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Hi,   I had re-qualified for VIB for next year a few weeks ago during the sale. I am wondering if I am going to be sent a kit (similar to the welcome kit when you first qualify for VIB) or promo code for re- qualifying?   So far I have not been contacted or emailed any info about this.   Thank you
Hello - I placed an order on the 19th and received an email saying my order was shipped on Friday. I looked at the tracking and the UPS site says that the label wasn't created until TODAY and the order still has not shipped. I also don't appreciate not being informed of the shipping/delivery delays until AFTER I had placed my order. If I knew about the delays prior, I would have selected a faster shipping service to ensure I would have my items before I left for the holiday and would also have changed my shipping address. As it is now - My items are going to be shipped to my office building when I will not be there. WHEN can I expect my order and WHY has only a label been printed after almost a week after I placed my order? 
I just got an e-mail that my order will be cancelled. I didin't understood will it be replaced or not with all items I ordered. Can you explain it please? Will I recieve my items or not? Thanks
  I have a VIB card, but online it says I have 0 points & it is telling me to sign up for a card. How do I let them know I have a VIB card already?
I have both but they're not linked and I do A LOT of online shopping. Help!!!
I called customer service over a year ago to link my card to this account and it never happened. Is there anyway I can do this?
Dear Sephora Team,   Why don't international customers get any of the goodies (e.g. the modster eyeliner) ? While I get that perfume minis and perfume samples can't be shipped internationally I don't understand why we don't get any of the goodies... We also weren't able to benefit from the 20% off sale.... I am VIB Rouge and I am willing to pay shipping and duties and whatever needs to be paid. but sometimes I feel left out... You do want me to order from you but I can't even get any of the weekly specials? Very sad....
I was just charged twice and considering I only ordered once id like my money back..... $115.01 charged twice is kind of a lot and I need that money for various reasons. So I hope this gets resolved and hopefully shortly. Like when exactly would I get my money back? Because I sure didn't ask to be charged twice...
So I was trying to place an order. When I put in my billing and card information and hit place order, I got an error message saying to check my card or billing address and make sure they are correct. So I did and I hit place order again. Once more I got the same message. Curious to see what was up, I checked my bank account and noticed I had two charges from sephora (Almost $90 all together) and no confirmation email about my order going through or my sephora account showing any orders placed by me. I've emailed and I have to wait until morning to place a phone call. But honestly I don't know what else to do. I'm a college student making minimum wage, not even able to work full time at my office. I can't afford to lose almost $100 and not even get what I ordered.
I had made an $83 purchase in store, when the clerk brought up my Beauty Insider Rewards card, she gave me the birthday gift but I'm not seeing any points for my purchase. How do I get these added to my account? 
I have been a VIB rouge member for a few months now but i still keep getting only VIB emails to my old email address even though i updated everything on my account, how can i fix this?
I recently did a survey for sephora and they say they'll reward me with 100 points but I have yet to see the points being added into my account.  When will I be able to get the points?
I just received 2 packages from Sephora. And i found the samples are missing in both of my orders.  
i placed an order online not too long ago, and it shows that one order was placed on my sephora account. however, my online bank statement shows that i was charged the same amount twice. is this normal? how do i get this fixed?
Hi...I am currently a VIB card holder and was reviewing my account and I saw it said I will be one until 12/31/14. Does that mean after that day I will go back to a Beauty Insider if I do not spend the money to bump myself up to a VIB Rouge??   I hope my question makes sense. I am looking forward to a response.
I received most of my VIB order today. I ordered 2 of #1651082 Advanced Brightening Deluxe Wild Rose Trio, but there is only 1 in the box. Please send the second as soon as possible?   I also have to say that the packing job wasn't great. The #1648955 Nudestix Giltylove Holiday Kit was open and the components tossed around in the shipping box. Perhaps it could have been wrapped to avoid damage? I paid $55.00 (CDN) for it, and I expected better care, although I realise it has been a very hectic order period for Sephora.    Thanks.
I just got the Smashbox 500 Pt Perk and I hate it. The lipstick is too bright for me, the eyeshadows are too light, and the primer is barley enough for one application. Can I return this for 500 points back, since it is a lot of points and I spent 500 to even get it?
My order from November 15th still hadn't been shipped. When it'll be shipped? I need it before December 10th, will it arrive by then?
Hi, I am trying to place an order with you guys and I am having some difficulty doing so. I am an American living in Japan. So my items would be shipped to Japan. I am trying to order 9 things and like 5 of my things say “item can’t ship to your address” I am really unsure about this, because I am not shipping hazardous goods like perfume or alcohol/spray bottles. If it helps at all, I am trying to order:   1 Urban Decay Naked palette (the original one) 1 Nars eyeliner 1 Nars lipstick in Cruising 1 Urban Decay lipstick in Naked 1 Urban Decay lipstick in Fiend 1 Too Faced Lipstick in Spice Spice baby These are the items that won’t go thru.   The Bite Lipstick in Pepper says it’s okay and will ship just fine and the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette will go through too and the holiday bag. I really hope you guys can help me. This is a small little Christmas order for myself, have been sort of waiting all year to order this. And will be my first 2 palettes ever. So I’d really like to receive these things. Can anyone help me? If it helps, I already have every thing in my shopping cart and all my shipping info and payment info is already on my Sephora page. Please help me someone. : )  
Hi, I would like to combine my accounts. I have a VIB account in store, and I made two online. How can I combining those accounts? Will my points be combined as well?
"Unfortunately, as one or more of your items was out of stock, we had to cancel you order. We will be replacing your order soon if able...The new order will be shipped express shipping at no additional charge to you."   Before I got this email, I reordered everything after it was cancelled. Does this mean I'm going to be charged twice if they do replace my order? I'm hoping they don't replace it but if they do, how can I cancel it?
I placed on order on November 14th, and received a shipping notice a week later. However, whenever I check my order status online, it still says in progress? I am a VIB Rogue, and I know you guys have had an influx of orders but I would expect that when I get a shipping notice that there is a tracking number. And that the order would not take more than a week to arrive since I live just outside of the Toronto area.
Hello,    I know there has been an influx of orders and I completely understand. I only write because it's coming a bit down to the wire for me. I placed a several part order on November 16th. All of the packages but one have been shipped and have arrived, so thank you for that! My concern is that my one remaining order hasn't even shipped yet, despite the last Customer Service email I received stating it would be delivered by Monday, the 24th. I leave my apartment for a week on Tuesday the 25th, and I really don't want to leave it on my doorstep to be rained upon or stolen.    Can you post or PM me with a shipping update?   Thank you!
I am placing an order but can't get my VIB birthday gift to add. It is still my birthday month and I haven't used the offer yet.
  I placed 2 orders on Friday afternoon. One of the order's status says "Sent to Warehouse", but the other says "unsuccessful authorization." Do I have to place that order again?
I just placed an order minutes ago and accidentally had the wrong address on there. I thought I had changed it, but that was the billing address. I want to know if it is possible to change the address at this point??
Will Sephora be selling more Bite Mix'N'Mingle Set?? So sad I can find it online anymore...