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I have a sephora account under an email address but it does not pick up that i am a VIB Rouge card holder, instead the account only says I am a beauty inside without any points. How can I link the two together?
Somehow over the course of 2 years I have ended up with a beauty insider card and an online account. I would like to link them together but can't find a way how too.  
i checked out used my 15 dollar gift card. said remaining balance after was 0. its still asking for debit/credit info why???
Hi, I bought a Clarisonic Aria yesterday. When I was trying to register it, the Clarisonic official website told me the lot code was invalid. I can't believe it's a fake or something, and I don't have time to return it recently. Waiting for your answers. Thanks.
I have two online accounts, is it possible to merge the two together? 
Im about to make an order, i want to buy some concealers and i would like to know if the color doesn't match my skin tone, can i return the item or exchange it, even if it is open ? Thank you
I'm really loving the "new" brown color of the Kat Von D Everlasting liquid lipstick in Lolita however it's sold out in all locations near me... Are you guys going to restock online the original dusty rose shade or the new brownish color? Thank you
I have just recently joined the Beauty Insider community (in store), where I made my purchases. However, I realized I have not been awarded any points. I still have my receipt, so is there a way I can get them? 
I went to a Sephora inside JCP yesterday.  I had 1094 points and I redeemed 500 points for a reward.  I looked on my account today and now I only have 94 points instead of 594.  Also at the top of the redeemed list it says another 500 points was redeemed today but I haven't redeemed any today.  Please help!
Perhaps the company is having problems? MANY items seem to be either entirely out of stock or MANY shades are out of stock.  I have never seen the online website so poorly stocked.  Very disappointing.  I do not live near sephora stores and have been a fairly regular online sephora customer, but if this continues I will have to find another online retailer.  I would have to see the quality of sephora's online store continue to decline.  
Hello, I bought something back in November and noticed that I did not get any points for it. I have my receipt. May I please have my points?   Thank you  
I made several purchases from my local Sephora about two-three weeks ago and I still haven't received the points. I was told as long as it says "Beauty Insider Sale" on the receipt that my points would go through within 24-48 hours after the purchase but that doesn't seem to be the case.
Hi! I somehow have 2 Sephora accounts, one is my VIB Rouge but is linked to an email that is no longer in use. My other account is linked to the email i want to use. How can I disable the non VIB account and put the correct email on the VIB account? Thank you
Hi, I had a quick question.  Normally every single Sephora order I make online, it's shipped UPS and I can time the delivery practically down to the minute when they'll drop off the package.  However, the most recent order I made was shipped through OnTrac.  I was just wondering if the shipping company is being changed?
I have two online accounts. Can I combine the points and move the VIB status from one to the other?
How can I link my Beauty Insider card with my online account?
I'm normally never one to complain or fuss and Sephora is probably one of my favourite places to shop ( I am a Rouge after all) but today I had such a terrible experience I feel as though it shouldn't go unnoticed. I went in to my local Sephora (Metrotown in Burnaby, BC, Canada) to do two returns and one exchange. The associate opened and twisted up each individual lipstick in both trios I was returning which was annoying but she's doing her job and I have nothing to hide. She then breaks one  with her acrylic nails and suggests that it came this way. I am now getting further annoyed but say nothing. She then asks to see the packing slips (this was an online order). I explain I don't have that but have the receipts, my Rouge card, and even photo ID if needed. She then demands to see the email confirmation from when I would have originally placed the order. Again, I have my receipt and Rouge points card.  FINALLY, she does the exchange first and gives me the $2 back in store credit - store credit for $2! Whatever. Then she processes the returns and tells me the return policy has changed and one is outside of the new 60 day window - as of yesterday. She then refuses to assist me further and says there is nothing that she can do. After me standing there for 45 minutes while she interrogated me, inspected my items like I'm some fraud, and wanted to double check the orders were even mine she has the nerve to tell me I'm a day late for one of my returns?! I said I didn't know the policy changed and she rolled her eyes at me and said there wasn't anything else she could do. I called VIB Rouge concierge almost in tears from being treated so terribly and the woman told me to go to another store 30 MINUTES AWAY and "try my luck there". In other words - NO help again.   It's honestly not even about the returns or the money, I would've taken store credit as I know I'm going to spend it there. It was just the way I was made to feel, the way I was treated and spoken to. She went through everything I had like I was lying about the items. I have frequented other stores from Vegas to LA, Robson street in Vancouver and I'm always warmly greeted and love the staff. My experience today has just left such a bitter taste and it's not somewhere I will want to continue shopping.
I looked on my bank statements and it said I was charged three times for only one order. I had to resubmit my billing address inofrmation twice during my online order placement because I used the wrong one and did not realize until the third try. How can I get the two unnecessary charges to my credit card dropped?
I was on the mobile app, not paying attention, and wrote a review for the wrong product. Is there any way to delete it?
Hi Sephora, I want to delete my Beauty Insider account. how do I do that?   Thank you.
Hi there! I purchased a few items in store last week and the sales cashier asked for my VIB card, scanned it, and returned it. When I look on at the 'purchases' tab on my account, the items do not show up, nor do the points for the purchase. I've thrown away my receipt, what can I do to add those items to my account?
I am not sure if I have an online account already, so I registered for a new one today. I am just wondering how do I link my VIB card to my old/ new account so I can view my points and purchases? Thank you (: 
I purchased some stuff in Sephora in Atlanta (Lenox square mall) in November and spend around 350 dollars but I didn't add the points. I didn't know how this works. Can you help me please?
I purchased a rollerball sometime in October, I haven't opened or used it yet. For Christmas someone got me the bigger bottle of that scent. I was wondering if I can return the rollerball? I no longer have the receipt, but I'm sure the purchase is recorded in my account as i scanned my card during purchase, and i havent opened the box at all.
I made a purchase back in December and it's still not showing in my purchase history or reflected in my points. I still have the receipt from the transaction as well.
I just signed up for an online Sephora account, but I have an existing beauty insider that i signed up for in store that i know has points on it. i have no idea how to link the two, and i don't want to lose my points. How can i link my card to my new online account!? please help
I recently recieved my online order and there were no samples included! I was pretty excited to try out some of the stuff but they weren't even checked off on the order summary