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For some reason I have three beauty rewards cards with points on all three!! Help me to combine these cards please!!
The old 1000 point perk from Marc Jacobs is still showing in stock in some stores in my area but when I went to the closest one they said no but didn't actually check. Is there any way of knowing if there's any actual stock in my local stores and have them actually check?   Thanks
Hi, I've called twice today and gotten two different answers. I would like to return an item I bought online, but I can't find the packing slip. Can I return in-store using the email confirmation of my order? If so, so I need a printed copy? I would really appreciate a decisive answer to my confusion. Thanks!
Hi, I would like to link my beauty insider card to my online account! please help, thanks!
I've had a Sephora gift card for about a year sitting in my wallet that I STILL cannot use on the online Canadian store. When is this finally going to be fixed?
First off, I have to say that I generally love, love, love my Sephora store.  The people who work there are generally friendly and helpful and I've always gotten great service and helpful tips and good product recommendations.  The classes they do are also awesome.   So I was a bit surprised and disappointed when I went into the store today for the Curl and Lift Event with Benefit today that I specifically RSVPed for on the site and the associate greeting at the front of the store had no idea what I was talking about and told me that the new mascara was there but there was no event going on.   I'm very disappointed because I specifically came in for mascara consultation, especially because when I got to the register they were handing out the cute complimentary makeup bags to some customers who received services so clearly  something was going on .  I'm confused because this store is generally awesome and I've always had good luck with events in the past, especially ones for Rouge so this disappointed me.
Hi,   I just received my order and it's missing an item (though the item is included on the packing slip). Who do I talk to about this?
Ho do I add this to my cart? I have tried numerous times with no luck. The store here locally is ALWAYS out of the gifts, so I don't even try to go there anymore.
Hi, SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (item 1448604) – I received the product, but I’m very surprised that the box, the bottle, the inside cap, nothing is sealed. Can anyone tell me why?
I renewed my VIB status last week with an online order and when it came, a VIB package wasn't included though I got an email confirming I was renewed. Also, it's on my account that I made it.    Was this an error and VIBs get a package each time they renew this status or is it just VIB Rouge customers?   Thanks!
So i ordered again on the 14th....i am still waiting to get an email that its been shipped via borderfree... usually i would get it the next day or the day after that..
I'm sorry if this is a stupid question but I'm running into issues with changing my thumbnail/profile picture. I searched the BT boards and previous posters have mentioned there's a physical button to click to make this change but mine only allows me to change my preferences as in skin type, favourites, etc. I can add images to my image gallery and differentiate whether I want it to be public or private but that's about I missing something?   Thanks!
Last week I made my first online order from Sephora. I was really excited to receive my items, however one of them is missing Help?
Please help me in merging my 2 accounts I have. They are on two different emails and I want to only use one as well as the older account contains all my points. Also my BI card snapped, would I be able to get a new one with my points transferred in store or what? Please help!
Hi, I have a beauty insider card with a lot of point on it. I just registered online because I want to order some make up for the first time. How can I link my card to my online account ?
Hi, I mad two purchases a week ago, and they're not showing up in my account, or in points.
I've never had this problem before and I've been a Beauty Insider for 5 or 6 years, but here it is, for the first time. I've got my items stacked in my cart, but at check out, I'm not given the option to add the Nars birthday gift item.   Haven't gotten an e-mail from Sephora about my birthday, nor have I received anything in the mail either. Radio silence re: birthday month.   How do I solve this?
Its my birthday month! how to i know if my reward is in my basket
I used two different emails to sign up for two different beauty insider cards, but I only want one. Is there a way I can transfer the points I earned to the account I use more and to close/delete the other account?
I bought foundation recently and forgot to bring my points card, is there any way to add the points on now?
Hi,   I renewed my VIB status for next year on Feb 13th. But I didn't receive any 10% off card or the custom makeover card. Could you please take a look at that? Thanks!
Hi there,   I recently made an online purchase with Sephora a few weeks back, and received the order about a week ago, only to notice that one of the items wasn't in with my order. I went online to check to see if it was still in stock, and it was indeed out of stock. I figured that Sephora would have just issued me a refund within a few days, but I haven't seen it yet, so wondering what's going on? Hoping someone can help ! Thanks
Hello I just received my order but when i open it i realize that the 1 item is missing, i want to know what happened to my order? thanks
I'm trying to get the bite limited release for march and on the page it says it is stock so I add it to my cart then I go to check out still says in stock and then I went to place an order and it bounced back so I'm not sure if it ordered properly or not. This is really annoying because I keep trying to get ti and two seconds later it says its gone when it says ti wasn't before. If a mod could try and fix this or help me get the product that would be great
How can I link my sephora gold card with my beauty insider online account?
Hi! I was wondering if anyone can help me. I just re-qualified for vib rouge and I didn't get the marc jacobs rouge lippie but i did get the nars birthday gift for rouge. And I tried adding an item to see if the lippie would appear but it didn't. Is this to say that the nars is going to be considered my rouge re-qualification? Not that I don't love nars, I do.. but It's way different to get a birthday gift that I'm eventually going to get on my birthday (July) than getting a rouge requalification lippie from marc jacobs. :\  So again, just wondering if that's the case! 
i received the birthday gift reward in an e-mail and when i click redeem it doesn't show up to my cart...? help
I had signed up online but when i went to the store I had forgotten that i had already registered. The girl gave me a beauty insider card and I was wondering in if there was a way I could just add the points to my online account?
It's difficult for me to be at home to sign for my package. Is it possible to request that Sephora leave the package at my local post office instead of leaving it on my doorstep? I don't want to risk leaving the order outside.