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My skin type is combination. I'm using Camu Camu Power Cx30 Vitamin C Brightening Moistirizer Peter Thomas Roth for almost 1 week. I love this moisturizer. My skin feels smooth but no greasy after applying this cream. The problem is it makes my face sometimes redden and easily break out ( tiny white head acnes). Do I should stop to use it? Thanks!
Hello,   I have placed Order and it has the incorrect shipping address.  I have emailed customer service on this - 30 mins after I realized it was incorrect - with the correct address...   What other action should I take?   Thanks, Brit.
Hello!    I recently made an online order (Order Number: ) and waited 2 weeks later I've just received wrong item. I ordered Yves Saint Laurent Rouge PuR Couturevernis... (1480771) not sephora Lipgloss. (Its name is Ultra brilliance. Ultra shine. color is 20 perfect nude-shiny. )This is my first purchase and now i'm really anxious. I've also submitted this issue through Customer Service. Please let me know if you can resolve this as soon as possible   Thanks!  MJ
Hello! I made a purchase a few hours ago and while I was checking my card statement it showed that I was charged twice. I do recall that the first time I submitted the purchase it said there was an error so the purchase didn't go through. Therefore I fixed the error and continued with my purchase, I checked my emails and I got a receipt for one purchase but my statement says otherwise. PLEASE HELP!
I have an old beauty insider account that I never use but I have some points on there. How can I transfer those to my current account? 
Hello!    I recently made an online order (Order Number: 3404479580) and I am missing one of the items (CLINIQUE Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel). I made many purchases via Sephora and it's always worked out well... so I'm a bit disappointed to find this item missing. I've also submitted this issue through Customer Service. Please let me know if you can resolve this as soon as possible - it would be great to get the item I already paid for.    Thanks!  Emily 
I made a purchase two weeks ago at the store and my points don't show up online. What should I do to redeem them?
Hello! I have had a beauty insider card for many years. I just set up an online account so I can purchase things online. How do I link the two so I can continue getting points? Thanks, Jackie
So I've had a beauty insider card for a couple years now and I make all my purchases at the store. I now have an account online but would like to add my card & points to my online account, it seems I may have link them but do not know how   Thanks, Laura!
I have been a beauty insider for a couple of years now, but just recently started using the website.i'm not 100% sure, but I'm pretty sure that I had to start a new account. Is there anyway that I can merge my old beauty insider card to my account that I have online?  
I recently made a transaction in store on friday 3/27 and my points are not reflecting what I bought in store at all, and the girl scanned my VIB card. Is there any way I can get some help on this please? I would really like for my card to reflect my points, also on my purchases it's not even reflecting the transaction either.
Im going to go on a shopping spree tomorrow, can I give the SA the online code or do I need the card.  
So I made some purchase yesterday in-store, even though my card was scanned, my purchase and points did not show up in my online account.  Can anyone help? I still have the receipt with me.
Hi!!! i am trying to add the points to my account but i dont know how! i wish somebody can help me!!! good night! 
i received the birthday gift reward in an e-mail and when i click redeem it doesn't show up to my cart...? help
Hi there,    I have had a Beauty Insider Card for over two years now, but up at the top it says I have zero points - I have usually given the cashier my card, but seems like no points are there.  Also, how do I add a in-store purchase receipt for points? The cashier mentioned I could do so online. Can someone point me in the right direction?
Hi, I am trying to link my VIB card to my online account and cannot figure out how to connect the two. Can you help? Thanks.
Hi there, I was wondering why I can't find the Algenist multi-perfecting pore corrector gel moisturizer in the German Sephora online store. I bought it in NYC a in December and it was amazing, but it's empty now and I would really love to buy another one. Are there any ingredients inside, which are not allowed in Germany?
I purchased an Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit and a Tarte Slenderizer Contour Brush today in a Sephora store, but my card was not scanned and I did not receive points for the purchase as a result. Is there a way to have them added to my account? It was about $72 worth of points and I'm going to be sad if I lost out on them. I have the receipt as proof of purchase if needed. Thank you.
Hi all. I was wondering how to add a card to this account. My birthday month is almost over, and I certainly don't want to lose my reward! Thank you  
hey, i was wondering if i could exchange my nars concealer bacause it broke and it has only been used lightly? I also do not have the box for the concealer.
Hi,   So I recently bought a highlighter pen mistaking it for a concealer and I would like to return it for a nice heavy duty concealer. I've only used it a couple of times (bought it a few days ago) except I'm traveling right now and my receipt is at home. Is it alright if I could have someone take a photo of the receipt and I can show it at a Sephora counter to return/exchange it?    If it's not possible to return it (since I don't think I have the card) could I exchange it for a different color?    Thanks! 
Hi,   I was wondering if this product will be restocked.    LAURA MERCIER Face Illuminator Powder ITEM 1677731 SIZE 0.35 oz COLOR Indiscretion   Thanks!    
Could someone assist me in merging my digital and real beauty accounts?  It would be greatly appreciated. 
I got an email welcoming me to VIB status ( yay) and it mentioned a welcome kit I could get online OR instore- however I do not see anything online- even with clicking on that part of the e-mail- I am taken to the site only. I am limited from going often to the store alas, and do most shopping now online. Can you tell me where that welcome kit is? Thanks! I just started wearing makeup at age 61 and I love Sephora! Expect to head to ROuge too lol since I hit VIB in two weeks!
I have been searching for a valid discount code for hours, i have placed many large orders over the past few months, the pending order in my account right now is over $300. can you please give me a satisfactory discount code so I can finally place my order? Thank you.