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Hi! Do you know if the ko gen do aqua foundation will be available to Canada? If so, when? Thanks.
I made an order on 11/23 and according to the bank I was double charged for the same order. When I was trying to place the order the first time, there was an error and it said the order didn't go through or something, so I re-placed the order. I only have one order on its way but two charges. When I called customer support the guy who took my call said it did look like I was charged twice for the same order but I'm still confused as to if/when I'll get that money back or something?
I placed an order nov 16 and the status for the past week has stated "sent to warehouse." I have spoken to Customer Service multiple times and all they have told me was the were sending a form to the distribution center and they would email me what was going on with my order. I have yet to receive a response from the distribution center and it's becoming rather frustrating wondering what is going on. 
I emailed customer support 6 days ago and still has not received a reply. I ordered 2 of the YSL Volupte Tint In Oil in color #5 Cherry My Cherie and received only 1 with my package. Can someone please help? Thanks
Hello, My girlfriend currently bought me some gifts and since she didn't want me to see what she purchased she made an account, is there a way I can transfer those points to my account?
What do I do if i did not receive my samples with my package? Everything else is checked off except for the samples.
Hi there.  I placed an order on November 18 and was getting worried because I never received a tracking code. I logged into my account to see that my status was: "unsuccessful authorisation". I've been reading other posts with people having the same issue. I find it very disconcerting that nobody from Sephora got in contact with me to notify me that a) there was an issue and b) what was going to happen to sort this issue out?    The money has been taken from my account. I have received no communication from Sephora to indicate whether this will be solved. I want to know when I am getting a refund and if this is an automatic process, or something I need to contact someone about? Or better yet, if this is an issue that can be fixed so I can still receive my products? But again, no communication so how am I supposed to know?   I understand that mix ups happen, but a little communication should not be too much to ask. Especially when money is taken from my account and I am expecting an order that never arrives.   Thank-you in advance, I look forward to your reply.
Hi, I am having troubles linking my VIB account from my instore purchases with my online account. Please help!
Can someone help me add points from a past purchase into my beauty insider account? I have been hanging onto a receipt for a few months and just found it while cleaning out my purse!
I have  a VIB card i use but online it says I am still a BI. i don't know if i am using the wrong e-mail or something . Is there any chance i can see which e-mail i am using on this VIB card?!
Hi! My beauty insider points online have always shown 42 points, even though when I make in-store purchases my points are correct. How can I link my in-store purchases with my online account. Also, I just became a VIB member tonight. Will my online account recognize my change of status? Is there anything I need to do to set it up online? Thanks so much for your help!
OK, here is my question: I ordered and purchased yesterday, then you successfully took my money away and I received the bank bill already. However, I searched the order status later, and found the status shows me UNSUCCESSFUL AUTHORIZATION? Then I checked my POINTS & STATUS, and I found you cancelled my order and took all my points away, but you didn't give my money back. Actually I don't want to cancel my order, I just want to let my order succeed.  Could someone help me?
  My Order has been cancelled on ( November 11, 2015 ) for 57.65 $ because of unsuccessful authorization. I'm disappointed and wondering how long the refund process will take??  
Hi- Yesterday I was in-store at Sephora and bought an eye shadow palette for $25. Today I am online and see the palette is now $11, can I be reimbursed for the sale price?
I placed my final VIB order online on Nov 16 and the status of my package was always "sent to warehouse". Well today I finally received an email saying my order was cancelled due to a system error or inventory issue. This is ridiculous. When I placed my order all my items were in stock and now I can't even use the 20% off to make my order again. To say that I am furious is an understatement right now. I love shopping at sephora and I'm less than $200 away to becoming a VIB rouge but this honestly makes me want to take my money somewhere else. 
Hi,    I didn't bring my sephora card at the moment so was informed I can add points from the purchases later through online, but I never can find where to do it and from the other answers I see here it seems to be impossible to do that by myself. Can anyone help me?   Thanks.
On Nov 13, I ordered twice on Sephora for the VIB sale.   The first transaction was marked as "Unsuccessful Authorization" but the money was charged to my card.   The second transaction was successful but I didn't receive my orders. What I actually received were the samples (not the ones I chose) and a bottle of facial treatment essence, which I didn't order as well.    Who do I contact? I already emailed but have yet to receive a reply. Please help! Thanks.
Hi. I was a frequent customer at Sephora for a long time but just recent applied to become Beauty Insider. Just found one old receipt that showed I had purchased 2 products totaling $110.00 before tax in store in 9/12/2015. Is there a possibility that I still can add the points? Thanks for your assistance.
I recently emailed customer services, but it's been a couple days and i still haven't received a response back.   When I received my sephora order, I only received 1 of the two brush heads that are suppose to be part of my order.  In the description of the Keith Haring "Dance" Clarisonic Mia 2 system, it said that it would include a replacement sensitive brush head also, but this is missing from what i got.   Please help!   Thanks.
hi, I called the rouge line to place an order for a mufe trio on 11/8.   One of the shades I wanted was an online only shade.  I was told by the associate who placed my order that I would receive the rouge sale discount and that she would refund me the price difference on the mufe trio bundle pricing (on product page it says if you buy multiples plus the empty compact, the price is lowered)   it has been 2 weeks and I have not received my refund.  I bought numerous mufe trios in store during the sale and received the mufe discount plus the rouge 20% off.     Please advise.
I ordered some items during the VIB20% promo event. One of the items became out of stock after I went through all the purchase process regarding order number #. I thought you will send that items when in stock so I was waiting for it! and I check the order today I guess it's in stock at the moment. So I was wondering if you're going to send them to me or I need to reorder them? If I need to reorder them what's going on about VIB20 code? Can I get still 20% discount? If I can get discount it's kinda.... Cuz I could buy that item like 2 months ago without discount!! 
Hi, I was wondering how I connect my VIB card with my online account to obtain points from online purchases?
Hi team, I have two orders and they are "unsuccessful authorization", It has been nearly 1 week and they are still pending on my credit card account. I was told the funding should be released in 24-48 hours and they are still there.   I have never received any email confirmation saying they are cancelled. Can someone help me please and these charges are affecting my CC balance right now. Thanks a lot
I called the hotline to place an order during the VIB sale, because the items I have ordered was out of stock and I didn't receive the the VIBR sale email.( I heard it from a friend)   After placing the order, I asked her why this year the sale is different than previous years? And it seems like there is no extra benefit of being a VIBR. Her reply: let me read you the terms and condition of the VIBR rouge program, and I am reading WORD BY WORD.  Then she began reading me the terms and condition of the Beauty Insider program " Sephora may, in its sole discretion, alter, limit, or modify the VIB Rouge program rules, regulations, benefits, eligibility for membership, or any other feature of the VIB Rouge program or may terminate the VIB Rouge program at any time in its sole discretion, without prior notice."   Was this right? It surely didn't make me feel any good after placing the order.
What's wrong with the shipment process?    Another order placed on this morning, has received shipment confirmation E-mail,   Order placed on Nov 16th, status still in the warehouse... and it is 2 day flash shipping!!!   What's wrong with it? I have contact customer support several times, they kept saying I can't modify order since it sent to warehouse.   What should I do? 
OK, here is my question: I ordered and purchased yesterday, then you successfully took my money away and I received the bank bill already. However, I searched the order status later, and found the status shows me UNSUCCESSFUL AUTHORIZATION? Then I checked my POINTS & STATUS, and I found you cancelled my order and took all my points away, but you didn't give my money back. Actually I don't want to cancel my order, I just want to let my order succeed. Could someone help me?
I placed on order on Nov. 13th and later I found the order statute is Unsuccessful Authorization. I sent sephora several emails and no one reply. what is happening to my order? someone can help me with that?
I always share my account with my cousin (we are living in different state). She placed one order on this Monday (11/16) and found it was cancelled on Thursday. She use a BOA debit card and there is nothing to decline this transaction ( so it was cancelled by sephora) . No any illegal operation on this order. Your representative gave me some reason but they seems like unfair. No rule restrict I share my account with my cousin! Can someone help continue this order?