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I forgot to use my BI card on my recent purchase. Can I still get my points added to my account?
I was charged twice. I attempted to order the V1 palette yesterday from Tarte. But my internet was acting funny so I wasn't sure if the order went through. I checked my bank account and discovered i was charged but I had not received an email from Sephora and my purchase history said nothing was bought. So I just ordered the palette right now. Will I be able to get my money back from the first purchase? Even if I never got a confirmation email from Sephora
Hi,   Is there a reason that the Urban Decay Ocho Loco 2 eyeliner set is showing up in the sale section on the Canadian site, but is still regular price on the US site?  This seems very strange to me to list an item for sale in one country but not another, as it is still the same company selling the same product regardless of the location. Thank you! 550631
I see that lots of others have had the same trouble with missing samples. I hardly ever shop at the Sephora store just because they never have any samples at all.  :-(   So I order online especially to try out new things. Some of my favorites have been discoveries I've made only because of samples, e.g., Dior Addict Fluid Stick in Aventure: Once I tried the sample, I couldn't wait to buy it! (I actually got it at the store, because I couldn't wait!) So it is just so, so disappointing when I don't get the samples along with my order. It happened again today. I tore apart all the packaging and the paper filler and everything, just couldn't believe my Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation sample wasn't in there, especially since it is listed on the packing slip. But it's not there. I could understand if they ran out of a particular sample and replaced it with something else, but that's not the case. This is not the first time it's happened, either. I've always felt like, well, it's a freebie, I shouldn't complain, but now it's happened again and I do feel like it shouldn't be offered if it's not going to be fulfilled. My customer experience: Not So Good.
I just logged on to ebates, and I no longer seem to be able to find Sephora? Is this actually happening? 
I'm really disappointed to see that Canadians are not offered the discount on the new Makeup for ever eyeshadows. We already get charged so much more. Even though the colours are great, I will not be buying from this line because Canadians are not getting the same discount. Please forward this to whoever deals with this and hopefully it can change.
Is there one? I always seem to be missing points whenever I buy StriVectin at my local SiJCP. Is it because Freestanding doesn't carry it? I tried calling the hotline and was on hold for ever (I eventually had to hangup because my lunch break was over). Can a MOD please help a girl out? Anyone else have trouble with points missing when buying StriVectin items?
I bought from Sephora online for the first time today, created a new account for Beauty Insider, to find out that I have the Beauty Insider card later, now I have two accounts set up, both with points in account, help? 
Hi, I placed a order in last night and it should be sent to my friend's home and bring it to me. However, I checked the order online now and the status is "unsuccessful authorization". Does it mean the order has been declined? Looking forward for a quick response i ordered using a gift card but was required to enter a credit card in formation with different address in different country since this credit is mine since i used to live in different country, what is the problem this is not the first time i order using this method  Mai
Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo foundation in shade Light 42 came back into stock this morning after being gone for so long. I quickly placed an order, but I notice now that it shows as "permanently out of stock." Did you guys really get some back in and it just sold out quickly, or was that just a fluke? I called CS but they couldn't give me a definitive answer, only that my order would be cancelled within 24 hours if they didn't actually have any stock.
I'm getting tired of the disconnect between the emails sent to vib rouge for promotions that the actual stores are not made aware of. Is it a lack of training or communications to staff? Is it that the products are not sent to the stores? Where is the disconnect? I understand that these programs are perks, and I am grateful for the promotions that actually come to fruition, however it is frustrating to waste time at the store having staff members search/or not search for promotional products that have been advertised to customers and yet the staff people are seemingly unaware of these emails or products. I feel that corporate needs to really overhaul the communication to their stores.
Since updating my account to combine in store purchase points with my online account, I've now lost all my online orders. Does anyone else know how to get them back? I have order numbers!
You can now add your Beauty Insider card to Passbook on iPhone! We're excited to try the new features - how about you?       Passbook FAQ Q: What is Passbook? What all can it do? A: Passbook for iPhone and iPod touch is a feature of Apple iOS 6. Passbook has a variety of passes including gift cards, loyalty program cards, coupons, airline boarding passes, and event tickets. See for more info. Add your Sephora Beauty Insider card to Passbook to earn and redeem points in store, instantly view your Beauty Insider point balance and receive notifications about qualifying rewards. Add your Sephora gift cards to Passbook to easily store your gift card information on your mobile device. As you use your gift card, the balance will be updated to reflect your current balance.   Q: How can I add my Beauty Insider card to Passbook? A: Update your iPhone or iPod Touch with iOS 6: 1.    On your iPhone, Go to Settings > General > Software Update to upgrade to iOS 6. 2.    From the Sephora To Go App for iPhonehttp:// or, tap the top Passbook banner on the home screen or tap the bottom Passbook banner in any Sephora email. 3.    Sign in or sign up to be a Beauty Insider. 4.    Follow the steps to add your Beauty Insider card to Passbook. Now you can easily access your Beauty Insider card and view your real-time Beauty Insider points in store, plus see upcoming perks and benefits on your iPhone.   Q: I don’t know if I am a Beauty Insider. How can I get an account? A: Go to and follow the steps to sign up.   Q: I have added my Beauty Insider card to Passbook, and I have made a purchase, but I don't see the points updating. How do I get my points to update? A: Click on the link or banner on the back of the Beauty Insider pass, then sign in.   Sign in to Sephora to Go App for iPhone or to trigger your points balance to update.   Q: How can I add my Gift Card or eGift Card to Passbook? (eGift Certificates cannot be added to Passbook.) A: First, Update your iPhone or iPod Touch with iOS 6: 1.    On your iPhone, Go to Settings > General > Software Update to upgrade to iOS 6. 2.    Follow the instructions to upgrade to iOS 6 Once you have iOS 6, you can add any physical Sephora Gift Card or eGift Card with a 16-digit gift card number and 8-digit PIN to Passbook.  1.    Get Sephora to Go App for iPhone or, and select “eGift Card” from the home screen.  2.    Select “Add Now.” 3.    Enter the Card Number and PIN from your gift card.  4.    Enter your valid email address.  5.    Select “Add to Passbook” when your gift card is validated. 6.    Select “Add” in the upper right corner to set up your eGift Card in Passbook when the Passbook preview of your gift card is displayed. 7.    Exit the Sephora to Go app and open Passbook to view your Sephora Gift Card in Passbook   Q: I have added my Gift Card to Passbook, and I have made a purchase, but I don't see the balance updating. How do I get my points to update? A: Flip the Gift Card pass and drag down on the card to refresh your gift card balance.   Q: Can I add a plastic Sephora gift card to Passbook? A: Yes, you can add physical Sephora gift cards and any eGift Card with a 16-digit gift card number and an 8-digit PIN to Passbook.    Q: Can multiple people save the same gift card to their Passbook? A: Yes, the same gift card can be saved to Passbook on different phones. Note: Your gift cards have cash value and should be safeguarded as such.   Q: I want to purchase a Sephora Gift Card that can be added to Passbook. How can I do that?  A: You can purchase an eGift Card that can be used in store, online and via mobile from the Sephora to Go App for iPhone or 1.    Tap the eGift link from the home page of the Sephora to Go App for iPhone or 2.    Select the gift card design, amount, write a message (optional), then provide your gift recipient’s email address to email the eGift Card. 3.    When the recipient receives their gift, there will be an option to Add the eGift to Passbook. 4.    Tap “Add to Passbook” to easily view your current gift card balance and use in store, online and via mobile. Note: Sephora Gift Cards, eGift Cards and eGift Certificates have no expiration date, cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash and are only available for merchandise purchases within the United States or Canada (in store only).   Learn more>    
How do I deactivate one of my accounts? I created one online and without knowing created a seconded in stores. I only use one of my accounts and don't want both of them.
I have been to my Sephora store only twice and both times 85% of the ladies there have been snotty and rude to me. I was brought up to be nice to people and do not understand why they act this way especially when in a customer service roll. I am a VIB member and am really hesitant to go back again to the store. The lady at the register today was so snotty to me and everyone that I asked for help with the exception of one nice person. So out of the 5 people I dealt with, 1 of them was nice and friendly. The other looked to bothered to help me and then were snarky with me.
Been a loyal sephora's customer for years! Always been an online shopper but occasionally would go into a store to see what's new. However, today's experience was a disaster. Never had such horrible customer service in my life. It is my first time ever going to this location and will be my last as it does not compare to the level of service we've received at other locations. None of the staff here smiles or greet, and I witness them giving bad attitude to customers who asked for samples. So people are only left with the choice of buying without even knowing if the product is a right fit since they been discouraged to try samples as none were given. Now if they bring back the product that don't work out after testing it at home, they get treated like a criminals there. Seeing it happened to few nice consumers are already bad enough , but when the cashier rube off the negative vibe onto me.....that is just totally unacceptable!!! We work very hard for our money and we give our money to retail businesses who deserves it, so please don't be respectful to poor customers who are still willing to give you business.  Remember without the loyal customers, your company will be out of business! Treat your customers with care and dignity! 
I've just placed 3 orders and minutes later I got an email saying my orders were cancelled.  I called the sephora customer service number and was told I violated some terms? I was told because I've used the promo code too much? I order from you guys all the time to try out new things and each time I put in the promo code I've received in my emails.  If I used it to much then why are you keep sending me email with different promo code?  Also if it's a promo code I've used then it would tell me I couldn't use that particular code since I've already use it.  You guys send out numerous emails to promo your products and you use promo code to attract customer and there business.  So why couldn't I use it?  Why am I being treated like I did something wrong when I'm the consumer who are spending my hard earning money? This is very upsetting and highly insulting.  Maybe I will bring my business elsewhere! From what I've read in this forum sephora are losing more and more VIB rouge member due to this insulting act of customer service. I think it's time you guys do something about this to fix this on going problem your company have. 
I just need to vent, which I don't normally do on here...   My UPS driver requires a signature for every package due to one lost package over 3 yrs ago when I was on vacation.  He and I now have an understanding that packages are to be put on will-call so I can pick them up since I am almost never home when he gets there...thanks work.   So a few days ago, I place an order for the $50 fragrance sampler so I can redeem for Stella McC L.I.l.Y- the 1oz is only $50 that way instead of $60- and you get others samples + a VIB party sample bag- since I missed the event and didnt get one at all...   I call UPS and have the packages put on will call (I placed another order the next day) and now I find that the second package is on will call but the first package with the fragrance sampler got sent back to the warehouse in MD where I live.  Sephora says they can do nothing about it, and neither can UPS.     I'm just completely frustrated as now I cant get the sampler or the VIB bag...both say permenantly out of stock.  
I placed my order it showed "Unsuccessful Authorization."    I've tried twice with replacing billing address at America and Taiwan but both failed. After checking with bank, they told me the authorization of purchase has passed and  credit-granting quota has been used.   Please help ~
Hi,   I went into my local store this week to purchase the Smashbox Photo Op Eye Enhancing Palette - Blue Eyes which has been carried for a long time there.  I did not see it on the shelves so asked and they said it was pulled and in the back room to send back to corporate and they wouldn't sell me one.  I was told to check on Sephora's website to order instead.  Well, I checked online and it is no where to be found, but the brown eye version is in the sale section.  Can anyone tell me if the blue eye palette is still available to purchase?  Also, why are stores not selling products to customers they have in store and instead sending them to corporate?  I really hope those extra palettes will be posted online and that I'm able to get one.   Thanks for your help!
I want to create a BI account and take advantage of several points I earned with a purchase, but it says "Create BI Account failed." How can I create an account?
I am currently a VIB Rouge and I got over 800 points today buying a ghd straightener with a x4 point purchase. I thought this would push me over what I needed to maintain my status for next year but it still says I need to spend over 300 more dollars to maintain my status.    So does that mean in order to maintain my status I need to spend $1000 in a year rather than gaining 1000 new points in a year?
Hi guys,    I received an order today and my 100 point perk wasn't in there (actually I was missing samples too,  really wanted to try the new YSL foundation   )    Is there a way I can get my points back or get the perk? It was the Sephora Oil 100 point perk.  Thank you
I have a beauty insider card, I have signed up long ago, and I already have some orders, but why there's always 0 POINTS in my beauty count?