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Hi, I have a VIB card that I use in store. I have 900 points on it (I was just in the store today and they told me! I have the silver card too) But when I tried to actually log on online, it says that I don't have any points, so what's up with that? :/ How do I link them? I tried my different emails to see if my card is linked to a different email, but they aren't recognized.
I've been waiting for a shipping confirmation for a few days and nothing. So I log in on here and find out that my order was cancelled??? I didn't even get an email explaining or letting me know anything!? Can someone please let me know what is going on?? I used my points and a gift card. The money was still taken out of my account. This wasn't a cheap order either. 
I'm new to the Beauty Insider program but I've already spent over $80 at a store (through JCPenny), so I was wondering if I would be able to recieve points for a purchase made before I joined the Beauty Insider program, if I still have the receipt? Thank you!
Hi, I just got my order cancelled twice this week. 1st one got cancelled, i reordered and it went thru, then realized i forgot to order a few things and decided to order again. But the second one didnt come thru and got cancelled again. Why? Im new to Sephora and its my first time ordering online. Im a bit disappointed at how this is happening. Its a bit frustrating when you want a good shopping experience and u end up with bad service. I made 2 purchases today with more than 100$ on each order and the last one was cancelled. Can you please give me a bit more of information as to why this is happening? Thank you so much.
I joined the Beauty Insider program in March and recently reached 360 points and went to a Sephora store to pick up a VIB card. However, I was told by the worker there that I needed over a 100 points more to reach VIB status. I thought you needed 350 to reach VIB?    Any clarification would help, thanks!
I placed an order on May 26th and it still says in progress when an order i placed after that has already shipped
I ordered last May 26 and got order confirmation and it successfully took money from my debit card. I was waiting for the shipping confirmation but it never arrived so I decided to check my Sephora account to find out that my order got cancelled due to unsuccessful authorization. The sad pard here is that my order includes limited edition palette that is now out of stock. Is there a way to resolve this? I also contacted my bank to ask if the problem was from them. I recently got a successful order using the same debit card and same shipping address so this is really puzzling to me. Please help.
After i placed an order on wednesday 25th of may and i got a confirmation email from then my bank sent me also a confirmation  that they charged me with the cost of the order, i get an email on the 26th of may from sephora  that the order has been canceled due unsucessful authorization, what should i do? please respond as soon as possible. 
I just received order # yesterday and opened last night. The order includes  KORRES Magic Light Contouring Blush Duo ITEM 1834860. This item should have 2 blushes since it is a set and it is also stated a duo on its name.However, I only receive one blush whose  name is Mykonos. In addition, Korres item is placed  inside a plastic clear bag and It is teared off when I got the package. So,  I thought maybe I misunderstand  the item at first then, I googled and found out there should be 2 blushes. The photo is presented on sephora website which also has 2 blushes.   The question here is : Does the Korres item has one blush or two blushes? If it has two blushes, how can I get the other one since it was on sale and is out of stock ? If it only has one, please inform me.   Thank you!
Hello,   I have been a VIB Rouge member since December of 2015 and have still not received my card. My sister who is also a VIB Rouge member received welcome kit which I was not even aware that there was one. I usually purchase my orders online (I am not sure if this has something to do with it) However, I have made one purchase in stores. I was wondering if you could help me in finding out how I may get my card and if I am still able to receive the welcome kit.   Thanks so much, Danielle
I never received an email about the current Summer minis promo. I am disappointed that I didn't get the email and now many of the items that I wanted to try are out of stock. I checked my account and I am subscribed to emails, so I don't know why I didn't get it.
Hi my order has been cancelled again even when I had ordered on a residential address. Pls help
Just received my order. The main item is fine, but none of the samples are in the box..?
When I sign into my account to purchase a product, none of my points, past orders, nor information show. It also prompts me to join the Beauty Insider program which I am already a part of. A while back there was an instance where I swapped emails from a now deactivated email to my current one and there was an issue with my email and Beauty Insider account not being joint which was then merged. Now the same issue is happening again. I'd hate to purchase the product and not receive any points.  
 Hello,   I dropped off 2 packages for return at the post office exactly one week ago, but when I click on "Track Your Return" in my emails with my shipping labels, there are no updates at all - it just says to return by June 13. I noticed the tracking system for return seems different from what I've used before, so I'm hoping maybe it's just a tracking glitch with the new system, as this is getting worrisome. Hopefully there is another way you can help me track these!    Thanks!
I'm having a really frustrating issue with my Sephora account.   I first noticed this in January, that when I log into my account with my email address, I see someone has been making purchases all over the world with my account! My password always needs to be reset, which isn't an issue since it's my email, except that someone keeps changing all of the information! Birthday, eye color, hair texture, etc. They make thousands of dollars in purchaces, have given my account VIB Rouge status.   I contacted customer service in January, only for them to just reset my password and tell me to enjoy the new rouge status, except that it doesn't show up at all when I go to make a purchase at sephora stores, and whoever is making these purchases is still making them on my account as of 2 days ago. Now I'm annoyed and afraid my information will be stolen by sephora if I try to make an online purchase, which I would like to do because I'm interested in the current promotion. I've avoided sephora like the plague since then because I feel like they've abused my information, but given the flagship store is down the street, I would like to be a part of the their promotions going forward, if this can get resolved.   I considered making a new account with a different email address, except that the email attached to this account is my main email address associated with my online banking and so forth, I don't just want to leave it for someone else to be signing in on! Especially since the email is composed of my first and last name.    My first thought was that someone was signing in on my email, but now I think somehow our account numbers are the same? This is the only conclusion  can think of because they aren't otherwise using my email address.    Has this happened to anyone else?    
Hi, I've had numerous orders cancelled recently and gotten no definitive response as to why.   Most recently, yesterday I received an email that an order was canceled due to a stock issue, but when I went and re-ordered the items that were still in stock, my order was canceled due to being unverifiable.     I have re-ordered that item  again  and it is still sitting in 'in progress' status from yesterday.   Please advise what the issue is here.     @JaneanBT   @KatieBT  
I was curious if it would be possible to transfer my points from one of my accounts to the other one, so I just have one account with points on it? I have one that I've been getting points from in-store purchases (using my VIB card), and another one that I was getting points on through online purchases without realizing my VIB card was sending the points to a different account.
Why is Flash shipping not automatically applied to my 2nd order. Please fix this. This is very upsetting, I paid for this service so why can I not avail of it/why is it not applied for my 2nd order? 
I recently forgot to use my VIB for a expensive purchase. I called customer service, but they said I can only get the points added. I spent over 300 dollars and thought it should count towards my status. How is this fair? 
Hello,   I order status say  unsuccessful authorization. Could you help me, please?
I have a sephora account online with points but I also have an actual card that gets scanned in the store, They are two different accounts though. I'm wondering how or if I can combine the two accounts
I ordered last May 22, Sunday and I have not received any shipment updates yet. While I was tracking it with my account it showed unsuccessful authorization. What should I have to do?
Spoiler (Highlight to read) Ever since I have signed up for the sephora rewards card, it has not shown up online. It says that I have no points and that I am still at the beauty insider level but I have a VIB card. This makes it very difficult because I would like to buy online but I dont get to add onto the points.  Ever since I have signed up for the sephora rewards card, it has not shown up online. It says that I have no points and that I am still at the beauty insider level but I have a VIB card. This makes it very difficult because I would like to buy online but I dont get to add onto the points. 
I sampled a foundation in the Lansing Michigan store and loved it however the name had worn off the bag immediately and i never had a chance to write it down. Does the store keep a list of the products that you are given to sample?  
I have a tartlette palette that I purchased in store that I would like to return , I threw away the box and dont have the receipt but the purchase does show in my beauty insider purchases. Is there anyway to still return to a sephora store ? 
So I bought the Kat Von D Innerstellar set. It comes with an eyeliner, liquid lipstick, studded lipstick and the Innerstellar pallet. Anyway when I went to open the eyeliner there was no tip! There was nothing there at all. Then I looked at the bottom and realized you had to wind the bottom (I guess) So I started to twist the bottom, but nothing was coming out then the cap just shot off and made a mess, and still no tip/brush to be found. I guess I got a broken/defective one. How do I get it replaced when it came in a set? Or am I just out of luck?
Wow. I'm shocked to see so many people with the same issue I've had both with customer service and shipping items. Someone else here mentioned that when we email regarding issues with our orders we are just met with the same response to "Call in". But when I do I'm put non hold FOREVER and then I'll get disconnected. I have things to do other than stay on hold with a company who doesn't seem to care. After countless calls and emails back and forth I have to resort to posting on a public forum to get any kind of response. I was appalled when I opened up my order and found ONLY samples! No order form and none of my products. And to top things off the samples weren't even the ones I choose even though they still showed they had them in stock. My order was nearly $200. Where is my stuff!? Please give me some kind of answer that isn't about "calling in".