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Hi, I seem to be missing my points as well. Thank you. Stella
I made a skincare purchase that was to qualify for double the points on skincare but the double points was not added to my beauty insider account. 
Hi, I made a skincare purchase yesterday while the 2x points event was still on. Normally the double points are added within minutes, but in this case I still haven't been able to see any changes. I would appreciate any help. Thank you. 
I did not receive the 3 free samples listed on my invoice in my recent order. ITEM 1715515 ITEM 1707520 ITEM 1747633   Please help.
i made a purchase today and they didn't scan my beauty insider card, so i didn't get the points. is there still a way to get 
I became a vib rouge member yesterday in the store, but in my account online i'm still only a vib and it says i need to spend about 500 more dollars to reach that status. what do I do?
OSI placed an online order just a little over a week ago, and when it showed up half of the items were missing! Help??
Hi, I just received my order and there's a product missing.   My order is and the product missing is the YSL Volupte sheer candy  ARTICLE 1394238 FORMAT 0,14 oz/4 g COULEUR 08 Iced Plum   Could the product be resend/reship to me ?!  Thanks ! 
Hello there. My glamglow volcanic sample was missing from my order . Can anyone help? I would really like to try it.
I'm supposed be a VIB by this point(according to the sephora I went to during thanksgiving), but I can't remember which email I used to sign up, or whether or not I even used an email! Is a phone number enough to reclaim all my lost points and money+account? Help please, thanks so much!
Hi my grandma got me a gift card for christmas and i havent used it yet. Yesterday i took it out to use it online but when i tried to enter the information it said there was a 16 digit code and a pin #. I see the pin number but i do not see the 16 digit code? I see a 13 digit code under the barcode and then a 19 digit code under that, but i see no 16 digit code... Somebody please help!
I received the smash box camera ready cc cream as a gift for Christmas. The shade is too light for my skin color. I don't have the box it came in or the receipt.. Can I exchange it?
I purchased $56 of skincare products on Jan 19, so it's been well over 24 hours now but I still haven't received my double points on my account. Anybody with the same problem??
I made a purchase of skin care for $220 on 20th jan and I was suppose to receive 2x points for the purchase, the 2x points did not get credited to my account. Please help.
Ive noticed they linked the wrong email with my beauty insider card, i have no point when i long online but in store I'm told i have a couple hundred. I know i should have qualified for VIB but have never heard about it, or a gift for becoming VIB. Is there any way to fix this online?
In November I qualified to become a VIB Rouge when my mother placed a secret order for me for Christmas. Unfortunately, she did not know about the welcome kit and proceeded to checkout without it. I have asked my local Sephora many times to see if they had it but they are always out of stock and if I try to get it online it asks me to spend more money. This is very upsetting for me because I was really looking forward to getting the NARS blush.   If if anyone can do anything about this, that would be greatly appreciated.
I use my gift cards to pay my first order,it was go on successfully.But I use my gift cards to pay my another two order told me UNSUCCESSEFUL AUTHORIZATION,why? I check the gift cards balance is enough worth to pay.
does anyone know if there is anyway to see if my play box has been shipped yet?
Just wondering who else has had problems with OnTrac delivery tracking has said that the product was delivered days ago but I have yet to see it. I'm very disappointed in the slow delivery. Has anyone else had a successful resolution to this problem?
is there a way to combine multiple beauty insider accounts and points? I think I must have one attached to my card and one for my online account. the points are different online versus in-store.      
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Ok this has been a regular problem for me...I have a really hard time even getting in to this website!  I've tried it on every OS - mac, linux, windows - web browsers - chrome, firefox, safari - different networks - and I cannot log in.  The error is always different, sometimes it says page does not exist after I click the login button, sometimes it says error contact administrator.   "An Unexpected Error has occurred. Your request failed. Please contact your system administrator and provide the date and time you received the error and this Exception ID: 107EE70C. Click your browser's Back button to continue."   Sometimes it will work once and then when I login again it fails.  The only consistent way I've been able to get login to work is to use Private browsing mode on Safari, click login- the page does nothing, nothing loads, no events are triggered, but if I go directly to I'm apparently logged in   Am I alone in this?    
  Hi! I'd like to know how to change my birthday. When I make an account, I just put my birthday randomly. M y actual birthday is April 30th (but my account says January).  Does anyone help me this out, please?    Thanks! 
The issues with my order happened before I ever placed it. Originally I wasn't able to place my order because my address was invalid. So I had to talk to a customer service agent to verify my address and I was finally able to place my order. Now today it seems like the item was mishandled. The box was soggy i'm not sure if that was because I live in seattle or the postal service delivered it that way. Not only was the box soggy it was also beat up even thought the box said FRAGILE. I ordered two Tom Ford perfumes one for me and one for my mother and a retractable brush totaling almost $550. The perfumes arrived broken so here I am out $500 with a couple broken perfumes in a soggy box and a really good smelling brush. Someone please tell me there is someway to get a refund or replacement.
Hi, I just placed an order and realized my sample didn't go through. Is there any way this can be updated to include the Moonlight promo?   
I've made 10 orders to Sephora since Jan began and not one has included the correct samples. Today's order has three samples that I did not choose and when I logged on to see the current samples, all Three I choose are still listed. When I called the rouge line I was told there are different distribution centers so I could get anything. This is unacceptable. Other companies have no problem sending me the samples I choose. I've been rouge since day one and patiently waiting for Sephora to get that program and it's perks together but instead of getting better you are worse. In December, an order I placed arrived with 3 wrong samples and missing the curling iron I  ordered. With all the choices today to buy beauty products, I am finding myself spending 10% of my beauty money at Sephora and 90% elsewhere where the opposite had been true for years. This is solely due to your complete lack of concern for the Rouge program and your loyal customers.   When is your company going to fix the distribution center issues and make your loyal Rouge customers feel special?  Geez, in 4 years I've never even gotten one extra sample for being Rouge and now I can't even get the correct ones.  You may think it's not a big deal but to us customers, getting the samples we choose is a big deal. I understand that sometimes you are out of stock, but when I log on and see all 3 of the samples I choose still listed, obviously out of stock is not the issue. It's just a total lack of care for your customers that is the issue. Your Rouge representative telling me that it's a distribution center issue is so not ok I can't even tell you.  I consider this fraud that my house is connected to a distribution center that doesn't stock what you have listed as in stock samples.  The woman offered me reward points which is such a slap in the face as your new rewards program discriminates against those of us that can't sit at our computer 24/7 waiting for the 176 Hourglass rewards you are offering or the 44 Urban Decay rewards you are offering. Every reward that I want to get is always "out of stock" so what good is your company giving me rewards points that I can't use?  I understand a trip or a meet and greet being limited but why are products limited?  All you have to do is make more which the company can do but won't.  It's a new year, the 5th year Sephora has had the Rouge program ( or 4th, I've lost track as I wasn't even getting Rouge emails the first two years I was Rouge so I missed out on every perk the first two years and I was told "sorry" by your company). Are the perks of being a Rouge member going to finally be worthy of the money we are spending or is your company going to continue to do the downhill slide it's been doing lately?
Does anyone else seem to be getting weird products in their PlayBoxes.  They claim that they use your custom profile to pick some of the items.  Usually something for every skin type or every skin tone.    I am a young 22 year old girl with large pores and oily skin. I also have very fair almost porcelain skin (in the winter).   EVERY MONTH i get an anti-aging item and something for a dark skin tone. I don't understand, I've seen the other options and theres actual items that would be useful to me?  Are others who are subscribed also getting stuff that does not match? Are they even looking at the profile?    Please can someone within the Sephora business answer this as well? It's a waste of product, I can't use it? Or I don't need it. I've seen a few people ask this question and it seems to always getting ignored by employees. I would really like an answer