only a portion of the points from that account to my new account? Thanks.
I'm guessing this isn't possible but I gotta try I just ordered maybe 20-30 minutes ago, is there any way I can add an item to that order to avoid extra shipping costs?   Thank you!
Hey there, I just got my order in aaand there is not a single sample in there!   On the package contents it states the 4 samples (3 normal, 1 deluxe) but theres no sample to be found in there.   Anyone else had this happen? I love samples and this is soooo disappointing, especially cause I've wanted to try 2 of those samples and I've been keeping my eye on them!
I signed up my email online but it wasn't connected to my card. It said I have 0 points and no purchases but I know I have some. I bought a couple things just yesterday.
Hi, my mother went to Sephora for me and used my points without me knowing. Is it possible for her to deliver the items and get the points back?
Hi, I got the Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette for Christmas and it just doesn't work for me. I do not have the bill but in my history it shows I purchased it. Can I return it? If so, is it only store credit or so I get a refund?   Any help would be appreciated!
THis is getting beyond ridiculous. I now ordered over 2 months ago and have not received my package. No one at sephora wants to help me find it or give me a refund. IS SEPHORA A SCAM?!  I have emailed and posted on this before and  still received no help. Is $130 a joke to you? I will be placing fraud charges if my money is not refunded within the next week. 
I'm a VIB rouge member but I do not know how to link that to my mobile/online account so I can still receive all the points I've been racking up. Please help!
Is the NARS Pressed Powder being discontinued? (Desert, Beach, Mountain, Flesh, etc) seems that way. Not many stores carry them anymore.
Order Date Order # Shipment Date Tracking Number July 23, 2014 2450458449 July 24, 2014 1Z849EW10336627527   i believe my package has ven stolen or lost, it says that it has delivered in friday but nothing has arrived. Im really worried about it , specially because im staying at this location until this wednesday! I would like a reshippent or a refound asap.  
I have a VIB card, but haven't tried shopping online until today. I'd like to shop online and still receive my VIB rewards. How do I setup my account to make sure this happens?
I recently purchased items from, however something wouldn't let me log into my beauty insider account, therefore I was unable to receive points for my purchase. Is there any way I can get those points put onto my beauty insider card even after the purchase? I still have my receipt. 
I went to shopping at sephora and earned a VIB status,I got the VIB card.But my online status was still beauty inside.How can I merge account?Is any one can help?THX
I recently placed an order online for a KS Goat Milk Cream($65) and the Perricone Face Finishing Moisturizer(17.25). I live in sunny FL, my package was left outside in the heat and both products were extremely hot to the touch. When I opened it the KS had separated and was half oil half moisturizer? The Perricone was runny like water. The closest Sephora to me is 45-1hr away!!! I called CS and they said I could return both at a local SiJP. I wanted to exchange not return but SiJP didn't have neither so I had to settle for a return. Since it was an online order the SA had to call for price check. Now online I paid $88.01 however, I only got back $79.50? I didn't notice this until this morning.... Why did they only give me $10 for the Perricone if I paid $17.25 for it? That's a whole $10 I wasn't given back?? I'm rouge so it wasn't like it was shipping fee or whatever? What's going on here Sephora?? Why was I not given my full refund??